Lincoln Land Community College Review: Tuition, Admission, Programs, Scholarships

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Tucked down in the centre of central Illinois, Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) is a shining example of academic quality and opportunity. 

Prospective students find LLCC to be an appealing alternative while navigating the complex world of higher education because of its wide range of programs, reasonable tuition, varied admissions procedures, and abundant scholarship opportunities. 

In this Lincoln Land Community College Review, we will discuss LLCC Tuition, Admission, Programs, and available Scholarship opportunities. 

This article seeks to provide useful insights into what makes Lincoln Land Community College a notable school in the field of higher education, whether you’re an out-of-state student looking for a quality community college experience or a local citizen looking for an affordable education. 

About Lincoln Land Community

In Springfield, Illinois, there is a vibrant, welcoming college called Lincoln Land Community College. With a long history that dates back to 1967, the college has changed constantly to accommodate the varied needs of its student body. 

With its extensive academic offerings, cutting-edge facilities, and passionate teachers and staff, Lincoln Land Community College is dedicated to giving every student an unmatched educational experience.

Lincoln Land Community College is known for its strong emphasis on community involvement and engagement. 

To give students practical learning experiences and beneficial networking opportunities, the college regularly collaborates with neighbourhood companies and groups.

Students can put their classroom knowledge to use in meaningful ways that advance society through programs like internships, volunteer work, and experiential learning.

Moreover, Lincoln Land Community College views technology and innovation as essential elements of its teaching methodology. 

The institution is constantly looking for innovative tools and approaches to improve student learning and equip them for success in a constantly shifting global environment. 

Through the cultivation of creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability, Lincoln Land Community College equips its graduates with the skills necessary to succeed outside of the traditional academic setting.

Why Choose Lincoln Land Community?

Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) provides students with many benefits and possibilities. Here are some justifications for thinking about attending LLCC to study:

Affordable Tuition: 

When compared to four-year universities, Lincoln Land Community College usually has cheaper tuition costs, which makes education more accessible and economical for students. This may help students graduate with less debt from student loans and lessen the financial strain of pursuing higher education.

Quality Education: 

High-quality educational programs and courses are offered by LLCC, and its knowledgeable faculty members are committed to helping students succeed. To accommodate the demands of a varied student body, the college provides a broad range of academic and career-oriented programs.

Transfer Opportunities: 

To finish their bachelor’s degrees, many students decide to begin their academic careers at LLCC and later transfer to four-year institutions or universities. 

Students can easily transfer credits and continue their studies at a higher level thanks to LLCC’s partnerships and transfer agreements with many universities.

Flexible Learning Options: 

To meet the requirements and desires of various student populations, LLCC provides a wide range of learning opportunities. This covers conventional classroom-based courses as well as online and hybrid courses (which combine online and in-person learning). 

Evening and weekend classes are also included. Students find it simpler to juggle their education with obligations to their families, jobs, and other commitments thanks to these flexible options.

Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

Supportive Learning Environment:

Faculty, staff, and advisers at LLCC provide individualized attention and support to students in a supportive learning environment. 

To support students in their academic and personal success, the institution provides academic advising, tutoring, counselling, career development tools, and other services.

Career Development Opportunities: 

To help students succeed in their chosen industries, LLCC provides workforce development initiatives and career-oriented activities.

The institution works with businesses, partners in the industry, and neighbourhood associations to offer students chances for practical training, job placement support, and internships.

Community Engagement: 

To address community needs and promote economic development, LLCC works in partnership with businesses, governmental bodies, nonprofits, and other stakeholders. LLCC is an active member of the local community. 

Students can get invaluable practical experience and contribute positively to society by taking part in volunteer work, civic engagement programs, and community service projects.

What Are The Clubs & Organizations At LLCC?

In LLCC, there are interesting and educational student clubs and organizations that make school fun. 

lincoln-land-community-college-office.jpgThese organizations are in different categories such as academic excellence, academic/professional, arts/entertainment, cultural, general interest, political, regional, religious and social issues/service.

