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Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC) is an above-average institution whose priority is to provide affordable quality education to its students. If you are a student looking for where to obtain quality education at an affordable price, MGCCC is a choice to consider.

What are the things you look out for in a school before applying? Most times students consider the tuition rate and learning environment. They also check out for their available financial aid, clubs & organizations or degrees/programs.

In this article, we will discuss basic things students put into consideration when choosing a school to attend with reference to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College; what makes MGCCC stand out amongst other colleges as well as other relevant pieces of information.

So, without further ado, let’s review MGCCC!

About Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is a public community college which was founded in September 1912 in Perkinston, Mississippi. It was formerly known as Harrison County Agricultural High School. MGCCC comprises three campuses namely;

  • Perkinston, where the main campus is located
  • The Jackson County Campus located in Gautier
  • The Harrison County Campus located in Gulfport

MGCCC also has six centres which are as follows

  • The George County Center in Lucedale
  • The West Harrison County Center in Long Beach
  • The Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center in Gulfport
  • The Keesler Center at Keesler Airforce Base in Biloxi
  • The Naval Construction Battalion center in Gulfport
  • The Bryant Center at Tradition in Harrison County

The college has an enrollment of 10,074 students every year. Mississippi Golf Coast College utilizes a semester-based academic year. Also, students can earn certificates or programs in 118 different fields. Some popular programs are; health profession and related programs, Business/Commerce, Agriculture and so on. The highest degree offered at MGCCC is an Associate Degree.

For 112 years, MGCCC has built a good reputation. They are recognized as the most affordable online college, and even at national levels the college was chosen for key grant programs, including Achieving the Dream and RESTORE Act work-ready programs. Mississippi Gulf Coast College is a great school and it is also military-friendly.

Contact Information

Phone NumberFaxEmailWebsite:   Online Classes Website
(228) 896-2536(601) 928-6345questions@mgccc.eduMGCCC Website
MGCCC contact information

Why Choose Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College?

1. Affordable Tuition Rate: We have discussed earlier that MGCCC is recognized as the most affordable online college but it does not end there as the college also runs an affordable program on-site which makes it accessible to people from all walks of life.

2. Job Placements: MGCCC has strong business and industry partnerships which help to provide employment opportunities for interns, graduates, etc. In addition to that, MGCCC has a 97% job placement rate for allied health graduates and a 92% job placement rate in career and technical programs.

3. Supportive Teachers/Staff: The college’s staff are known to be friendly and always ready to give their students the support needed to achieve their goals in life.

4. Classroom Sizes: At MGCCC the classrooms are conducive to accommodating students and fostering active learning.

5. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Well-furnished laboratories, libraries, classrooms etc enhance the learning experience.

6. Programs: The college has a variety of programs to choose from. There are about 118 degrees or programs students can earn certificates from.

7. Diversity: Mississippi Gulf Coast College accepts students from all around the world despite their age, cultural background and level of exposure.

8. Campus Life: Active student life which includes extracurricular activities like clubs and organisations, etc all geared towards fostering a vibrant student community.

9. Location: It is located in a unique setting for students to enjoy recreational activities.

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Clubs & Organizations

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College has a variety of clubs and organisations that might catch your interest. Below is a list which contains the different clubs and organisations at MGCCC and their description.

Andrews HallResidents of Andrews Hall
Band of Gold Students interested in marching and concert band
Baptist Student UnionAll Christian denominations invited
Bryan/New Women’s HallResidents of Bryan/New Women’s Hall
Bulldogs eSports AssociationStudents interested in supporting MGCCC eSport and the video game community.
Campus Activity BoardAll students interested in campus activities and events
Diamond GirlsStudents interested in helping with MGCCC Baseball and softball
Dog PoundFor Students interested in cheering MGCCC athletics
Hayden HallResidents of Hayden/George Hall
Mississippi SoundShow choir with emphasis on vocal performances
Moran/George HallResidents of Moran- and George Hall
Perk PlayersAll students interested in performance theatre
PerkettesDance team for the Band of Gold
Phi Theta KappaHonours Organisation for Leadership and Scholarship
Phi Beta LambdaStudents interested in careers in business
Reflections TeamRecruitment team for MGCCC
Residence Hall AssociationActivities for students who are residents of the campus
SkillsUSALeadership for career and technical students
Student Government AssociationStudents interested in helping make leadership decisions on campus
The Barn Wesley FoundationAll Christian denominations invited
clubs & organisation at MGCCC


students having lectures in a classroom
students having lectures in a classroom

Merit Awards & Financial Aid

Types of Financial aid which exist at MGCCC

1. Grants:

This is money for college that you don’t need to repay. You can learn about federal government grants and several others offered by the state of Mississippi and also apply.

2. Work-Study:

This on-campus job provision is made for students who have demonstrated financial needs. Here, students are employed part-time, earn minimum wage, and are paid monthly. However, you need to work the hours to receive the money, so you may not receive the full amount that has been awarded to you. Eligibility is based on financial needs and availability of funds.

3. Loans:

This is the money you will have to repay within an expected time frame. Borrow the amount you really need and can easily pay when it’s due. Also, every organization has their specific requirements for students to qualify so check them out before you apply.

4. Scholarships:

Unlike loans, scholarships are given for free and you don’t have to repay. Students at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College have a range of both international and institution-based scholarships to apply. The following are types pf scholarships.

a. Academic Merit Scholarships:

This is for full-time students who are entering college for the first time and have a qualifying ACT composite score.


