How To Write A Bank Graduate Cover Letter

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Do you still find it stressful to write cover letters, especially when tailoring it as a bank graduate? The good news is that you have come to the right place to get all the answers you need. So, what exactly is a cover letter?

According to Indeed, a cover letter is a type of application letter that job seekers use to express their interest in a job and explain how their skills and experience make them the best fit for the role. A well-written cover letter should highlight your relevant achievements, skills, and experience that align with the job you’re applying for.

In order to determine whether or not your cover letter is well-written, it should contain a clear description of your interest in the job and why you are the most qualified candidate. A good cover letter should also provide a thorough overview of your relevant professional experience.

Standard Cover Letter Format

A standard cover letter should be written in this format.

  • Header with date and contact information
  • Salutation or greeting
  • Opening paragraph
  • Middle paragraph(s)
  • Closing paragraph
  • Letter ending and signature

Tips For Writing A Good Cover Letter

1. Always use a professional font like Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri with font sizes 10–12. Your letter should be left-aligned with single spacing and one-inch margins.

2. Tailor your cover letter to a specific job.

3. Address your hiring manager personally

4. Use keywords for the description

5. Provide specific numbers, and percentages to show growth, or a range or estimate to quantify results.

6. Don’t share your personal details that are not related to your ability to perform the job.

7. If you are switching to a new career, it is important to highlight your transferable skills.

8. Keep your cover letter short and simple yet detailed. It is normally a one-page essay with 5-7 paragraphs.

9. List your previous accomplishments with confidence and pride.

10. Before sending your cover letter, ensure it is error-free by proofreading it multiple times.

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How To Write A Banking Cover Letter

According to the Advanced English Thesaurus, the word banking entails engaging in the business of keeping money for savings and checking accounts, for exchange, or for issuing loans and credit, etc.

When applying for a job in the banking sector as a graduate, your cover letter should emphasize your ability to be trusted and your knowledge of finance and finance operations.

Despite having a resume, a cover letter is another crucial document in your job search. A resume without a cover letter is like an aeroplane without a pilot, how would it fly?

Why Do You Need A Cover Letter As A Banking Graduate?

A banking graduate may require a cover letter for various reasons, such as seeking a promotion, especially for those who have been working for a long time. A cover letter can help you highlight your past achievements and other important details in writing. It is an effective way of conveying your message without having to do it in person.

Sample Of A Bank Graduate Cover Letter


9th October, 2023

Human Resource Manager,

Name of company,

Company’s Address.

Dear Hiring Manager,

RE: Application for Graduate Trainee Position

I am delighted to send in my application for the graduate trainee position at your bank. As a self-start who is highly motivated and resourceful, I am thrilled at the prospect of joining your institution to begin my career in the banking sector. With an understanding that this is a fast-paced work environment, I draw my motivation and confidence in applying for this role from my dogged and positive disposition towards goals and objectives, coupled with my results-oriented personality.

As a graduate of Banking and Finance, I have gained a range of practical skills which will enable me to meet the demands of this role while staying committed to further development of my abilities. Precisely, I am proficient in Ms. Office suites like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With my exceptional organizational, team spirit, and innovative abilities, I do not doubt that I will make a great addition to your team, and contribute to the advancement of the bank.

I am assured that your bank is the right place to begin my career, and I trust the exponential progress you will record with me on board.

Also, I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your consideration. I can be contacted at all times with the details provided above and I look forward to speaking with you in the coming days.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.


A cover letter for a banking graduate, just like cover letters for other fields, should have important sections such as an introduction, a header, an opening section, a closing section, and so on. We hope that our article and video will demonstrate what is required to apply for a banking job, how to get favourable results from your employer, and how to succeed in the banking sector.

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