8 Smart Questions To Ask Hiring Managers In a Job Interview

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Smart Questions to Ask Hiring Managers – Interview sessions help hire managers evaluate and decide on the best candidates for the job advertised. Also, interview sessions in most cases, help candidates to know more about the job they are applying for. It is usually a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

One way candidates can gain insight into the organization’s culture is by asking questions during the interview phase. Most hiring managers usually ask if the candidate has a question for them. This can be considered as an invite that encourages the applicant to ask questions that will help them know what to expect when working with the company.

However, this is not the phase where candidates can irrelevant questions. As an applicant, ensure you ask questions that will be relevant to you in the long run of working at the company. Hence, in this article, we will list some of the top 8 smart questions to ask hiring managers in a job interview that will help you secure a job.

8 Smart Questions To Ask Hiring Managers In a Job Interview

Below are some of the smart questions to ask hiring managers in a job interview:

Can You Tell Me How This Company Measures Performance? How Do They Determine Salary Increases?

As an applicant looking forward to working with the company, it is crucial that you ask how the company measures performance. The answers to this question will most likely help you know the major performance indicators to look out for.

Some companies usually rely solely on annual performance reviews to help evaluate the performances of their employees, while some do not wait for the annual performance reviews but engage in biannual reviews.

This question will also provide you with information on how frequently you will have the privilege of discussing your self-growth and development.

Asking the hiring manager how the company determines salary will also provide you with an insight into how the company’s annual salary increases. This will also help you in the long run of working for the company.

What Is The Feedback Process Of This Company? Do You Feel That Your Opinions Count?

Feedback reports are crucial in every working organization. As an interviewee, you should ensure you know about the feedback process of the company you are applying for.

Does the company regard performance feedback? What is the structure of the process? Or does the company limit their feedback to a biannual or annual review cycle?

In some companies, the structure for feedback is usually rigid, whereby only the top executives have access to contributing to the company’s growth, while some regard the opinion of their workers. 

The answers to these questions will provide you with an idea of what the feedback structure of the company entails. Also, asking the hiring manager if their opinion counts will also help understand if they regard other employees’ input on important matters that concern the growth of the company.

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What Is The Typical Career Path For Someone Hired Into This Position? Is There Room For Advancement?

There is some role that makes provision for advancement and self-development. Therefore, it is crucial that you ask the hiring manager about the typical career path for an individual hired into the role. 

Undoubtedly, knowing there is room for growth will most likely motivate you to want to become a part of the company. Some position hardly leaves room for promotion after five years of working. If you are looking for long-term employment with room for advancement and self-growth, ensure you ask about the available career paths for employees.

What Is The Organizational Culture Of This Company? 

If you are interested in working with the company for a long term, it is crucial to ask about the organizational culture of the company. Before accepting the offer, knowing the organizational culture will help you find out whether this offer will help you develop your career or not. 

When the culture of a company is well structured, the employees of the company will enjoy working there and there will be room for personal development and growth. However, if the reverse was the case, the employees would find it difficult to find work. Knowing the red flags of the company earlier is also crucial. Therefore, be sure to ask about the organizational culture before accepting the job offer.

How Does The Company Ensure That Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Are Effective In The Hiring Process? How Does The Company Ensure Pay Equity Among Different Genders And Races?

With this question, you will most likely learn about the company’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Asking if the company prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in its hiring process will help you gain insight into how the company operates.

You may want to know the company’s take on gender equality and if the company ensures pay equity. Asking the hiring manager about the company’s takes on diversity will help you understand if the company values diversity and prioritizes it. 

This will also help to check how transparent they are with their employees, and with the answers provided, you can decide if you will be comfortable working in the company or go for a better option. Also, look out for any red flags when the hiring manager answers this question, or if they avoid answering or get defensive, this can indicate that the company does not prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What Is The History Of This Position? Which Part Of The Position Has The Steepest Learning Curve?

It is crucial that you know the history behind the position you are applying for. Also, asking the hiring manager about the steepest learning curve of the job will help you discover how you can perform better while on the job.

In a scenario whereby the previous employee was fired for lack of competence, asking this question will help you discover the roots of the problems and how you can provide your services to help with the company’s growth.

In a case where the position is newly created, you can further your questions by asking about things that are expected for the role. Therefore, asking about the history of the position is a way to learn more about the company. You can also ask about the importance of the position to the company and what is their working style. Asking for the relevant needed for the position will help you understand if the role is an ideal option for you.

What Do You Expect The Person In This Role To Accomplish In Their First Three To Six Months?

One of the major questions to ask the hiring manager is the company’s expectations for the position. Asking about what the company expects for the next six months to one year, will serve as a guide to you in case you get the job

While it is essential to get the job, it is also vital that you provide the company with the best services. Therefore, asking what the company expects will provide you with clues and what to do to accomplish success in your first three to six months of working for the company.

Another good thing about asking this question is that the hiring manager will most likely see you as a suitable candidate for the role. That is, you are showing your will to serve the company even before you get the job.

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What Opportunities Are There For Career Development In This Role? What Opportunities Will I Have To Learn And Grow?

Asking the hiring manager about the career development in the advertised role will help you decide whether you will be accepting the job offer or will consider applying elsewhere. This also makes the hiring manager see you as an applicant who cares about the company and the opportunities available and also shows your interest in investing in the company.

You can also ask if the company invests in professional training or continued education that supports employees’ advancement, and if the organization offers coaching or informal or formal motivational programs. This will make the hiring manager understand that you care about self-development. 

Most advanced companies offer motivational programs, professional training, and continued education to help their employees progress and advance in their various career paths. So, asking this question will help you decide whether you will want to work there or not.

Conclusion on Smart Questions to Ask Hiring Managers

After spending almost an hour in an interview, the hiring manager will most likely ask if you have a question for him/her. Do not shy away from asking questions that will help shape your career future in the company. Instead, consider asking practical and relevant questions that will help you know more about the company. Hence, this article has provided some of the smart questions to ask hiring managers in a job interview.

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