Personal Statement for Healthcare Abroad Job Application

personal statement for healthcare job abroad application

Writing a Personal Statement is common when applying for an abroad study or job.

With your personal statement, you can show the reader (employer or hiring manager) who you are. It expresses how personal events of your life have shaped you into the person you are today and how it has made you capable of applying for opportunities in a different country. Therefore when writing your personal statement, you need to be open to sharing personal information about your life. The information you give, if well-structured, will grant you a chance for an acceptable application.

In a more concise meaning, a Personal Statement is a written description of one’s achievements, interests, etc., included as part of an application for a job or a place at a university or college. This definition was provided by the Oxford English Dictionary.

Personal Statements for Healthcare Abroad Job Application

As part of the requirement for some jobs abroad, you will be required to write a personal statement. Which isn’t too much to handle. The most important thing is understanding what you are asked to write, which is why I explained above what a personal statement is.

So dear healthcare job applicants, this post has been made just for you. It will help to broaden your perspective and provide you with all the right information you need to know about writing a personal statement for a healthcare job abroad. We have also included answers to the frequently asked questions on personal statements by applicants.

How To Write Personal Statement for Healthcare Abroad Job Application

When writing a personal statement for a healthcare abroad job application, here are the things your personal statement should cover.

1. Talk about yourself

Tell the reader who you are. You can do this by reflecting on your academic and extra-curricular experiences and how they have shaped your motivation for a healthcare career. Also, talk about your background and the kind of things you love.

2. Your intellectual trajectory 

Your intellectual trajectory is referred to by your academic or career history. As part of your personal statement, stating your experience (life experiences included) could give you an edge. You should tell the reader about the processes that have helped build your intellect.

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3. Why do you want this job?

Talk about your passion for the job and how you came to love the field. Talk about your motivation and how each phase of your life unfolds to give life to your career in healthcare. Let the reader or hiring company know your reasons for choosing this field.

4. Why have you chosen the company? 

A very good way to express this is to let the company you are applying to know that you are attentive to opportunities. And so, you perceive their company as an exciting, forward-thinking, fast-moving company that you aim to contribute to. Let them also know your qualifications and skills and how it is well suited to the position you are applying for.

5. Research interests

This is very important. Before writing your personal statement, you should consider researching the company you are applying to.  It will give you an edge over other applicants if you can express your interests and knowledge of the company in your writing. 

6. Why should they choose you?

This is another vital part of any personal statement. This section is an opportunity to sell yourself. Talk about your skillset, values, ethics, and work-life balance. Let them know why you will be an important addition to their company.

7. Display Intellectual Curiosity

Finally, show them you are a curious individual. You can leave intelligent questions or a striking observation or solution to a problem you came across during your research about the company. 

Here is a quick recap: 

  1. Talk about yourself.
  2. Your intellectual trajectory.
  3. Why do you want the job?
  4. Why the company?
  5. Research interest.
  6. Why will you be a good fit for the job?
  7. Display intellectual curiosity.

Dos And Don’ts in Writing Your Personal Statement for Healthcare Abroad Job Application


  • Outline before writing the essay.
  • Have an attention-grabbing introduction.
  • Make sure you answer all the questions on your application.
  • Make sure your every paragraph adds meaning to the overall essay.
  • Tell a very important yet relevant story. 
  • Include your previous experience.
  • Talk about your personal and career goals.
  • Be sincere, open, and creative.
  • Stay positive in your writing.
  • Remember to proofread and give another person to proofread.


  • Don’t generalize your points.
  • Avoid misspellings or grammatical errors.
  • Don’t repeat yourself.
  • Don’t focus on quantity instead focus on quality.
  • Ensure not to exceed the page or word limits as instructed.
  • Don’t use the thesaurus.
  • Avoid phrases like ‘someday, one day’.
  • Don’t brag about yourself.
  • Try not to be negative.
  • Don’t forget to sell your relevant skills.
  • Do not lie.

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5 Top Clichés to Avoid in Your Personal Statement 

  1. ‘From a young age…’
  2. ‘I am applying for this course because…
  3. ‘For as long as I can remember…’
  4. ‘Some time ago…’
  5. ‘I have always been interested in…’
  6. ‘Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed…’

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Statement 

How lengthy should my personal statement be?

More often than not, the length of a personal statement will be instructed in the application process. Nevertheless, 500 words or 800 words are typical limits for your personal statement. You can also limit it to one page or two pages. But, if you’re given maybe a count of 1,500 words, you don’t have to write to the maximum length, but writing only half of the word count might be an opportunity missed.

How do I conclude my personal statement?

To conclude your personal statement writing, tie it back to what you’ve written earlier.

Conclude your personal statement, by revisiting the key points you’ve already spoken about in the main body of your personal statement and re-emphasize them here in your conclusion.

A key personal statement is a structured written life story, including a conclusion that summarizes the key points.

What do I do if I have no work experience?

Referencing work experience in your personal statement is dependent on the job you intend to apply for. When applying for a job in health care, you should ensure you can reference at least one work experience placement held or services you have rendered. In one way or the other, you have an experience. Perhaps you’re being too rigid in your thinking that you are unable to figure out your experience.

A good way to figure out your experience is to ask yourself whether you have any experience at all, not restricted to health care paid jobs. 

Also, note that your work experience is important not only to the application process but will help build a strong personal statement.

If you’re still unable to mark out any work experience and your personal statement is due, make sure to arrange some and refer to this in the future tense in your personal statement when talking about your upcoming placement.

I hope this article has laid out everything you need to know about writing a personal statement for healthcare abroad job. You can also contact us if you need help with writing a stellar personal statement for your application. 

Good luck!

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