Best Countries to Settle After Study 

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In recent years, many people have chosen to move overseas to settle and work after studying. Living and working abroad can be an opportunity and experience to upgrade your personal life and up-skill your career. 

Across the globe, there are several ideal countries to settle in after studying. Most of these countries come with more offers, amenities, and opportunities than others. However, knowing the right country to work abroad, and the best place to settle is not easy.  Hence, we have put together a list of all the best countries to settle in after studying, with details of job opportunities, immigration rates, and their cost of living.

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Best Countries to Settle After Study

These are the best countries to settle in after studying in 2023 based on factors like job opportunities, cost of living, and accommodations.


Australia is known as one of the best countries for work and life balance. The country has great opportunities to kick-start your career. Living here will provide you with benefits like short working hours, higher wages, a great climate, and an outstanding healthcare system.

Australia’s healthcare system is one of the many benefits of choosing Australia as a place of residence as there is universal healthcare.

In addition, Australia is among the top countries with the highest immigration rate and low crime rate. The country offers different types of visas for which anyone above 18 can be eligible. This place is not only one of the best countries to work abroad but also to settle down.

Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Melbourne, Gold Coast, Canberra, and Brisbane.


Canada is on everyone’s travel bucket list. The country is located in North America. It has ten provinces and three territories extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, making it the world’s second-largest country by area. However, despite Canada’s great size, it is a sparsely populated country. 

One unique fact about the country is that its government accepts foreigners and allows them to work freely. Therefore, irrespective of whatever field/path you wish to pursue, Canada is a great place to start as it provides work and life balance, unique standards of living for foreigners, and great healthcare service.

Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, & Ottawa 


It is no surprise that Switzerland is on the list of the best countries to settle in after studying because it offers various “too good to be true” benefits, some of which include good working/living conditions, great housing options, great opportunities, and a great healthcare system.

Switzerland is a living testimony when it comes to health, safety, and life satisfaction. This means you can expect to have a greater life and work balance when you relocate to the country.

Another benefit of living in Switzerland is its low crime rate. According to the 2023 global peace index, Switzerland is the world’s tenth most peaceful country. It also ranks high above the average among OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) nations when it comes to income, health, education, well-being, development, economy, agriculture, Jobs, and environment. 

Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Lausanne, & Basel.

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Singapore is one of the richest, most developed, and happiest nations in the world. It is known as a safe country to travel and live in. The country’s territory comprises one main island, 63 satellite islands and islets, and one outlying islet. Singapore is characterized as the only country in Asia with a “AAA” sovereign credit rating from all prominent rating agencies. 

The country has consistently been ranked as one of the best and perfect places to live for students and foreign workers. Singapore ranks highly in health care, education, job opportunities, safety, accommodation, and overall quality of life. This ensures a secure environment for those who choose to live here.

Singapore has several benefits for foreign workers, like high salaries, efficient transportation, great health care, and low taxes. There is no shortage of work in Singapore. 

Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Jurong, Campong Glam, & Johor Bahru.

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If you are looking to expand your view of the earth through adventure and planning to fund it with work along the way, Japan may be a great option for you. 

You might have come across Japan’s reputation as being the best destination for work and life balance, but did you know Japan is also one of the most advanced countries in the world? If you did not, now you do. 

Japan is not very much talked about among foreigners but offers one of the best opportunities to start your career. The country is not only one of the best places to work but to settle down because of its low crime rate and amazing healthcare system. This puts Japan consistently in the top ten list of the most peaceful countries in the world. 

While you should expect to enjoy all these benefits in Japan, be prepared to work longer hours for them. 

Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo, Osaka, and Nagoya

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France is a favourite destination among foreigners, due to its great life and work balance. It is a safe country with excellent opportunities for work and school and is an excellent option for settling down abroad. An exceptional standard of living, overall quality of life, and happiness make it rank highly consistently.

The country counts as one of the most highly developed economies by the UN definition. The IMF also states that France is one of the high-income countries. In addition, it offers programs that allow international students and workers to enter the country: the short-stay visa, which allows you to stay in France for at least 90 days, the long-stay visa, which enables you to reside in France for at least three months to one year, and the residence permit, which allows you to work and study in France.

Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Paris, Marseilles, Toulouse, Montpelier, and Lyon.


Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in the world. The country is known for using its wealth to ensure a better living standard, education, and healthcare for its people.

The excellent healthcare system and unbeatable work and life balance make Luxembourg a great place to build your life and career overseas. Also, it is one of Earth’s safest and happiest countries, a combination of a high standard of living and a strong economy.

The primary language is French, Luxembourgish, Germany, and English. The cost of living is probably the highest on this list. Luxembourg is a relatively small yet expensive country. However, salaries paid are also very high making it enough to settle in the country.

Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg City, and Dudelange.


In a world of education and business, the Netherlands takes the first position. The country offers quality education, excellent work-life balance, and the highest employment rate in the world.

The Netherlands is a country in Northwestern Europe and is known for being egalitarian. It is one of the best places to work and live abroad and its citizens welcome foreigners.  

Foreigners wishing to work/live in the Netherlands have to apply for a work permit, of which there are two kinds: a Gecombineerde Vergunning Voor Verblijf En Arbeid- GVVA (A permit for residence and work) and a Towerkstellingsvergunning- TWV (A work permit).

Major Cities For Jobs Opportunities: Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Groningen


The immigration process and work-life balance are some of the reasons why Spain made it to this list. Holidays and resting hours have been incorporated into the labour market to ensure that work-life balance exists. The Golden Visa Program also exists to enhance the immigration process to be more efficient and straightforward. 

However, to qualify for this program, there are many criteria you have to meet. For starters, you have to have enough money and an investment plan. The program offers investors residency in return for an investment. Although it is not a direct route to citizenship. However, you might be eligible for citizenship as long as you live in Spain for at least ten years.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which country has the best universities for a Master’s Program? 

The United state of America has a long history of having the best universities that provide substantial support services for international students. The duration of a master’s degree in the United States of America is short compared to other countries, taking only one year, while part-time programs last between two to four years.

Among the many master’s degree courses in the USA, a master’s in computer science is one of the most popular graduate degrees available. After that, MBA follows, and a master’s in Business administration is currently one of the most sought-after in the USA. The major universities that offer these are currently Oxford and Cambridge.

What Are the Best Countries with Easy Immigration?

Immigration is never easy, especially if you do not have financial means. However, some of the countries with easy immigration processes include Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, France, Luxembourg, Spain, and others.

Conclusion: Best Countries to Settle After Study 

The best countries to settle after study listed above are not all. The list goes on, however, bear in mind that the country you deem the best depends on the career path you choose. Some countries are known more for a particular industry than others. Therefore, use this article as a guide to research more on your country of choice in line with your career path or life goals.


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