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Portland Community College is a renowned public college in Portland, Oregon. This community college is considered the largest postsecondary institution in the state. 

The school serves residents in the five-county area, including Multnomah, Washington, Yamhill, Clackamas, and Columbia counties.

At Portland Community College, students can choose to earn degrees, certificates, and short-term courses in over 70 different fields. Also, major programs include general studies, liberal arts and sciences, liberal studies, business administration and management, and general.

The highest degree being offered at Portland Community College is an associate degree.

Portland Community College offers a flexible teaching program whereby students can choose their desired major and even move on to a 4-year college or university. As of 2024, the school’s total enrollment is 22,904, and the student-faculty ratio is 20:1. 

Also, Portland Community College has an open admission policy. Nonetheless, in this article, we will be reviewing all the necessary aspects we need to know about Portland Community College.

Why Choose Portland Community College?

As mentioned earlier, Portland Community College (PCC) is the largest postsecondary institution in Oregon, and the college serves over 50,000 part-time and full-time students. 

However, the PCC educational system is about 52% less expensive than a public university and about 87% less expensive than the cost of a private university in Oregon.

Therefore, PCC delivers high-quality education and opportunities to its students, and this helps to improve and contribute to the vibrancy of Portland’s economic community.

The school also helps students to be sound financial stewards of the public dollar, build a greener workforce, and shrink their carbon footprint. Also, the school provides opportunities for international students to study in the United States.

Clubs And Organizations At Portland Community College

There are several clubs and organizations available to students at Portland Community College. These clubs and organizations at PCC offer students the opportunity to explore, meet new people, and integrate coursework with good practical experience. 

They also help students gain a well-rounded learning structure and develop leadership skills. Undoubtedly, there are a variety of clubs students can choose to join across the district. Students who choose to participate in the clubs will have a closer connection to the campus community. 

Also, club members will have the free will to access PCC facilities, vending space for fundraising, audiovisual equipment, and more.

So, once a club at PCC is formally recognized, you will have free access to leadership opportunities, event planning services, professional advising, and club funds. So if you are interested in joining a club or organization at Portland Community College, the following are some easy steps to take

Step 1: Log In To Your Mypcc With Your Username And Password.

If you’re a first-time user, there are some terms and privacy policies you need to agree to by clicking “I accept.” Doing that will enable you to become a user of Panther Hub.

Step 2: Organization Search 

The next step is to click on the organization tab and research or browse for the club that you want to join. So, search for the organization of your choice.

Step 3: Click On The Join Button.

Some clubs require approval for membership before you can join fully. If you have any issues joining a club, you can easily contact the assistant coordinator for student leadership at your campus.

Clubs And Organizations At Portland Community College

Below are some of the clubs and organizations available for students to join:

  • Biotech Club

This is a growing and dynamic club that applies life processes to practical uses, which include the manufacturing of protein-based drugs (biologic) and the research and development of new medical devices.

  • Basic Needs, Sustainability, And Leadership

The purpose of the club is to provide meaningful action-oriented opportunities to advance the interconnected issues of basic needs support, including transportation, legal aid, housing security, and food.

  • Best Buddies

Best buddies are one-to-one friendships between students without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their peers on campus or in the community with IDD.

  • Christians At Ppc

The purpose of this club is to provide a safe place for students to conduct a Bible study for all Christians of all denominations.

  • Community-Based Learning

Community-based learning is an academic program that provides students with support from all disciplines through assisting faculty with community-based learning courses.

  • A Digital Literacy Program

This club aims to help students stay up-to-date with existing technologies, build their computer skills, and explore new technologies.

  • Disability Cultural Alliance

The mission of this club is to promote a welcoming environment for students with disabilities to build community, find resources, and discuss their access needs.

  • Graphic Design Club

This club aims to be an after-school organization aimed at bringing fellow designers together to expand their knowledge and connections and also create different projects.

  • Humanities And Arts Initiative

The Humanities & Arts Initiative Club creates and enhances opportunities for students to engage deeply with the humanities and arts, both inside and outside, on campus and beyond. 

The humanities and arts help develop effective communicators and critical thinkers and also provide excellent preparation for a civilly engaging life.

  • Geography Club

The purpose of this club is to provide a platform for PCC students to help them explore the academic and practical aspects of geography.