1. Must meet all admission requirements

2. You must register for 15 credit hours per semester

About the Scholarship

1. There is no application for these scholarships

2. The award is given to students who meet the requirements.

3. the scholarship is renewable for up to four consecutive semesters including summer

4. Hours taken as dual enrolled/dual credit high school student do not affect scholarship eligibility

5. Academic Excellence Scholarships can be stacked with one other institution-based scholarship (athletic, performance and service, honours, housing etc).

Other Scholarships include;

b. Athletic Scholarships:

  • The award is based on a student’s ability
  • Students must comply with all MACJC and NJCAA policies

c. Leadership Scholarships:

  • It is a full-tuition scholarship
  • Students who served as student body presidents or its equivalent, senior class president, during senior year in high school are eligible.
  • Also, students who achieved Gold Award as a Girl Scout or Eagle rank as a Boy Scout

d. Performance and Service-Based Scholarship:

As the name implies, performance is meant for students who perform services to the school such as choir, cheerleading, drama, and marching band and are also resident assistants.

e. Foundations Scholarships:

  • Award is based on merit or need.
  • The criteria are established by the donor which can be an organization, corporation or even individual
  • The priority deadline is usually April 1st for Foundation Scholarships.
  • The awarding of scholarships is dependent on the availability of funds.

Financial Aid Applications

To qualify for financial aid, you must complete your FAFSA registration, which is the primary application for Federal Student Aid. In addition, the MGCCC FAFSA school code is 002417.

Admission into Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

To apply to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is simple because they operate with an open admission policy. Therefore, MGCCC accepts students on a rolling basis from all across the world despite their cultural background, age or learning experience. Additionally, the acceptance rate at MGCCC is 100.

How Do I Apply to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College?

Complete The Online Application for Admission: the first step is to log in to the school website to create an account and complete the online application.

1. Submit your Transcript: secondly, obtain your final transcript from your high school and submit your transcript to MGCCC.

2. Submit Test Scores and/or Relevant Records: Next, you submit your ACT scores or take an Accuplacer test.

3. Contact A College Representative or Enrolment Service Centre: Once your application is approved, submit or while still waiting for approval, you can contact the college representative or enrolment service centre to inquire (if any).

4. Apply for Financial Aid: At MGCCC, over 70% of their students receive financial assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study. to make education affordable for them.

*Attend orientation (compulsory for all first-time, accepted students)

5. Register for Classes: after that, register for classes you are interested in.

6. Housing: complete the MGCCC housing application for students who plan to live in a residence hall on the Perkinston campus

Requirements for International Students

These are the requirements for students who want to apply at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College from another country.

1. Application

2. Submit your Health Records

3. Prove English Proficiency

4. Submit your Transcript(s)

5. Submit your US college transcript (if applicable)

6. Submit your Passport

7. Submit your Affidavit of support

8. Apply for housing

9. Schedule an interview

10. Pay the 1-901 SEVIS fee

11. Form 1-20

12. Apply for a nonimmigrant visa

13. Submit scores for course placement

14. Transfer students should complete the International Student Transfer Form

15. In cases where the students don’t meet these requirements the institution has the right to deny admission.

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What Are the Courses and Programs at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College?

The majors and programs offered at MGCCC are listed below:

  1. Arts (Arts, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Visual and Performing Arts etc.)
  2. Business (Construction Management, Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism Management etc.)
  3. Education (Literary Science, Business Teacher Education etc.)
  4. Health Professions (Nursing, Healthcare Management, Medical Assistant etc.)
  5. Humanities (English, Legal Studies, History Etc.)
  6. Protective Services (Police and Criminal Science, Forensics etc.)
  7. Science, Technology and Math (Biology, Engineering, Computer Science etc.)
  8. Trades And Personal Services (Carpentry, Cosmetology, Electrician etc.)

What is the Tuition for the 2024 Academic Year of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College?

The undergraduate tuition and fees at MGCCC for the 2023/2024 academic year were $3,950 for residents of Mississippi and $7,250 for out-of-state students. Also, the living cost for room, board, transportation, and other expenses is $8,540.

Following that, the estimated tuition and fees for 2025 are $3,950 and $7,250 for Mississippi Residents and International students respectively – which is the same as the current year. (source).

Which Bodies Are Accredited with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College?

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate degrees. Also, MGCCC is accredited by the Mississippi Commission on College Accreditation.

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Rankings Of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is ranked #11 out of 265 Best Online Colleges in America, #50 out of 140 Best Colleges for Culinary Skills in America, and #60 out of 922 Best Community Colleges In America just to mention but a few although there are several other rankings of MGCCC.

Additional Information About Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College


1. Does Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College support dual degree programs?

A dual degree program allows a student to study and earn two degrees at a time.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College does not have any dual programs that are available to students.

2. How Many Hours is a Full-Time student at MGCCC

The hours for full-time enrollment are 15 hours per semester or 9 hours per trimester.

3. What is the Graduate Rate for MGCCC

The graduate rate as of 2022/2023 is 38.4% for full-time.

4. What is the Minimum ACT Score For MGCCC

You should achieve a composite score of 18 or above on the ACT (Enhanced Version only).


In the end, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is a great place to be after considering the institution’s tuition, scholarship programs, clubs & organisations, ranking and their seamless application process as well as their acceptance rate. Most assuredly, this article will serve as a guide to making the right decision in your educational career.

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