How To Become a Substitute Teacher In Ohio

how to become a substitute teacher in Ohio,

Becoming a substitute teacher in Ohio is an ideal way for aspiring teachers to gain experience and establish a career path in education. It is also an experience that offers flexibility between jobs and will help you gain the classroom experience needed for full-time employment.

Nonetheless, in Ohio, there are specific requirements and rules for aspiring substitute teachers to complete before being eligible to teach. Also, learning about these requirements and rules can help you prepare for work in this role.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss more about how to become a substitute teacher in Ohio and share the answers to many questions about the process, role, and salary.

What Are The Duties Of a Substitute Teacher?

Substitute teachers cover classes on behalf of regular teachers when they need to take a leave. These professionals provide long-term and short-term coverage. 

Also, they provide instruction and guidance to students on assignments and leave notes for the teacher about their behavior. 

While the duties of a substitute teacher  will vary based on the subject and grade level being taught, here are some common responsibilities for substitute teachers:

  • Uphold classroom rules, guidelines, and policies to manage student behavior.
  • Completing tasks planned by the full-time teacher
  • Take student attendance and note any absent students.
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of students. 
  • Monitoring student’s performance

What Are The Types Of Substitute Teachers?

There are two major types of substitute teachers; they include:

Short-Term Substitute Teachers:

Also known as day-to-day substitute teachers, they provide instruction in one classroom for one to a few days at a time. These professionals replace regular teachers who take sick or personal days off. 

Short-term substitute teachers follow already-planned lessons from the regular teacher and assist students as they learn and work through them. 

Also, Short-term substitute teacher duties include taking notes about students and classroom behavior and leaving notes for the regular teacher when they return.

Long-Term Substitute Teachers:

Long-term Substitute Teachers provide instruction in one classroom for a long period. These professionals replace regular teachers who are on long-term medical leave, such as maternity leave. 

Long-term substitute teachers take on all the roles and responsibilities of the regular teacher; this includes creating new lesson plans, attending staff meetings, and meeting with parents about educational or disciplinary matters.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming a Substitute Teacher In Ohio?

Here are some benefits of becoming a substitute teacher in Ohio:

1. Flexible Working Hours: 

Working as a substitute teacher gives you a flexible schedule since you can choose the hours you want to work, the grade level, and the subject you want to teach. You can also decide to teach while working other jobs or furthering your education.

2. Opportunity For Career Growth: 

Working as a substitute teacher provides you with invaluable classroom experience. It also provides you with the opportunity to network with other teachers. 

The experience you earn while working as a substitute teacher may help you transition into being a full-time teacher.

3. Supplemental Income And Positive Job Outlook: 

If you are interested in supplementing your income, as of March 12, Ziprecruiter shows that the median wage for substitute teachers in Ohio is $38,972. That works up to 18.74 an hour. Those in the top 90% earn up to $58,953 annually in Ohio.

Also, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not have job outlook information for substitute teachers; it analyzes the job growth opportunities for teachers at different education levels. 

An estimated job growth of 4% is expected for teachers teaching kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. 

What Are The Skills Required To Become a Substitute Teacher In Ohio?

Below are some of the skills required for substitute teachers in Ohio:

1. Accountability: 

Since they may work with students of a wide range of ages and understanding levels, substitute teachers need to know how to be responsible for a whole classroom of children.

2. Interpersonal Skills:

 Setting an example for your students is extremely important. A substitute teacher should be able to demonstrate interpersonal skills throughout the day to show the students what kind of behavior you expect from them. 

3. Adaptability Skills: 

Substitute teachers should have the ability to adapt. Substitute teachers are required to come into a classroom with already established rules, and planned lessons, and where students have developed a rapport with their teacher. 

These professionals should be comfortable picking up where the teacher left off and following their instructions.

4. Classroom Management: 

Managing a classroom to create a safe and productive environment is another important skill for substitute teachers. 

Substitute teachers must know how to apply the appropriate classroom management techniques to ensure that students are productive and complete their work on time.

5. Patience: 

School officials typically expect substitute teachers to display a high level of patience and professionalism. Substitute teachers need to practice patience.  

Some students might need a little additional assistance and encouragement throughout the school day, class period, or even through the academic year.

6. Organization:

It is important to know how to organize a classroom. Substitute teachers are responsible for organizing classroom materials and lesson plans, as well as monitoring all the students in the classroom to note absences.

7. Problem-Solving: 

Substitute teachers may need to overcome multiple challenges to perform their role in the classroom. Sometimes, substitute teachers may find materials for lessons missing or discover that lesson plans left by the teacher are unclear minutes before students arrive. 

Finding solutions to the challenges of working in an environment that changes nearly every day is an important quality that substitute teachers must develop.

What Is The Substitute Teacher Work Environment Like In Ohio?

Generally, substitute teachers work in a traditional classroom setting just like regular teachers and instruct students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The specific amount of time a substitute teacher works each week usually varies depending on the demand for substitutes in their school districts.

