How to Get a Job and Move Abroad

How to Get a Job and Move Abroad
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There are several benefits attached to working abroad. In a scenario, where your home country does not appreciate your skills, you can consider getting a job and moving abroad. Working abroad will enable you to utilize yourskills and get to earn higher, with better working conditions.

Therefore, it is crucial that you gain insight on how to get a job and move abroad. This insight will help you plan accordingly, with access to a better personal and business lifestyle when you move.

Looking for jobs abroad has become easy because there are several platforms for job searching. Also, effectively planning on how to get a job and move abroad will help you in the long run. Therefore, this article will highlight steps on how to get a job and move abroad.

How to Get a Job and Move Abroad

Below is a guide on how to get a job and move abroad:

1.      Decide on the Country You Want to Move to

Before planning on how you want to utilize your skills in the international markets, it is essential that you decide on the country. With over 190 countries in the world, you need to decide on the country you want to move to. 

In-depth research on the country will help you discover if there are available job opportunities for foreigners and the benefits of working there. 

For example, if you plan to get a job and move abroad to a country like Canada. It is advisable, that you make a short trip to the country to learn more about their culture and how things work generally. 

Or make online searches on what it is like working in Canada as a foreigner and the available opportunities. This will also help you prepare for your interviews when there is an opportunity.

2.      Decide on the Type of Job you Want to Apply for 

Once you have decided on the country you hope to move to, it is, however, crucial that you decide on the type of job you wish to apply for. That is, what is your field for job searching, and what position do you hope to apply for in the sector.

In a scenario where your career is in tech, it is crucial that you look for countries in demand for techies. So, decide on the type of job you want to apply for and focus on applying extensively to companies with an open position. 

Also, you can consider having a plan B for the type of job you want to apply for. That is, if your career is in software development, you can consider applying for similar jobs. This will help you get a job faster.

3.      Create a Well-Tailored Resume

While it is crucial to send CVs to various companies, it is crucial that you carefully create a well-tailored resume for each company. So when writing your resume, ensure that utilize the included skills needed for the position you are applying for.

Also, research the format of the CV accepted in the country of choice. Most companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to shortlist the number of applicants applying. Hence, it is vital that you carefullydraft your resume to match the job.

4.      Find International Jobs 

As soon as you have an idea of the country and type of work you want, you should proceed to look for international jobs. Finding the best international jobs is now made easier with the help of job-searching platforms.

Undoubtedly, the first few weeks of job searching can be challenging especially, if you do not have the experience to offer potential employers. Therefore, it is recommended that consider applying for internship programs in the aspired country. 

For example, if you interned with Google for three months, looking for other software jobs will be a lot easier than applying with no experience. Other resources to help with your job search include:

5.      Official Company Career Pages

If you have a few companies in mind, you can apply for jobs directly on their official career pages. Most companies have an official page for posting current job openings.

6.      Job Fairs

Job fairs are unique means to get jobs. Also, most job fairs offer international opportunities for interested individuals. You can look for available opportunities and meet with the company.

7.      International Online Job Boards

You should consider using international online boards to find jobs overseas. Because the resources posted on these boards will most likely help you get a job faster than searching for hiring companies. 

So, once you have decided on the resources you hope to use, it is advisable to apply for jobs extensively on various platforms. 

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8.      Make Decisions on the Offer 

From sending several CVs, you will most likely get an offer or more. So, this is the moment where you decide on whether to accept the offer or not. More so, there are several factors to consider before moving abroad. 

Therefore, do some findings about the company and the offer itself. Note that, there are several scams on international jobs, so carefully do your research. 

If you decide to accept the offer, you can proceed to ask the organization to make provision for some resources such as accommodation and visa. However, if you want to move without the support of the company, it is advisable you go through the right channels.

9.      Create a Meaningful Network in the Aspired Country 

One way to get a job and move abroad is to create a meaningful network in the country before moving. Moving to a country without any network can be challenging. However, making the right connections will help you in several ways.

Building a network is not as difficult as it may seem. You can build a network through friends, family, or coworkers who have moved to the aspired country. Also, you can build a network by searching for networking communities/groups related to your career path. 

There are several platforms where you can find these communities, and they include Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. All you have to do is search for communities for individuals living in the aspired country. Also, be active and engaging.

10. Apply for a Visa and Make Plans for Accommodations

Once you have gotten the job, it is advisable to begin your visa process. Note that, work permits and visas take time and effort, as well as crucial documents. to move abroad, you need to first get your international passport ready and then apply for the visa. 

During your visa application, you will most likely be asked to provide your criminal records, medical tests, birth certificate, and other valuable documents. Also, you can check out the consulate website of the aspired country to gain insight into the requirements for the visa process.

In a scenario, where the company offering you the job is willing to sponsor your visa, it is advisable to follow through with the process. Also, contact the company frequently so you will not miss the opportunity.

11. Prepare Extensively

One of the mistakes people often make is not preparing properly before moving abroad. In a scenario, where you are planning to move to a country that speaks a different language, your best shot will be learning the basics of the language spoken there.

Also, you should prepare financially for your trip. Note that, the first few months of living in a different country can be challenging. So it is advisable to prepare financially. Plan for your expenses and create a sustainable budget that will help you through your first few months before you adjust. 

It is also crucial that you prepare yourself mentally for the new phase and situations that may arise from time to time. 

12. Inform your Family and Friends About your Trip

After or during your visa process, you can inform your family and friends about your plans to work and move abroad. One advantage of the advantages of this is that your friends and family can provide you with beneficial support and advises.

Also, informing your family and family can boost your confidence about the plan or provide you with an insight into why you shouldn’t go through with the process. 

While there are several advantages attached to it. Some downsides to it may make it a difficult decision to make. Either way, it is your choice to decide whom to inform about your trip. 

13. Plan for your Trip

If you can secure a jobabroad, it is crucial that you carefully plan for the trip. Planning for the trip includes getting your plane ticket and getting ready for your stay in the country. 

Also, you should pack your bags and pick some of the foods that may be difficult to get in the aspired country. This will help you till you get to adjust to the way of life in the aspired country.


Getting a job and moving abroad is a decision to make carefully because the process can be time-consuming. However, being proactive, patient, and determined will most likely make the process a lot easier and faster. This article has provided a guide on how to get a job and move abroad. We hope it is a helpful guide.




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