10 Work Abroad Jobs That Require Zero Experience

Work Abroad Jobs That Require Zero Experience
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Working abroad opens you up to new experiences, cultures, and lifestyles. It’s fascinating and gives you a broader view of how things occur while exposing you to a whole new level. 

Usually, working abroad is something most people would love for themselves, but not everyone knows how to go about it. By the end of this post, you will get to know the possible jobs you can acquire abroad without any experience and the best country to work abroad.

As part of this article, I will also be sharing where you can find these work abroad jobs. Let’s move on!

Best Country to Get Work Abroad Jobs That Require Zero Experience

New Zealand

If you are a young adult hoping to work in a creative and exciting environment, New Zealand is a good bet. New Zealand has no language barrier for English speakers. Also, they are very welcoming, as a result, most travelers find it quite easy to adapt to life in New Zealand.

New Zealand ranks among the happiest places to live on the global economy 2022 happiness index. The culture and lifestyle ease you into a work-life balance, creating a truly unique atmosphere. 

As a secluded Island, the cost of living in New Zealand is high so it’s crucial to budget appropriately if you want to build savings while working there. 

Cost Of Living: $926/month + rent

Average Salary: $3,353/month

Work Visa Duration: 12 – 24 months based on residency

Happiness Index Ranking: 9

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is great for research jobs and academia. The country is open to international entrepreneurs, they also make provisions for them to invest in local companies and start-up their businesses, big or small. 

The Netherlands prides itself on the quality of work-life balance and a calm, suiting environment. The country is also a safe country with great social programs and a strong economy, leading to its fifth-place ranking on the 2020 Happiness index. 

As a non-European citizen, working in the Netherlands required a company sponsor. And since the cost of living is relatively high, it is suitable for career-minded international workers and not as suitable for short-term or temporary work. 

Cost Of Living: $975/month + rent

Average Salary: $3,025/month

Work Visa Duration: Indefinite with a company sponsor

Happiness Index Ranking: 5

South Korea

South Korea is suitable for teachers, especially English teachers. Unlike other good work abroad countries that are suitable for English speakers, South Korea is suitable for international workers who can teach English to the locals of the country. Either employed by the Korean Ministry of Education (EPIK) or a private institution, English teachers will be paid a highly competitive wage and find students eager to learn.

Korea can be a difficult place to work in given the vast difference in language and culture. So if you are not prepared for some cultural adjustment and work culture, it might not be the best place for you.

Also, you should be ready to work long hours as Korea has the longest working hours of any other developed country.

Cost Of Living: $952/month + rent

Average Salary: $2,310/month

Work Visa Duration: 12 months

Happiness Index Ranking: 62


Australia is known for its excellent standard of living and quality of life. It is also ranked as one of the happiest places to live. They have a wonderful work-life balance, and the beautiful country makes your time outside of the office worthwhile. Despite the high cost of living, you can live comfortably thanks to a relatively high minimum wage. 

Australia is a great choice for foreigners looking for a work exchange experience. With an easy visa scheme, Australia is one of the most convenient countries to find a work exchange program.

From its pristine beaches, and cosmopolitan cities, Australia has it all. Also since there is no language barrier for English speakers, this makes it a wonderful choice. 

Cost Of Living: $996/month + rent

Average Salary: $3,684/month

Work Visa Duration: 12 months

Happiness Index Ranking: 11

Australian Jobs flyer
Australian Jobs


Germany is one of the leading nations in the world, with one of the best economies and among the exports of goods, the perks of working in Germany are incredible. 

There are opportunities to work in Germany for career-minded people, and more so for engineers. Along with the leading economy, the enriching culture and unbeatable work-life balance make Germany a great place to build a career overseas. The work hours in Germany are about 27 hours or less in a week, making them rank high in The Global Economy 2020 Happiness index. 

If you’re a young adult looking to take your career to the next level, you can also consider the internship opportunities. 

The cost of living might be high for what you are accustomed to but living in Germany is less expensive than most of the other European countries and can even be less expensive depending on the job and location you find yourself. 

Cost Of Living: $880/month + rent

Average Salary: $2,983/month

Work Visa Duration: 12 months

Happiness Index Ranking: 12


Canada is known as one of the safest countries to live in, with a great economy ranking 14th in size globally. The country has the highest minimum wage in North America and a good standard of living making it a wonderful place to work and build savings. 

Canada is a progressing country with a good work balance and a mandatory 25-day vacation in a year. 

Health care is one of the largest sectors in the country and they have also made tremendous advancements in the sector. The focus on work-life balance and happy workers in Canada spans beyond mandatory benefits, and many companies provide additional benefits to improve a healthy lifestyle. 

Cost Of Living: $879/month + rent

Average Salary: $2,794/month

Work Visa Duration: 24 – 48 months

Happiness Index Ranking: 14

Best Abroad Jobs with High Pay

Knowing the country best fit for you to work abroad is one thing, the other, more important thing is knowing the best jobs with high pay. Except of course if living comfortably is not a priority for you. 

1. International Journalist 

Average Salary: $70,000 – $120,000 / year.

This is a highly prestigious and competitive industry. So, landing this kind of job doesn’t come easy. However, having a degree in Journalism or English Literature plus a few years on the ‘’ground’’ working your way up the journalism ladder will increase your chances of an opportunity abroad

2. Travel Nurse

Average Salary: $5000 – $10,000 / month + accommodation. 

As a travel nurse, you’ll have the opportunity to move across countries, to secure opportunity, you must be a registered nurse and must have ground experience in the field. Being able to speak and understand an additional language or two can also increase your chances of landing the job. 

