Best Job Interview Preparation Websites in Nigeria 2024 (Revised)

Best Job Interview Preparation Websites in Nigeria
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Are you looking for good job interview preparation websites in Nigeria?

Preparing for job interviews can be an exhausting experience; whether you are interviewing to change your career or for the first time as a fresh graduate.

You can increase your chances of securing your dream job by having a team of proessionals prepare you for your forth-coming interview.

In this post, I’ll show you the best job interview preparation websites in Nigeria.

More so, using one of these platforms will help you become more strategic, and intentional about your interview process.

First, I’ll review the best job interview preparation websites in Nigeria. Afterwards, I’ll list some good foreign websites which can help you prepare for your interviews. Finally, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions related to interviews and career switch.

Let’s dive in!

Best Job Interview Preparation Websites in Nigeria

These career websites/companies are rated highly for delivering excellent services in the area of job interview preparation.

If you’re looking for a platform with a team of professionals to prepare you for a forthcoming interview, you should try one of the following websites outlined below. They are the best job interview preparation websites in Nigeria.


Jarushub is a Career Mentorship, and Management Company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

They leverage their wide network and vast multi-industry experience to assist candidates in acing interviews and assessments.

They offer both online and offline interview coaching to Nigerian job seekers.


Btdt hub is a human capital development company with focus on Careers, Recruitment, Employability, Enterprise, and Education.

They provide international studies assistance, interview coaching, career coaching, recruitment, master-classes /training, and career fairs.

They are popular amongst Nigerian Twitter users for their up to date career advice and job market analysis.

The Pakuma offers career consulting services such as CV writing, LinkedIn writing and optimization, job search, interview coaching, and career consultancy.

The brand has years of experience working in the career industry in Africa. They have recognitions working for top brands in the Recruitment, Tech-service, and Entertainment sectors across Africa.

Almond Careers

Role-based training company built strategically for project managers and business analysts. They prepare candidates to get into jobs within a project delivery environment by enrolling them in training programs.

Their training covers various entry roles in this field; Project Management Officer, Project Support Officer, Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and other Management positions.

Editor’s Recommendation:

International Job Interview Preparation Websites


You can hardly talk about career platforms without mentioning LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional platform where people from different works of life converge. Aside from the invaluable insights you’ll get daily from experts that share different career tips; you can also network with HR personnel on LinkedIn and enlist their help as you prepare for your interview.

More so, the LinkedIn learning center offers different courses on interview preparation. You can take advantage of the free one-month learning to prepare for your interview.


Careercup provides multiple resources that’ll help you prepare for your interview. They also update their interview questions regularly.


The uniqueness of the Glassdoor platform is the company’s review and interview preparation tips from current and previous employees of the specific company.

Aptitude Tests Preparation Websites

  1. Pinterview Blog
  2. IndiaBix

Top Job Interview Preparation Blogs

  1. Quora Interview Topics
  2. Reddit Interview Topics
  3. Zety Blog

Interview Preparation Websites for I.T/Computer Science Jobs

  1. HackerRank
  2. GeeksforGeeks

What You Need for an Interview

  • Your CV (3-4 copies).
  • Your credentials.
  • Folder.
  • Portfolio/work samples.
  • References.
  • Pen and notepad.
  • Question for the interviewers.

Important Interview success Tips

  • Practice interview questions and how to answer them.
  • Develop your technique to approach interview questions.
  • Reread your CV before the day of your interview and ensure that you can talk about anything you have written in your CV.
  • Research the company.
  • Network with people (employees and/or HR personnel) that work in the company you applied to.
  • If the company has an online presence on LinkedIn, make connections with some people that work for the company. Ask them questions about their own interview experience, and how you can succeed in yours.
  • Ensure you are highlighting reasons why you are fit for the job with the answers you give.
  • Develop a rapport with the interviewers.
  • Have pre-planned questions that you would ask the interviewers if given the opportunity.
  • Send a follow-up email after your interview.

What is an Ideal Time to Arrive for an Interview?

There’s no standard time to arrive for an interview, so far you’re not late.

However, experts advise that you show up 30 minutes before the actual interview time. This is a safety measure in case the venue is not easy to locate, and also to give you ample time to relax your nerves.

Should I Tell My Boss That I am Job Hunting?

If you have a good rapport with your employer, it’s okay to let them know that you wish to pursue more responsibilities elsewhere.

While some employers don’t have any issue with you wanting to pursue a career elsewhere, some others won’t be comfortable with the arrangement.

In summary; It’s your personal decision to tell your boss that you’re going for an interview.

Do Employers Have to Let You Go For Interviews?

Employers are not obligated to let you leave work to attend an interview; and it’s not their right to stop you from searching for jobs elsewhere.

Therefore, it’s okay to job hunt but not at the detriment of your current job.

How Do I Keep My Job Search Discrete?

  • Plan your leave to fall in the period of your intended job hunt.
  • Hunt for jobs and make excuses to attend interviews.
  • Hunt for a job and send a message via your job search document when your interviews/tests should fall in.

Should I Call in Sick to Attend a Job Interview?

Understand that you can only use sickness as an excuse to miss work when you are sick. Using sick calls as an excuse to miss work is against work ethics, and could come with penalties. Some employers go as far as asking for your medical statement when you return from sick leave.

So ensure you can provide proofs for your sick calls either in appearance or in documents.

What are Good Excuses to Give in order to Attend an Interview?

Devising a means to attend job interviews is a major problem for employees. This post provides 10 good excuses to give in order to attend an interview.

Here are 10 good excuses to give in order to attend an interview:

  1. Family emergency.
  2. I need a day off to handle some issues affecting my productivity.
  3. An appointment with the Doctor.
  4. I have a dental appointment.
  5. Follow-up appointment.
  6. I need to be home to let someone in.
  7. I have to drive my mother, father, uncle aunt, grandmother, and grandfather to the Airport.
  8. Emergency at home.
  9. Can I take my annual leave next week?
  10. l have an appointment with a vet Doctor.

How Do I Prepare to Quit My Job?

  • Undertake a Critical Self-Awareness Assessment

If you feel you have a lot of stuff bottled in, consider going for a self-assessment. If your mind remains unchanged after your assessment, then it might be time to start preparing to make a job switch.

  • Make a List of Your Expectations

Before you make a job switch, take some timeout to reflect on the things you don’t like in your current employment. Set specific expectations for your next job; flexible work hours, specific management style, salary expectations, etc.

For example, a specific expectation for your salary will look like this;

I want to work in a mid-level position that will pay me a salary of =N=250,000 – =N=350,000 monthly.

  • Write a List of Companies You’ll Like to Work For

From the list of expectations you wrote, make a list of the companies that meet your expectations; you can check our list of 100 best companies to work within Nigeria to gather ideas. 

  • Review/Rewrite your CV

Review your CV and prepare a winning cover letter for your next job search. Include new experiences, certifications, etc.

  • Search for jobs in the right places

Don’t let your desperation for a new job drive you to the wrong places. Beware of fake recruiters, they are on the rise.

  • Define your Next Start Before Quitting

Even if your proposed job switch is to your dream job; if you can; wait till you receive the offer from your dream company before quitting your current job.

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