What Are In-Demand Jobs In Greece For Foreigners

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Greece is a country located in the Southernmost part of Europe. It is a beautiful country and a choice destination for most foreigners for tourism. As a foreigner who might have visited the country or yet to visit the country, you might feel like settling down in the country. However, it is necessary to learn about Greece and the kinds of jobs that are in demand in the country.

If you are reading this article, you likely belong to either of the categories above; or you may be reading to know more about the country because of your love for her. Wherever you fall in, you will find this article useful. In the next section, we will look at the labour force in Greece and the sectors that are most in demand in Greece. Let’s get to it.

Labour Force in Greece

According to the data released by the World Bank in 2022, Greece has a 4,700,676 labour force. It includes those who are 15 years and above that contribute to the production of goods and services.

Also in 2022, Statista reported the unemployment rate in the country to be 12.16%. Several reports have also shown that Greece is struggling to grow and maintain its economy but is not making so much progress in that direction. With the poor economy comes the increasing unemployment rate leaving little to no room for expats in the country.

However, it is still possible to secure a job in the country but that relies heavily on the type of job and your qualifications. Unskilled jobs will usually pay less while skilled jobs will pay more. Even in each category, there is a hierarchy in the payment system.

Therefore, it is advisable to go for skilled jobs and ensure that you have the necessary skills for the particular career path you are looking to start needs. Now, let’s look at the sectors with the most in-demand jobs in Greece.

Most In-Demand Job Sectors in Greece

  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture 
  • Technology 
  • Healthcare

Tourism: Greece is a choice destination for tourists. The country is endowed with beautiful scenes displayed by nature, e.g. the beach. In addition to the beauty of nature, the country’s culture, food, and history make it quite appealing to tourists. Democracy had its birth from there and it is home to several philosophers like Plato. It accounts for 1/5th of the country’s GDP and offers quite short-term employment to a great number of unemployed youths. It also offers long-term employment.

Hospitality: Due to the high volume of tourists that visit Greece, the hospitality industry in the country is growing just fine. There are, scattered all over the country, hotels, inns, and guest houses where these tourists can reside till their period of tourism is over. These places need barmen/women, waitresses, etc. to attend to the needs of the tourist (customer). This sector employs quite a lot of people from the unemployed pool.

Agriculture: The country is blessed with different kinds of fruit, e.g. grapes, olives, etc. The vast farmlands employ workers, though on a seasonal basis, to pick fruits when it is harvest time. 

Technology: The Tech sector is one of the growing sectors worldwide. Its growth can be attributed to the low need for educational requirements and the high need for skills in the area of specialization. 

Healthcare: The healthcare sector is one that is always in need of workers. Children are born every day and more people are becoming elderly. In between, there are different ages too. All age ranges need healthcare and that requires more hands in the sector always. 

Other sectors like construction offer employment but not as much as the five aforementioned sectors. We will look at what makes Greece attractive to foreigners, the in-demand jobs in Greece for foreigners, and other relevant information.

What Makes Greece Attractive to Foreigners?

Some of the things that make Greece an attractive place to foreigners are:

  • Rich ancient history 
  • Food 
  • Nature 
  • Culture 

Greek history features the birthplace of theatre arts, democracy and famed philosophers like Plato. Nature contributes beautiful scenery that keeps tourists wanting to come back. The food and culture are rich and welcoming to foreigners respectively. They all contribute to making Greece a must-visit tourist centre.

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In-Demand Jobs in Greece for Foreigners.

  • Tourist Guides 
  • Doctors and Nurses 
  • Machine Operators
  • Bartenders and Waiters
  • Engineers 
  • Call Center Representative

Tourist Guides: Greece is popular for tourism, and with the number of foreigners that visit for tourism, a guide is needed. One of the qualities of a guide is being conversant in English and Greek. Hence, the continuous need for workers to guide tourists.

Doctors and Nurses: Doctors and nurses that are specialists in their fields in healthcare are always needed.  General doctors and nurses are also needed as the healthcare needs of people demand different kinds of care at different levels.

Machine Operators: The technical know-how needed to operate machines makes it a job in demand, especially during harvest seasons.

Bartenders and Waiters: Bartenders and Waiters are the hands and feet of the hospitality sector. They tend to a great number of tourists that visit the country and are always needed, especially in the peak seasons.

Engineers: Construction work requires the expertise of engineers. Other fields, like mining, require engineers. They oversee the work and ensure that the construction plan is followed according to specifications.

Call Center Representatives: foreigners excel well at this job because it requires being able to answer customers’ calls and proffer solutions to their problems. Businesses, especially international ones, employ people who are versed in different languages. That way, they can reach a wider audience in the language they understand.

Ways To Find Jobs in Greece 

  • Check the local newspaper: This applies to foreigners who currently live in the country and have access to the local newspaper.
  • Job website: you can access a job website from anywhere in the world. With just an internet connection, you can browse different websites for jobs in Greece. You can also check the job section of our website.
  • Local Businesses: This also applies to foreigners already present in Greece. You can check the local businesses in the vicinity where you live. They may have openings which you can fill up.
  • Recruitment Agencies: These are agencies that recruit employees for organizations. You can contract them to help you secure employment in the country.

Things to Note About Greece 

  • The service sector makes up 82.8% of Greece’s GDP.
  • Greeks carry out business based on trust and will take their time to study you before they close a business deal with you.
  • One way to gain employment quickly is to learn Greek. It fosters your relationship with the locals and fast-tracks your chance of securing a job.
  • Skilled workers with academic qualifications are in high demand in Greece.

Conclusion: What are In-Demand Jobs in Greece for Foreigners?

Securing a job as a foreigner in Greece can be quite challenging as the country is still trying to get a grip on its economy. However, you can still secure a job there if you are skilled.

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