Unemployment Benefits In Connecticut

unemployment benefits in connecticut

Unemployment benefits can be a lifesaver, especially for workers who were laid off due to reasons outside their fault. Surprisingly,  many individuals don’t know there is a thing referred to as unemployment benefits let alone if such exist in Connecticut or other states. 

Based on the popular saying, “Life isn’t always a bed of roses”, unfortunately, anyone could lose their job. So if you’re met with having to apply for unemployment compensation,  it can be quite a rigorous process to get through. 

However, in this post, we will explore all you need to know about unemployment benefits for Connecticut employees, what to expect, how to know if you are eligible to apply, the documentation involved, and more. So sit back, while we get right in!

What is Connecticut Unemployment Benefit?

The Connecticut Unemployment Benefit is a temporary wage given to workers who are unemployed or are looking for new jobs. These benefits offer a significant support system for employees who become unemployed or lose their jobs through no fault of their own. And are managed by the Connecticut Department of Labor, through giving temporary financial aid to workers as they look for new employment.

Moreover, certain requirements must be met to qualify for these benefits and the amount of money you are entitled to depends on how much you earned in your previous jobs.

Important Things To Know

To apply, the person involved should start making claims for the benefits immediately after he/she loses their job. There, you will provide the reason for unemployment, tender personal information, and any other relevant data required. 

Some of these documents required will be issued by your previous employer, and all personal information provided should be up-to-date,  correct, and precise. Giving false claims or submitting wrong data could jeopardize your chances of being selected and is also a punishable offense under the law.

Note that applicants might be summoned to check out for their eligibility, which is usually done through questioning and fact-finding.

Benefits can be denied in situations where questions aren’t answered truthfully. 

Eligibility For Connecticut Unemployment Benefits

To be eligible for the Connecticut unemployment benefit, the applicant must have earned at least 40 times the weekly benefit when still working. That is, if the weekly benefit is $300 per week, then he must have earned at least $12,000 when he was at work to claim the benefit; as the income earned while working is used to calculate the amount to be earned per week from the unemployment benefit.

Additionally, the reason for unemployment is also considered before being eligible for the unemployment benefit. For instance, an applicant must have left a job or been fired for a valid reason. Such an individual must be employed by an employee and not self-employed to claim the benefit. 

Moreso, he/she must be a legally authorized person to work in the US, and in a case whereby compensation is being given by the employer, one doesn’t have the right to unemployment benefits.

Other Criteria To Be Qualified For The Connecticut Unemployment Benefits

  1. The first condition assessed before being eligible for the unemployment benefit is that the applicant is unemployed or temporarily unemployed.
  2. Applicants must have been employed and worked in Connecticut for at least 12 months before being unemployed.
  3. Must consider applying for jobs during the period of his unemployment every week even while receiving benefits.
  4. Must have been earning minimum wages laid down by Connecticut guidelines.
  5. Individuals in such a category must be willing and able to work both mentally and physically.
  6. He/she must be a legally authorized person to work in the States.
  7. He must be willing to accept an available job offer provided he has no personal issues to decline it.
  8. Such a person must not have been laid off due to misconduct at former work. If a worker had gotten sacked due to rudeness or misconduct at work, his claim might be denied.
  9. If he had resigned on his own will, then he must have done so due to very tangible reasons for doing so. Resigning with no reason might prevent an applicant from getting his claim granted.
  10. Such a person must be making meaningful efforts to get another job. Sitting idle and getting benefits might only last a year in Connecticut. During this time, he must be on the lookout for another job.
  11. Must have been earning enough wage rate during his time of employment.
  12. Must be able to tender important documents upon request that will include the reason for losing a job, proof showing he’s been applying for other jobs available, etc.

Documentation Required and How to Access Connecticut Unemployment Benefits?

As mentioned earlier, a person who got unemployed due to no fault of his own can apply for unemployment benefits either by going through the process online or by phone. He must be able to provide his employment history documents and personal information to back up his claim.

Immediately after his claim has been analyzed, he gets a determination of eligibility and the amount of his benefits.

Below are the documents needed to apply for the unemployment benefit:

  • Proof that the applicant has been employed for 18 months in the past months.
  • Social security number.
  • Employer information form
  • Identification documents such as identification number and citizenship/alien registration number.
  • Separation form if applicants have previously worked with the military or federal government sector.

How to File for Unemployment Benefits in Connecticut

It’s advisable to apply for the Connecticut unemployment benefit as soon as you become unemployed. So far there’s no issue given by the former employer. The claim can be made on the phone or online and backed up with some important documents. Moreso, it’s advisable to make the claim online through the ReEmployCT portal for convenience.

There, you can create an account by clicking the “Create an Account” button, and then following the directives displayed on the screen.

Note that a valid email is required and it is strongly advised you don’t share your details with anyone and keep your password safe.

After filing, you select your preferred payment option of either direct deposit or debit card. 

How Much Is Unemployment Benefits In Connecticut

As of 29th of September, 2023, Commissioner for the Connecticut Department of Labor; Danté Bartolomeo proclaimed that the highest benefit amount for unemployed filers will increase from $703 per week to $721 per week.

A change which took effect on the 1st of October, 2023.  More so, following the Public Act 21-200, the rate of $721 will be constant for four years after which it will take another increase in 2028.

Aside from the above, the benefit that will be received by the filer will also depend on the following:

  • Former wage amount
  • Employment history, 
  • Number of dependents, 
  • And other personal factors attached to the filer. 

Currently, there are over 25,000 Connecticut unemployed applicants. And the average benefit rate received weekly is $409 while the maximum weekly benefit is around $778, and lasts for 26 weeks. 

Connecticut Unemployment Contact Details 

Should you need assistance or have any concerns about filing for unemployment in Connecticut, you can reach out to the consumer contact center.

You may also contact the nearest American Job Center for relevant information on job seeker programs or counseling to help you get a new job.


Is It Possible To File For Unemployment Benefits In Another State While Living In Connecticut?

According to federal law, you are not permitted to apply for benefits in more than one state. However, in situations where you have received wages in other states, you can file a joint wage claim. This may add to the amount of money you get every week Thus, ensuring you receive the total amount you are entitled to get.

Do I Need To Pay Federal Taxes On My Unemployment Benefits?

The simple answer is, Yes!

This is because the unemployment perks you get will be fully taxed by the Internal Revenue Service and the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.

Although, you have the choice to have automated taxes withheld for federal and Connecticut income taxes. In this case, the IRS will automatically deduct 10% of your weekly compensation fee for federal taxes. While Connecticut law makes compulsory a state withholding rate of 3%.

What Is The Highest Benefits Fee One Can Receive?

In Connecticut, the maximum amount you can get in unemployment benefits is $703 weekly. Nevertheless, the state does provide a dependence fee of $15 per dependent weekly, up to the highest amount of $75. But in cases where you have a high number of dependents, say five (5), this amount can increase to $778.

How Do I Stop My Unemployment Claim After I Secure A Full-Time Job?

Once you get full-time employment, there is no need to inform the CT Department of Labor that you have gotten a job.

Instead, you should stop tendering weekly claims when you start your new job, even if you won’t get any payment for a week or beyond. In situations where you start a new job during the week, ensure to tender your earnings on your weekly claim.


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