How To Get a Job Offer From New Brunswick 2024

Us visa renewal in process
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The New Brunswick government provides various opportunities to foreign nationals who wish to work in New Brunswick and seeking a work visa. Undoubtedly, there are several job offers from New Brunswick, but determining the best one for you can be a little challenging. 

If you are a foreign national who wishes to live and work in New Brunswick, you should understand the process for acquiring the right documentation. This documentation will enable you to live and work legally in the country. As well as gain access to a variety of job opportunities.

In this article, we will explain how to get a job offer from New Brunswick, including the requirements needed to work in New Brunswick. This article also entails what it is like working in New Brunswick and the type of job you can apply to in New Brunswick.

Us visa renewal in process

What Is It Like To Work In New Brunswick?

Officially, New Brunswick workers work a traditional 8:00 am to 5 pm day or 44-hour week. However, in reality, employees often go beyond this. You may end up working the occasional 12-hour day, especially if you are employed in the legal or medical professions.

Also, two weeks of annual leave is standard in New Brunswick. However, some employees get three weeks of paid holidays a year, which is well above the Canadian average. This paid leave in New Brunswick includes Canada Day, Victoria Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, and Christmas. 

Aside from all these, employers in New Brunswick often offer a wide range of benefits to their employees, including health insurance, sick leave, accidental death or dismemberment, and other perks. The availability of these benefits can vary widely based on the type of employer and industry.

What Are The Requirements To Work In New Brunswick?

Below are the following requirements to work in New Brunswick:

1. A Valid Visa

A valid visa will permit you to stay in a country for an extended period legally. There are various work visas you can apply for when looking for in New Brunswick as a foreign national. Here are some examples:

  • Skilled Worker Stream

The skilled worker stream enables foreign nationals with the skills, work experience, and education needed to contribute to New Brunswick’s economy. Therefore, candidates must meet the program’s eligibility requirements, have an offer of employment from a New Brunswick employer, and have the full intent to live and work in the province. 

This visa can last up to five years, after which you can renew it if you wish to continue your employment in New Brunswick.

  • Express Entry Labour Market Stream

New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream (EELMS) is one of the streams of The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP). it is operated by the province of New Brunswick and designed to target high-skilled foreign workers who can contribute to the New Brunswick economy. 

The Express Entry Labour Market Stream operates on an expression of interest (EOI) system and will only accept individuals who meet specific conditions, which are separate from the eligibility criteria, some of which are:

1. Demonstrated ability to become economically established in the province

2. The possibility of positively contributing to the provincial labor market 

2. Proof Of English Or French Proficiency

It is a requirement for you to prove that you can speak, read, write, and understand English and French. Hence, Candidates must score a minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark (CBL) 4 in reading, writing, and speaking for their first official language (English or French).

3. Age Proof

It is a requirement for all candidates to be between 19 and 55 years old on the day their application is received. You must provide a valid birth certificate.

How To Get a Job Offer From New Brunswick

Learning how to get a job offer in New Brunswick can be helpful if you are planning to relocate to New Brunswick. Follow these steps to improve your employability and secure a role that aligns with your career potential:

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Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

1. Research Extensively 

One of the ways to get a job offer in New Brunswick is to research extensively. So search for jobs within your industry and identify the roles that suit you and are related to your qualifications. You can search on job websites like LinkedIn, which allows you to create a profile so employers can find you. 

Meanwhile, during your search, verify whether the employers you find provide sponsorship that may help you avoid rejections of your applications. Many job websites will allow you to filter your search results, and this will enable you to get accurate results. So try typing job offer or Visa Sponsorship to ensure you only get results containing the word. 

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2. Create A Canadian-Style Resume Or Cover Letter

Once you have completed gathering up open positions in New Brunswick, review them carefully for keywords. These keywords highlight the skills and experience prospective employers hope to find in a candidate. 

So, when you are writing your resume, try to include these keywords in the skills, qualifications, accomplishments, and work experience section to ensure your work resume appeals to the employer.

It is, however, crucial to have a Canadian-style resume and cover letter, this can give a massive boost for landing a job in New Brunswick. All you need to do is to tailor your application documents to match the employer’s expectations.

Here are some tips for writing a professional, Canadian-style Resume:

  • Be Specific about your French or English Language Proficiency 
  • Include work experiences that are relevant to the position you are applying to.
  • Provide specific facts about your educational or employment accomplishments.

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3. Contact a Recruiting Agency 

Recruiting agencies are a great resource for Foreign Nationals who wish to work in New Brunswick. This option is helpful, as it will provide you with assurance and will help you find the type of job that matches your skills, education, and goals. 

Particularly, recruiting agencies specialize in connecting job seekers with potential employers in New Brunswick. What this means is that they take away the pain of having to scroll the internet for jobs as they already have a list of open positions in every city.

So choose a reputable recruitment agency that already has experience working with Foreign job seekers. It is equally important to watch out for scammers who claim they can find you a job and avoid paying an upfront fee to an employment agency you do not trust. 

4. Qualifications

As one of the thirteen provinces and territories in Canada, New Brunswick employers highly value quality education. Thus, another step to getting a job in New Brunswick will be to get the proper educational qualifications required for the position you are interested in. 

Consider enrolling in a New Brunswick university to increase your chances of getting a job in New Brunswick or take online courses or certifications from a New Brunswick institution to boost your resume.

5. Follow Up On Your Applications

Unfortunately, some employers in New Brunswick may not reply to applications. Under these circumstances, be ready to call the company to schedule follow-up on your application calls or emails starting a week after you submit your application. 

By all means, follow up again based on the response you got the first time you reached out to them. For instance, if you are told that someone will be in touch with you in 3 days and you do not hear anything from them in that time, call back on the fourth day. 

6. Interview

If you live outside of New Brunswick, employers usually schedule interviews online. As you prepare for your interview, be aware of time differences. For example, if you live in Australia, Australia is 15 hours ahead of New Brunswick, so determine a time that works well for both you and the employer. 

In addition, during your interview, make sure you have a stable internet connection to avoid disruptions. And also, dress professionally as you would if it were an in-person interview. You should also research the company before the interview.

7. Apply For a Work Visa

As mentioned above, before you can work in New Brunswick, you typically need a work visa, also known as a work permit. This is a type of consent that people who want to enter New Brunswick for employment need to prove they can legally work in the country.

New Brunswick work visas are typically processed between one to 10 months and can be used for 1-5 years before the need to renew or replace them arises.

To be eligible for the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream (Applicant with Employer support), candidates must have a valid offer from an eligible New Brunswick Employer. All candidates must also have at least the equivalent of a Canadian high school diploma. 

What Are The Skills Shortage In New Brunswick 

New Brunswick requires more professionals in fields like science, engineering, and healthcare. Some job roles facing skills Shortages in New Brunswick are:

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Financial and Investment Analysts 
  • Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Accountant
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Contraction Project Manager 


Getting a job offer in Brunswick can be challenging. Notwithstanding, there are several ways you can get a job offer in Brunswick. Most of these processes have been included in this article, and we hope it serves as a guide to you.



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