LinkedIn Profile Writing vrs Optimization: What You Should Know

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Welcome to the world of professional networking, where there are no barriers to connecting with executives and/or staff of that organization you adore. Welcome to the world of thought leaders and experts, where everyone is somebody and no knowledge is wasted. Welcome to the world of support and growth, where everyone has access to professionals and resources to help them advance in their careers. Welcome to LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site.

Now that you’re on LinkedIn, you’ll start seeing and hearing things that will blow your mind; some will be true, others will be exaggerated, but you should be inspired by what you see.

Furthermore, being on LinkedIn requires you to understand how LinkedIn works and how you can use it to your advantage. You’d also need to understand some in-app jargon, such as LinkedIn profile writing, LinkedIn optimization, connections, LinkedIn learning, service marketplace, groups, and so on. Though all of these are important, this post will focus on LinkedIn profile writing and LinkedIn optimization because your knowledge of these two, as well as your ability to do them well, will determine whether or not you find fulfilment on the platform.

What is LinkedIn Profile Writing?

LinkedIn profile writing is the process of setting up your LinkedIn account and ensuring that all the relevant sections such as headline, about/summary, education, work, etc are properly written. While most people refer to profile writing as only the process of writing your “about,” it is important to note that LinkedIn profile writing extends beyond that. Because your LinkedIn profile is the sum of all the sections available to you to showcase yourself on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Tip – For excellent representation, set up your LinkedIn profile and ensure all relevant sections are explored.

Why you should write your LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn profile writing cuts across the following activities;

  • Writing your headline
  • Writing your about/summary
  • Including your education/work/volunteering experiences and using the description section to explain some of your activities or achievements.
  • Inviting friends to endorse you for your skills
  • Inviting friends to write recommendations for you.
  • Stating your interests.

Having understood what LinkedIn profile writing is and the areas it covers, so, why is it important to write your LinkedIn profiles?

Here are some of the top reasons why you should take out the time to arrange your LinkedIn profile;

  1. Serves as Your Portfolio

Regardless of whether you have a personal website, people can find you on LinkedIn. Those you relate to professionally will instantly check you out on LinkedIn if they want to learn more about your professional interests. They are interested in your networks, your past accomplishments, recent activities, affiliations with associations, etc.

So, your LinkedIn profile gives you the chance to promote yourself and the value you have to offer. But, a poorly written profile will undermine that goal and instead cause people to question your value.

  • For Job Hunting:

When you click the apply button on LinkedIn and an employer gets your application, the recruiter will check your profile as soon as possible. They are looking for evidence that you meet the criteria for an interview invitation. Your LinkedIn profile will influence whether or not your job application is given fair attention or is rejected right away.

  • Branding Purposes:

People can easily understand who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to give if your profile is written well. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can be a variety of things, but on LinkedIn, you can concentrate on projecting your professional or business side.

Not that you can’t display other facets of your life, but unlike other social media platforms, the majority of your activity (posts, engagements, and articles) can help people recognize your authentic branding message.

  • Networking:

You must give a good account of yourself on LinkedIn in order to attract and secure strong networks. And the only way to do so is through the information on your profile. Based on what they see on your profile, people can choose to connect with you or reject your connection.

For example, if I am not a crypto enthusiast and someone who is interested in connecting with me on LinkedIn is a Crypto enthusiast and all their activities on LinkedIn is focused on crypto/blockchain topics, I will most likely decline the connection because we will not add value to each other. Else it could just be a matter of adding one more connection, not necessarily a great network.

On the other hand, I could be lacking knowledge in a particular field like blockchain and because LinkedIn affords me the opportunity to connect with professionals from all fields, I can utilize that advantage to seek connection from people that are experienced in the topic. So, at the end of the day, your profile goes a long way to influence your networking on LinkedIn.

  • Offline Friendships:

When you find someone who has similar interests and plans for career advancement as you, you may become online buddies, which can lead to real-life friendship. Everything starts with a well-written profile that speaks their language.

  • Attract Mentors/Mentees/Partners

Help people see that you’re someone worth teaching/learning from with your account.

LinkedIn Optimization Service
If you need assistance optimizing your Linkedin, contact us

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn optimization is the process of branding and increasing visibility in your niche by incorporating industry and search keywords/phrases into your LinkedIn profile setup, posts, and interactions.

LinkedIn Optimization – Using relevant keywords and phrases in your LinkedIn profile setup, posts, and interactions to brand yourself and increase your visibility in your niche.

Why you should optimize your LinkedIn account?

  1. Improves Visibility

With over 830 million LinkedIn users and a constant search for professionals who can add value to organisations, an optimised LinkedIn profile increases your profile visibility. As a result, your account is more likely to appear during such in-app searches.

Tip: It’s important to optimize your LinkedIn account because it improves your visibility.

  • Branding

Wouldn’t it be cool if your profile was recognised with an industry keyword, such as “Software Developers,” or a niche keyword, such as “Ecommerce Software Developers”? That is what LinkedIn optimisation can do for you; it can help you brand your account and activities to speak to specific industries and niches.

  • Win More

Because an optimized LinkedIn profile increases your visibility, it automatically opens doors for more job offers, business deals, partnerships, invitations, and so on.

People usually find professionals on LinkedIn through in-app searches. These searches use keywords and phrases, and the only way your profile will appear among the top recommendations is if you do the following:

1. When your profile is fully configured

2. When your profile contains the relevant keywords for the search that was conducted

3. When your account contains posts or comments related to the search.

Need With Your LinkedIn Profile Writing or Optimization?

If you’re looking for LinkedIn optimization services, contact Fasthire today. You can also get resume writing/cover letter writing, and personal statement writing services.


  • LinkedIn profile writing is the process of setting up your LinkedIn account and ensuring that all the relevant sections such as headline, about/summary, education, work, etc are explored.
  • LinkedIn optimization is the process of utilizing industry and search keywords/phrases on your LinkedIn profile setup, posts, and interactions for branding and to increase visibility in your niche.
  • LinkedIn optimization can help you brand your account and activities to speak to target specific industries and niches.

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