How To Get A Job In Norway From Nigeria in 2024

How to get a job in Norway from Nigeria

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Aside from being one of the finest and most developed countries in Europe, Norway is a destination of choice for many Nigerians due to the opportunities it provides. This country offers various job opportunities in different sectors. there are several ways to get a job in Norway from Nigeria.

As a Nigerian, the typical way to work in Norway is to obtain a work permit.  However, before that, there are many requirements you have to keep up with, to become eligible for a Norway work permit. One of which includes having a job offer from a Norway company. 

Nonetheless, in this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get a job in Norway from Nigeria, including its visa requirements and other things you need to know about the process.

How To Get A Job In Norway From Nigeria

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get a job in Norway from Nigeria:

Step 1: Figure Out Your Search Method

The first step to consider when trying to get a job in one country from another is to consider the platforms and methods you can use to find the right job for you.

Here are some of the common search methods to consider when applying for jobs in Norway from Nigeria.

  • Websites: You can begin your job search using online job websites. This will help you get better results as all job websites have search boards and filters to help you search for particular job titles.
  • Recruiters: You can also follow the process of reaching out to recruitment agencies while conducting your job search. 

This option is helpful, as many staffing agencies connect professionals to foreign employers. This will provide you with 100% assurance and will help you find the type of job that matches your skills and goals.

Step 2: Choose Your Role

Most foreign employers highly value quality education. Hence, another step to getting a job in Norway will be to choose the role you’re well qualified for both in the education aspect and the experience aspect.

So, if you are applying for a specialized occupation like health, engineering, or teaching you have to be specialized in your field of work. 

Although, the minimum qualification could be a bachelor’s degree, having a master’s degree in your field will give a boost to the probability of getting a good job. 

Step 3: Prepare Your Application Materials

When writing your resume and cover letter, make sure you tailor these application materials to the goal of convincing potential employers to interview you.

An effective cover letter and resume emphasize your background, skills, interests, education, and other qualifications. So when writing these application materials, try to include a personal introduction, an expression of interest in the role, and explanations of your qualifications and abilities. 

Moreso, you should also tailor the materials to the country’s language and spelling. Even though English is widely spoken in Norway, you may need to spell certain words differently.

The following tips will be of help when writing your application materials:

  • Your CV must be up to date.
  • Use headings like education and career history to highlight different sections.
  • Provide your work experience (if there is any)
  • Do not make general statements about yourself – support them with evidence.
  • Link your experience and skills to the requirements of the role you are applying for.
  • Your application materials must contain all your relevant details, such as full name, phone number, marital status, and email address.

Step 4: Apply For a Work Visa

Before you can work in Norway, you typically need a work visa, also known as a work permit.  This is a type of employment permission that all non-EU/EEA citizens in Norway need to prove they can legally work in the country.

Norway work visas are typically processed between two to seven months and can used for 2 years before you need to renew or replace it.

Step 5: Location 

It is important to understand that some cities in Norway have better job opportunities for foreigners than others. Cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim have larger companies that are accustomed to hiring foreigners and international students.

Therefore, it may be effective to direct your search efforts to such cities.

Step 6: Networking

Maintaining a professional network is another important step while looking for a job in Norway. Meanwhile, having a good network may help you get consistent and updated information regarding open positions in Norway. 

Also, you can depend on your friends, family, or even colleagues for this and ask them to pass on any updates regarding open positions in Norway. 

In addition,  make sure you maintain a healthy and stable network to get updated information regularly.  

Step 7: Preparing For Interviews

During your job hunt, if a company wishes to interview you, you should take on the opportunity. However, before the interview, make sure you prepare and practice. Do some research on the company and the requirements of the job you applied for. 

Also, practice answering questions related to your skills and experience. This way, during the interview, you will be able to highlight your strengths, skills, and qualifications. 

Additional Tips On How To Get a Job In Norway From Nigeria

Securing a job in Norway requires great planning and understanding. Here are some tips to help you stand out in the competitive searching process

1. Self-Assessment

Understand your career goals and aspirations. So, determine the specific role that aligns with your skills, experience, and interests.

2. Relevant Skills

Develop the necessary skills relevant to your desired role. For example, teaching roles may require great listening, attention to detail, and communication skills.

3. Familiarize Yourself With The Norwegian Job Market

Understanding the Norwegian job market is a plus when job hunting. The Norwegian job market is characterized by a low unemployment rate and high wages. 

Also, Norway has a stable economy and an unemployment rate of 3.60% (October 2023). The most in-demand industries in Norway include oil and gas, agriculture, seafood, and healthcare.

Things To Consider When Getting a Job In Norway 

There are several things to consider when deciding to work in Norway. You can work through an agency, get a permit to work legally, volunteer, or find full-time or part-time employment. 

However, before that, it is important to keep in mind the following factors that come with working in Norway.

1. Languages

Working in Norway may require you to communicate in the official local language. If you find a particular job that you are interested in, make sure to research its required languages and other requirements. 

This way, you will be able to ingratiate yourself into Norwegian society and to increase your chances of finding a job.

2. Interviews

Most companies in Norway require video interviews, telephone interviews, or both. As a result, you may need to prepare for interviews beforehand.

3. Holidays

If you plan to work in Norway, you should know that you’re entitled to only 25 days of annual leave. Norway has 12 public holidays.

4. Time

Norwegians work 34 hours per week. Working hours are generally from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday this time varies depending on the type of job you are doing. 

Requirements For Norway Work Visa

If you’re a Nigerian citizen and want to work in Norway, you must first apply for a visa online at the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI). 

Also, there are conditions that a Norway work visa applicant must fulfill before being eligible to apply for the visa. The embassy can deny your application if you do not fulfill these conditions:

1. Have a Job Offer In Norway

You can only apply for a work visa after you receive a job offer from a reputable company in Norway. However, searching and applying for a job and accepting an offer is your first requirement.

2. Proof Of Accommodation In Norway

 You must have made accommodation arrangements in Norway before applying for a work visa. For example, a written rental contract. 

However, if you have not made any accommodation arrangements yet, write a letter explaining where you plan on staying and how you will find housing.

3. Proof That Your Salary Meets The Income Requirements

To get a job in Norway from Nigeria, you must provide your employment contract, stating the salary you will receive. 

4. Your Passport

To get a job in Norway from Nigeria, you have to send in two passport photographs. They must be recently taken and with a white background. There are other documents you need to submit as this is just a small list. 

Nevertheless, you have to submit the completed application along with the documents at the embassy. The documents you submit have to be in original form, as well as copies, and must also be in English or Norwegian.

How to get a job in Norway from Nigeria
Jobs in Norway


As stated earlier, Norway is a beautiful country in Europe with several job opportunities available for foreigners and citizens. It is not impossible to get these job offers, as long as you meet up with the requirements.

Hence, this article has provided a guide on how to get a job in Norway from Nigeria, and we hope they are helpful to you.




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