3. English Teaching Abroad

Average Salary: $2000 – $5000 / month + accommodation and flight 

Being able to speak and teach the English language professionally provides you with a wide range of opportunities as professional English speakers are high commodities across the globe, from Asia to Europe, South America, and even Africa. Counties (especially non-English speaking countries) are seeking to assist primary, secondary, and even adult learners to master the language. 

4. Bartender

Average Salary: $1000 – $5000 / month

The bartender is a highly sought after job, the job description is standard all around: take the order, mix, pour, serve. Being a conversationist with a few juggling skills will help to fill up the tip jar quicker. 

When choosing a place to look for a bartender job, it’s best to go for a place with a lot of tourist attractions as opposed to an isolated town. 

5. Oil Rig Worker

Average Salary: $60,000 – $150,000 / year

The oil and gas sectors are a massive industry and the demand for skilled workers is high, it’s no doubt because it has attractive pay. This opportunity is mostly offshore and is in countries where Oil and Gas Exploration or Mineral Extraction are dominant industries.  

This opportunity has its perks and cons. For example, you can be placed anywhere around the world, however, you might be stuck in an oil rig for most of your time there.  

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Where To Find Work Abroad Jobs That Require Zero Experience

Finding job opportunities has become quite easy in the last few decades, there are several companies dedicated to providing information about such opportunities for free on the internet. Here are some of the top places where you can find work abroad jobs. 

1. Fasthire 

Fasthire Is a career brand founded in 2019. With thousands of job listings, both local and abroad jobs, we provide you with the latest jobs update and help you with the necessary tools and requirements you need to land the job of your dreams. 

In addition to abroad job listings, we also provide services such as CV writing, interview preparation, and personal statement/statement of purpose writing. Check our vacancies to discover which matches your career level and expectations.

Contact: +2348138235629
Email: info@fasthire.com.ng 

2. CareerJet

CareerJet has been around since 2001 and centralizes over 40 million job listings in one place, scanning over 70,000 websites daily.

On CareerJet you can search for jobs by keyword, title, company, and location. Once you start searching, you can click on more advanced filters for titles, contract length, hours, and company names. 

Contact: +44 203 051 5124
Email: pr@careerjet.com

3. Indeed

Indeed was founded in 2004 and is now the largest job website in the world. Their service is 100% free and you don’t need to sign up for an account. However, creating an account has several added benefits. 

4. GoAbroad

Founded in 1997, GoAbroad was founded to bridge the gap between companies offering international job programs and students looking to work abroad. On GoAbroad, you can search for opportunities by category or country for free. 

Contact: 720-570-1702

Email: jonathan.miers@goabroad.com 

5. CEO Worldwide

CEO Worldwide was founded in 2001 out of frustration with the complexities that come with hiring global executive talent. Also, they currently has vetted almost 20,000 executives in its network, spanning 180 countries. 

Contact: +44 20 7193 0187

Email: patrickm@ceo-europe.com 

10 Work Abroad Jobs That Require Zero Experience 

1. English Teaching Job

Teaching English has become one of the lucrative jobs out there, and you don’t need any experience of any kind to do so. 

In the past decade, the need for English teachers has increased especially in counties where English isn’t their lingua, Franca. 

2. Hotel Breakfast Attendant

Hotel breakfast attendants work in hotels as a part of the foodservice team. 

Their core responsibilities involve serving a buffet breakfast. They also attend to the needs of the guest and make sure the food keeps coming and never runs out. 

3. Hotel Housekeeper

The primary responsibility of a hotel housekeeper is to carry out cleaning activities like vacuuming and mopping floors, changing bed linens, sanitizing restrooms, and dusting surfaces. They can also assist guests by taking room service and clearing out their tables after meals. 

4. Nanny

The Nanny job is also one of the work abroad jobs that Require Zero Experience As a nanny, your primary responsibility is to care for and nurture young children. This opportunity gives you a good travel opportunity and there is no need for prior experience in most cases. 

5. Desk Clerk

The job of a desk clerk is required in several organizations, especially in hotels and businesses that to customers directly. The primary duty of a desk clerk is to attend to visitors /guests with valid and valuable information and questions they need answers to. In a hotel, the duties include helping guests with checking in, and room keys, and providing them with information as regards the hotel amenities. 

Being able to speak English gives you an advantage. 

6. Event Planning Intern

Some different activities and festivals take place in foreign countries and tourist hotspots. Event planning companies may need to hire interns to assist with clerical work, marketing initiatives, event bookings, and set-up or clean-up efforts. 

7. Farmhand

If you are someone with lots of energy and love working with your hand, this might be suitable for you. A farmhand is also referred to as a farm laborer and the role requires almost no experience and is likely to involve a lot of time outdoors performing physical tasks. This might include picking fruit, harvesting crops, feeding livestock, and even operating certain farm equipment.

8. Cafe Attendant 

Cafe assistants assist in the daily activities of cafes by cleaning surfaces, taking orders, preparing bakery items, and attending to customer transactions. 

9. Landscape Laborer

The primary responsibility of the landscape laborer is to prune trees and shrubs, mulch garden beds, mow lawns, dig holes and assist with laying paths and making repairs as needed. 

Landscape laborers work for landscape companies or private property owners. 

10. Bartender

A Bartender’s job description is standard all around: he/she takes the order, mixes, pours, and serves. Being a conversationalist and having a good sense of humor. Often, it might require you to have at least a high school diploma and be fluent in speaking English. However, being able to speak more than one language gives you an advantage.  

Conclusion: 10 Work Abroad Jobs That Require Zero Experience

Work abroad jobs that require no experience primarily focus on positions that do not require specialized expertise. These positions include the above-listed jobs in this article, and I hope it has been of good use to your job search. Best wishes!

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