Agriculture Club

This club encourages communication between students enrolled in different agricultural programs, offers chances for learning and competition, and supports the advancement of careers.

Beta Nu Nursing Honors

This club acts as the local chapter of the Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society; fosters academic success in the LLCC ADN program; and encourages involvement in recruitment and community service.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union seeks to better and unify all facets of student life, increase Black student representation in student activities, college policies, and issues, and build bridges with other minority students at secondary and tertiary education levels.

Chemistry Club

Students interested in chemistry have a forum in the club. The group fosters a greater understanding of chemical science and promotes debates and investigations into careers in chemistry.

Computer Science Academy

The organization gives LLCC students a social avenue to learn more about computer science-related subjects and pursuits.

Environmental Club

Any student interested in environmental and scientific issues is welcome to join our organization. Its objectives are to educate people about biological, geographical, geological, and environmental issues; to engage in field trips, volunteer work, and environmental protection and preservation; and to support a green campus.

Epicurean Club

The group encourages involvement in the hospitality and culinary arts while providing a space for hospitality students to socialize, exchange interests, and support the local community.

Games Club

gives participants a chance to mingle, have fun, and encourage interest in gaming across the university for all types of games, including card, board, role-playing, and computer games.

Gay-Straight Alliance

Assists and offers support to people dealing with health difficulties relating to coming out or sex; educates GLBTT members and others on matters about sexuality and sexuality-related issues.

Honors Club

The LLCC Honors Club engages in fundraising, social, educational, and service-oriented events.

The Student Nursing Club IV Leaguers

IV Leaguers is a society for all students that supports raising health awareness on campus and in the community, not just nursing students. Leading by example, teaching others about health care, contributing to the community, and forming enduring friendships all along the way.

Jacksonville Board of Activities

Plans activities and events within the college and community that will best represent the majority of all students, communicate with and encourages involvement from all students, and promotes leadership and student pride.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

The top honour society for two-year college students honouring academic achievement is Phi Theta Kappa. Among its objectives is to encourage leadership, service, fellowship, and scholarship among its members.

Association of Student Government

Recognizing all student groups and organizations on campus, the LLCC Student Government Association is the official governing body for the student population. 

There are five officers, one student trustee, and representatives in the SGA. Members participate in several institutional committees and attend a variety of leadership retreats and conferences each year. 

The SGA sponsors the Logger of the Month program and organizes many awareness-raising activities.

Does LLCC Offer Financial Aid?

Lincoln Land Community College offers financial assistance to students who can’t afford tuition fees. Just by visiting the LLCC Financial Aid office, you can get details of the available financial aid in the school. 

There are financial assistance programs like grants, loans, and work-study, which students can apply for via Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Financial Aid Applications

With LLCC Financial Aid, students can get free, personalized financial aid assistance and directions on how to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Afterward, they get invitations for one-on-one meetings with financial aid advisors any weekday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Note, appointments may be made by calling 217-786-2237 or emailing

In the process, the student is expected to create a login detail which will include a unique username and password. With this, they can log in to certain U.S. Department of Education websites. 

Your FSA ID confirms your identity when you access your financial aid information and electronically sign Federal Student Aid documents. Create an FSA ID online

Does Lincoln Land Community College offer Scholarship Programs?

Yes. LLCC offers scholarships to its students. Currently, offers the LLCC Foundation Scholarship to students who are passionate and zealous about pursuing their education, but are not financially capable, The Application for the 2024-2025 academic year is now open through February 15, 2024.

By the first week of May, all applicants who completed their applications will get notifications via their LLCC email accounts regarding their eligibility and award status.

A contract that must be read, signed, and accepted by the scholarship winner via email before it can be applied to their LLCC financial aid account is emailed to them.

Within two weeks of receiving the scholarship email from the LLCC Foundation with your contract, you will forfeit your award and have it refunded to a different recipient.

