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Horticulture is a branch of plant agriculture that deals with the planting, harvesting, storing, packaging, and distribution of garden crops like fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.

A horticulturist is a specialist in agriculture who uses their understanding of botany and agriculture to:

  • Improve planting methods.
  • Increase crop yields and produce fertilizers.
  • Offer knowledgeable advice to other farmers.
  • Offer disease and pest control measures.
  • Make more crops available to the general populace.

 Duties of a Horticulturist

  • Help with landscape design, upkeep, and restoration.
  • Plant both useful and ornamental plants in your landscape.
  • Plant new shrubs and young trees, and trim existing ones.
  • Help with mulching and weeding landscape beds.
  • Identify potential pests and diseases and cure them.
  • Give clients advice on the best plant care techniques.
  • Design landscapes.
  • Conduct research.
  • Slowing down the rate of erosion in a region.
  • Reducing energy usage in the area.
  • Preparing fertilizers suitable for the plants.
  • Install irrigation systems
  • Plan watering schedules for the plants.
  • Educate subordinates on proper planting techniques, and oversee their performance.
  • Harvest plants when due.
  • Negotiate plant sales with buyers and suppliers.

Horticulturist CV Sample

Horticulturist CV Sample
Horticulturist CV Sample
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Horticulturist CV Sample (Text Format)


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With over a decade of measurable experience in multiple organizations, I am a seasoned Horticulturist possessing a solid foundation in plant science, propagation, integrated pest management, irrigation, and landscape design. My skill set includes garden maintenance, pest and disease control, and the ability to train and supervise junior horticulturists and gardeners. I am an effective communicator, efficient time manager, and possess a keen attention to detail.


ABC Horticulture – Horticulturist | Nigeria | March 2020 – Jan 2023

  • Supervised a team of 10 gardeners to maintain a 200-acre botanical garden.
  • Designed and implemented a plant propagation system to increase the number of plants for the garden.
  • Conducted regular soil tests and implemented necessary amendments to improve soil fertility.
  • Contributed to a 20% increase in visitors’ rate due to the introduction of new plant species.

Landscape – Horticulturist | Nigeria | February, 2018 – February, 2020

  • Developed and implemented landscape design plans for commercial and residential properties.
  • Managed irrigation systems, pest control, and fertilizer application.
  • Conducted regular plant inspections to ensure proper growth and health of plants.
  • Contributed to a 30% increase in revenue by attracting new clients through referrals.

XYZ Nursery– Horticulturist | Nigeria | March, 2013 – February, 2018

  • Managed the nursery’s inventory and plant propagation system.
  • Supervised a team of 5 gardeners to maintain the nursery’s plants.
  • Developed and implemented plant care guides for customers.
  • Coordinated with sales representatives to provide customers with proper plant care information.
  • Contributed to a 15% increase in sales by providing excellent customer service and plant care advice.
  • Plant propagation
  • Landscape design
  • Irrigation systems
  • Pest control
  • Soil science
  • Project management
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management

Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, [Name of University], [Year]

Certificate in Landscape Design, [Name of Institution], [Year]

Required Skills

  • Scientific knowledge
  • Mechanical skills.
  • Business skills.
  • Legal knowledge.
  • Physical endurance.
  • Communication skills.
  • Innovative mind
  • Critical thinking.
  • Teamwork.
  • Good problem-solving skills.
  • Organisational skills


  • Bachelor’s degree in horticulture, botany, or related field.
  • 3-5 years experience in landscaping, nursery, garden centre or working with various plants.
  • Ability to work in adverse conditions.
  • Eye for detail.
  • Strong plant identification skill.
  • Excellent customer skill.

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