SOP for Dependent Visa Australia Sample

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An SOP simply means a Statement of Purpose. It is a document containing information on why one is applying for a visa. As implied, the SOP addresses why the dependent is applying for the visa.

So in this article, we will look at the definition of an SOP, who a dependent is, and a sample for a dependent visa for Australia. Let’s begin.

What is an SOP?

As stated earlier, an SOP simply means a Statement of Purpose. This is a document usually included when applying for admission into a university or a job abroad. This document contains the intent for which one is applying for admission or a visa. 

The reasons that you include in the document should be convincing enough to either grant your dependent a visa or not. Therefore, an SOP is an important part of your application and should be treated as such.

Having looked at what an SOP is, let’s also look at who a dependent is.

Who is a Dependent?

The government of Australia has stated who a dependent is under the term, Member of a family unit (MoFU). MoFU simply means a partner and children of the main applicant. This simply means that only the partners of the main applicant and their children can apply for a dependent visa. 

Partner here represents the married partner of the main applicant, in other words, spouse. The spouse of the main applicant is granted a dependent visa called Partner Visa. Children of the main applicant can apply for a dependent visa called a child visa. 

The child(ren) of the main applicant can be below 18 and a maximum of 25 with different rules guiding their visa application and approval. MoFU contains all the requirements and information that needs to be considered.

SOP for Dependent Visa

The Statement of Purpose written for a dependent will clearly state the reason for the visa application and any information that the immigration service requires. Since the main applicant will be the one sponsoring the dependent, it has to be clearly stated. The reasons why the main applicant wants the partner or child(ren) to join them in Australia should be stated and has to be clear and concise.

In addition to the SOP, supporting documents should be included. This is to back up all that has been said in the SOP and also, for clarity purposes. 

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Tips for Writing a Dependent SOP

  • Be clear and concise in writing
  • For partner visa SOP, state the date you got married and any other dates relevant to the application
  • Stating the date of birth of your child(ren) is also essential.
  • Write with a touch of emotions and convey your feelings 
  • State your reasons for the application while backing it up solidly
  • Write a convincing story, one that will make the application be approved
  • Never forget to state clearly the dependent being applied for. 

SOP for Dependent Visa Australia Sample

The following links lead to dependent visa SOP samples. Do check them out.

Conclusion: SOP for Dependent Visa Australia Sample

An SOP is an important part of your visa application process. Therefore, it is to be properly written and as clear as possible. If you need help writing an excellent SOP, one that can convince the immigration office, then contact us at Fasthire. 

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