Every year between November 15 and February 15 for the upcoming school year, the application is accessible online. To get more information about LLCC Foundation scholarship, click below: scholarships

a man giving instruction to two women
a man teaching two women

Requirements For Us Students at Lincoln Land Community College

These requirements vary slightly depending on whether you’re a new student, transferring student, returning student, or high school student seeking dual credit. Here’s a breakdown:

General Requirements:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.
  • Complete the application form: You can apply online or download the paper application from the website. There’s no application fee for domestic students.
  • Submit official transcripts: This includes your high school transcripts and transcripts from any previous colleges you attended (if applicable).
  • Meet the minimum course prerequisites: This varies by program, so check the LLCC catalogue for specific requirements.
  • Complete placement testing: This may be required for placement in English and math courses. You can find more information on the LLCC website.

Additional Requirements for Specific Student Types:

Transfer Students:

  • In addition to the above, you may need to submit a letter of good standing from your previous institution.
  • Your credits may be evaluated for transferability on a case-by-case basis.

Returning Students:

  • If you haven’t attended LLCC for more than a year, you may need to reapply.
  • If you owe any past financial obligations to LLCC, you’ll need to clear them before being readmitted.

High School Students (Dual Credit):

  • You must be a junior or senior in high school with a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • You need written permission from your high school principal and parent/guardian.
  • You may need to meet additional requirements based on the specific course you’re interested in.

Application Requirements For International Students

For international students, the following are the required application criteria:

  • Official high school transcripts or GED score reports.
  • Transcripts from any colleges you have attended (if applicable).
  • Official scores from ACT/SATs taken within the past five years (optional).
  • English proficiency test scores (if international student).
  • Application fee (may be waived for specific criteria).

How Do I Apply to Lincoln Land Community College?

To apply to Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC), you must adhere to the procedures specified by the college’s admissions office. The following is a general application guide for LLCC:

1. Fill Out The Application: 

Find the admissions area on the LLCC website. Usually, there will be an online application form available for you to complete. Make sure the information you submit on the application form is accurate and comprehensive.

2. Submit Required Documents: 

LLCC may require additional documents, such as evidence of residency or citizenship, standardized test scores (such as ACT or SAT), high school and college transcripts (if applicable), and other information based on your circumstances and the program you’re applying to. Ensure that all necessary paperwork is gathered and submitted in compliance with the guidelines given.

3. Pay the Application Cost: 

As part of the admissions process, LLCC may charge an application cost. For details on the amount of the application fee and available payment options, visit the college’s website or get in touch with the administrative office. 

Based on their financial need or other qualifications, certain students can be qualified for waivers of the application cost.

4. Apply for Financial Help (Optional): 

You must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form if you intend to apply for financial help, which includes loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study programs. 

You can apply for financial aid online (the FAFSA requires information about your family’s income and financial status). Ensure that you submit the FAFSA by the designated time to be eligible for financial assistance.

5. Placement Testing (If Needed): 

To ascertain your preparedness for college-level curriculum, many LLCC programs may call for placement testing in disciplines like arithmetic and English. If placement testing is necessary, you will normally have to make an appointment and finish the exams before signing up for classes.

6. Attend New Student Orientation (Optional): 

To assist you in getting to know the college, meeting with academic advisors, and learning about resources and support services, LLCC may hold new student orientation programs.

Although new students are not required to attend orientation programs, it is strongly advised that they do so to fully enjoy their college experience.

7. Register for Classes:

You can sign up for classes after you’ve been accepted to LLCC and have finished the required placement exams. 

Choose courses that fit your schedule, program requirements, and educational goals by working with an academic advisor. Make sure to enrol in classes on time and keep an eye out for registration deadlines.

8. Pay Tuition and Fees:

You must pay the tuition and fees for the courses you have registered for before the commencement of the semester. 

