Best Schools in Finland for Engineering Students

In recent years, technology has seen a sharp rise with almost everything becoming more and more technologically inclined. Going through our day-to-day activities is easier with the various technologies that come in the form of gadgets. For this to be possible, engineers have to be present.

According to a report by the Uk on the research carried out by the United Nations Development Program, Finland ranks as the world’s most technologically advanced country. This simply implies that Finland is one of the best places where students can obtain an engineering degree and be thoroughly equipped to contribute largely to society.

Having established that Finland is one of the best countries to obtain an engineering degree, let’s look at the courses obtainable in the country. We will look at the best schools in Finland for engineering students and the engineering courses they offer.

Best Schools in Finland for Engineering Students and the Engineering Courses They Offer

Aalto University

Aalto university is one of the best universities for engineering studies in Finland. The school was formed from the merging of 3 different universities, namely: the Helsinki School of Economics, the Helsinki University of Technology, and the university of art & design. The uniqueness of each university was brought together to make Aalto university one of the best universities, not just for engineering, but for other courses.

At Aalto university, there are 4 schools under technology, and each school houses different departments that handle engineering courses. At the end of any of the engineering courses, the student is awarded the degree of the program which they studied. The 4 schools are 

  • School of Electrical Engineering
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Chemical Engineering
  • School of Science

The departments and their respective courses are

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
  • Electronics and Nanoengineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Electrical Engineering and Automation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

One can study these engineering courses at Aalto University in Finland. So if you would like to study any of the courses listed above, then you can visit the school website and find out how to start your application.

Tampere University

Tampere University was created in 2019 when the university of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology became merged as one. The university considers technology, alongside 2 other areas, as the most important areas for focusing its effort. This is clear for all to see through the continuous research into different aspects of technology through engineering. This simply means that studying at Tampere University fully equips the student. 

There are 7 faculties and several units which are under them, namely;

  • Faculty of Built Environment
  • Faculty of Education and Culture
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

These faculties have units like Civil Engineering, Automation and Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, etc under them. Under each unit are sub-units. This gives the student the opportunity to focus on a niche and become an expert at it. Tampere university is surely one of the best places to study for an Engineering degree irrespective of the degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate) that you are pursuing.

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Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT)

This university is known as the “Land of the Curious”. They believe in questioning everything and hence, experimenting. I believe this is how technology was brought about; experimenting, failing, and succeeding. Continuous growth in technology and engineering will also pass the same process.

At the university, you can obtain either bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees in any of the following programs offered by the university

  • Chemical engineering
  • Computational engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy technology
  • Environmental technology
  • Industrial engineering and Management
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Software engineering

If you are an inquisitive individual with an interest in finding out how technology can be used to make lives better and also, in the development of that technology, then LUT is the place for you.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Savonia UAS is referred to as ‘one of the largest and most versatile schools of applied sciences in Finland’. The university believes in collaborating studies and work life, hence, the continuous interaction with the work environment. They also have connections with experts and see to it that students gain practical work experience before they graduate. Hence, making the students industry ready and with the knowledge to function. 

There are 7 schools in Savonia UAS and the one which houses the engineering programs is the School of Engineering and Technology. The different programs under this school are:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Energy Engineering 
  • Environmental technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Architecture
  • Information Technology & IoT
  • Mechanical Engineering

You can undertake any of these programs either as a bachelor’s, master’s, or continuing education program. The university focuses on research, development, and initiative (RDI) and is a good place for anyone who wishes to study engineering in Finland.

Note: Take your time to research your chosen course of study before applying to any school. Through research, you can find out those programs available in English and those that are not. The number of English programs one can take in Finland is quite few. 

Conclusion: Best Schools in Finland for Engineering Students

Generally, there are good schools in Finland for Engineering students. This is largely because Finland is highly technology inclined and is reflected in the amount of research their universities undergo. Acquiring an Engineering degree in Finland means that you will come out fully trained both in the lab and in practical work.


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