 They often work six to seven hours per day in Ohio, which is the same as that of a regular teacher. However, sometimes they work overtime, especially when they are grading papers, projects, or exams.

A substitute teacher’s day can vary depending on the grade level, school, and subject they are teaching. However, some daily tasks that a substitute teacher may perform during a typical day are:

  • Review the lesson plan provided by the regular teacher. 
  • Set up the classroom and prepare all the necessary equipment or resources needed to start the day.
  • Deliver the lessons according to the plan and objectives. 
  • Collect and grade any assignments or tests.
  • Leave a note for the regular teacher summarizing what was covered, how the students performed, and any issues or concerns.

What Are The Benefits Of Being a Substitute Teacher In Ohio?

Here are some benefits of becoming a substitute teacher in Ohio:

  • Working closely with children can be rewarding
  • Improve your chances of landing a full-time teaching career.
  • Acquire a wide range of transferable skills.
  • Having flexible schedule options to work when you want to.
  • Gaining valuable classroom experience as an aspiring teacher 

What Is The Salary For Substitute Teachers In Ohio?

The average substitute teacher salary in Ohio is $17.65 per hour. This translates to $705 per week or $3,058 per month. The average annual pay for substitute teachers in Ohio is $36,705 a year. 

The varying wages depend on the school district, subject of specialization, years of experience as a substitute teacher, and location.

According to, here are some cities in Ohio that offer the highest annual salary for substitute teachers:

  • Euclid: $44,715 per year
  • Oxford: $43,572 per year 
  • Maumee: $43,555 per year
  • Aurora: $43,005 per year
  • North Royalton: $41,962 per year
  • Elyria: $41,797

How To Become a Substitute Teacher In Ohio

Here are some steps you can follow to become a substitute teacher in Ohio:

Step 1: Complete The Educational Requirement.

The minimum education requirement for substitute teachers in Ohio is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. For most schools in Ohio, there are specific areas of study that you can have with your bachelor’s degree to be able to teach in the subjects in which you plan to teach. 

Also, the type of bachelor’s degree you have helps determine the type of substitute license you can apply for. These licenses fall under long-term and short-term categories, and they include:

Substitute Licensure, Specific Subject:

This type of substitute licensure is reserved for candidates with a post-secondary degree in one of 33 specific subject areas, such as mathematics or music. 

This license is a long-term license and is valid for teaching unlimited days in the subject area at any grade level. It is also suitable for teaching one semester of any other subject or grade level with school board approval.

Education Degree (Unlimited):

This type of substitute license is a long-term license, valid for unlimited teaching days in any subject or grade level. It is designed for candidates with a post-secondary degree in education. 

General Substitute:

This substitute license is a short-term license valid for teaching one semester of a class at any grade level with school board approval. 

It is designed for candidates with a post-secondary degree in any area (not in education or in one of the 33 subject-specific licensure areas).

Step 2: Apply For Your Teaching License.

A substitute teacher without a license should consider applying for one. You can apply for an educator’s license if you would like to serve as a long-term substitute. 

Substitute teacher candidates do not apply for licensure with the Ohio Department of Education; instead, they contact the school, district, or educational service center where they hope to get a substitute teaching position. 

The school or district coordinates the application and licensing process with the DOR. Also, candidates must request the employer’s government interaction reference number to include on their online application so that a designated designer from the organization can approve the license application.

Step 3: Complete The Background Check.

All aspiring education personnel in Ohio must undergo and have a background check on file with the Ohio DOE. 

Candidates must complete a Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) check with a fingerprint and an FBI criminal background check before starting their roles and becoming eligible for substitute teacher licensure. 

So, check with your school or district to find the right online portal or in-person location to complete your background check and fingerprints.

Step 4: Share Your University Transcripts.

For education students who have completed university, the Ohio DOE requires official transcripts to prove that you’ve completed your degree program. You may scan or upload a PDF of your transcript to the online application. 

You can also get copies of your transcripts mailed from your college or university to the Office of Educator Licensure at the DOR. 

Many colleges and universities supply online portals to help you request and send copies of your transcripts for a substitute teacher’s license. So talk with your school district or hiring manager about the best options for sharing your transcripts.

Step 5: Complete Your Application. 

All substitute teacher candidates in Ohio have to fill out an online application using the OH|ID account portal. This program provides clear instructions to guide users through the process and allows candidates to choose the Educator License and Record (CORE) department and submit the online application from the dashboard. 

If you already have an OH|ID account, you can log in, but if you do not, you should create one to submit your application. The dashboard allows you to upload all necessary documents and pay your associated application fees.

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Becoming a successful substitute teacher in Ohio will provide you with several job opportunities because there is a high demand for certified substitute teachers in Ohio. 

This article has provided a guide on how to become a substitute teacher in Ohio and other requirements necessary. We hope it is helpful to your search.





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