On its website, LLCC normally lists tuition costs, payment due dates, and accepted forms of payment. To guarantee your enrollment, make sure you make payment arrangements or create a payment schedule.

What Are the Courses and Programs at Lincoln Land Community College?

There is a wide variety of degree programs at LLCC. Both credit and non-credit programs. Some of them include:

  • Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Arts, Language & Communication
  • Business, Hospitality & Culinary
  • Education & Social/Behavioral Sci.
  • Health Care Professions
  • Science, Tech, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Workforce Institute
  • Career Enhancement
  • Adult Education & Literacy
  • Personal Enrichment

Transfer Degree Programs

The Transfer Degree programs include: 

  • Associate in Arts
  • Associate in Science
  • Associate in Fine Arts
  • Associate in Engineering Science

Honors Program

To challenge, educate, and reward intellectually gifted students at a level commensurate with their needs and abilities, the LLCC Honors Program offers them special educational opportunities. 

The Honors Program places a strong emphasis on critical thinking, more communication between students and teachers, in-depth reading and discussion, smaller class sizes, specialized study spaces, and engagement with other bright students. It is encouraged for all students who fit the eligibility conditions to take part.

What Is the Tuition for the 2024 Academic Year of Lincoln Land Community College?

Tuition for in-state students is $6,840 and $10,068 for out-of-state. Then a fee of 384 and Full-time student fees of $8,928. To get a breakdown of the tuition and fees, click below:

Which Bodies Are Accredited with Lincoln Land Community College?

The U.S. Department of Education recognizes six regional accrediting agencies, including the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which has granted accreditation to Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC). 

Higher education institutions in the United States North Central region are accredited by the HLC.

Although the primary accrediting authority for LLCC is the Higher Learning Commission, several of its speciality programs may hold extra accreditation from other authorities pertinent to their respective professions. Here are a few instances:

  • The Associated Equipment Distributors Foundation (AEDF): Accredits the new diesel technologies program at LLCC.
  • The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC): Accredits the LLCC Child Development Center.

Rankings Of Lincoln Land Community College

According to USnews, Lincoln Land Community College is ranked as:

  • #123 in Regional Universities North (tie)
    #19 in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (tie)
    #45 in Top Public Schools
    #51 in Top Performers on Social Mobility (tie)

Location of Lincoln Land Community College

Lincoln Land Community College is a public institution situated in Springfield, Illinois. The location of the school is great for students who enjoy the amenities of city life. Contact details for LLCC are given below.

 Contact Details
Address:5250 Shepherd Rd, Springfield, IL 62794-9256
contact details for LLCC
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.


1. What is the tuition cost at Lincoln Land Community College?

   –  Tuition for in-state students is $6,840 and $10,068 for out-of-state. Then a fee of $384 and Full-time student fees of $8,928. 

2. What are the admission requirements for Lincoln Land Community College?

   – Admission requirements for LLCC include completion of an application, high school transcripts or GED scores, and placement testing for English and math.

3. What programs of study are offered at Lincoln Land Community College?

   – LLCC offers a wide range of programs including associate degrees, certificates, and transfer programs in areas such as business, health professions, arts and sciences, and more.

4. How can I apply for scholarships at Lincoln Land Community College?

   – To apply for scholarships at LLCC, students can complete the general scholarship application available on the college’s website and explore additional scholarship opportunities through the financial aid office.

5. Are there online learning options available at Lincoln Land Community College?

   – Yes, LLCC provides online learning opportunities for students who prefer a flexible schedule or cannot attend classes in person.


Prospective students find Lincoln Land Community College to be an appealing option since it provides a wide range of programs at a reasonable tuition fee. There are many options for people to achieve their educational ambitions thanks to the simple and accessible admissions process. Furthermore, scholarships are another way that LLCC makes higher education even more accessible. Lincoln Land Community College is a respected establishment for individuals looking for high-quality postsecondary education because of its dedication to both academic excellence and student support services. 


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