Merit Award At Portland Community College

Academic excellence is being recognized based on the Grand Point Average (GPA) at Portland Community College. 

Also, honors are awarded at the end of each term and upon completion of a certificate or degree. So to be eligible for this award, students must earn at least six credits in grades A–F in the term. 

The following term’s honors are being awarded:

  • Honor’s List: 3.25–3.49 GPA
  • President’s list 3.75–4.00 GPA
  • Dean’s list: 3.50–3.74 GPA

Also, a transcript degree, and certificate are eligible for the highest honors.

  • Phi Theta Kappa 

Phi Theta Kappa is an honorary society that is designed for students in two-year colleges who have established a 3.5 or higher grade point average. 

If you want to get the membership form. They are available through the associated students of PCC (ASPCC).

Financial Aid At Portland Community College 

There is no doubt that college can be quite expensive, but there are many financial aid organizations that are available to help with college costs, including books, tuition fees, and living costs.

To receive financial aid at Portland Community College, there are some procedures you need to follow. Firstly, you need to start by filling out the application forms. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get financial aid at Portland Community College.

Step 1: You Need To Apply

The first step is to apply.  Your immigration status depends as well; you need to apply by completing the FAFSA or the ORSAA.

Step 2: Submit Your Documents:

Immediately After applying, the Portland Community College financial aid office will ask for additional information from you.

 To be on the right track, check out the guide on the financial aid dashboard and look for errors.

Step 3: Review And Accept Rewards.

Whenever your reward is ready, the financial aid office at Portland Community College will contact you through your email with instructions on how you can receive your reward.

Step 4: Receive Your Funds. 

Once you have accepted your funds, you will have to choose how you want to receive them: charge textbooks, or even get a work-study position.

Step 5: Maintain Eligibility

To maintain your financial aid eligibility, students have to maintain an excellent academic record. 

Yes, you can lose your aid or even need to give it back. You will always get notified of changes to your eligibility in your PCC email or portal on your financial aid dashboard.

Scholarships At Portland Community College

Scholarships are a great way to find your college education; scholarships are quite different from financial aid. 

Note that there is a different application process for scholarships, and you are eligible to win based on your academic history, experience, and writing skills.

However, the PCC Foundation awards hundreds of scholarships every year, and they are only awarded to PCC students. These scholarships come from donors, and donors come from different backgrounds; they donate money for different reasons.

What Are The Standard Prerequisites For Portland Community College?

Portland Community College has a standard prerequisite of writing, reading, general education, and math courses. Note that Portland Community College doesn’t require ACT or SAT scores. 

The standard prerequisite is:

  • Writing: successful completion of grade C or higher of WR 115 or placement into WE 121
  • Math: successful completion (grade C or higher) of MTH 20 or placement into MTH 60.
  • Reading: successful completion of grade C or higher of RD 115 or equivalent test scores.

Also, PCC recommends taking care of any missing prerequisites as soon as possible. Students can easily schedule an appointment with their academic advisor to help them plan classes and get answers to questions about classes taken at another school.

For a list of writing, reading, and math prerequisites for all Portland Community College general education courses, you can check out the college catalog General Education Page for more information. 

Requirements For International Students At Portland Community College

All students are required to submit the following documents, typically original copies:

  • Passport photo page
  • Academic transcript (this information must also include a list of classes and grades)
  • Proof of financial resources
  • Proof of English Proficiency

Note: Only documents that are submitted before the final deadline will be reviewed. So, it is advisable to submit your documents early.

How Do I Apply To Portland Community College?

To apply as a student to Portland Community College is free, and there is no application fee required. Also, PCC does not require the SAT or ACT. The general age requirement for PCC is that students must be turning 18 years of age in the first term they attend PCC, or even older. 

However, Portland Community College does accept students ages 16 and 17, but only if certain requirements are met.

The following steps are easy if it’s your first time applying or if you are returning after an absence:

Apply To Portland Community College. 

The first step is to complete the admissions application process before the final deadline.

Complete The Orientation. 

Being a first-timer at Portland Community College, it is required and necessary to learn the basics about Portland Community College in the new student orientation. The student orientation takes about 40 minutes.

Set Up Your Mypcc Account.

MyPCC is a portal you will need to visit to sign up for classes, check your student email, pay for classes, and do other necessary things. Make use of the first-time user link on the MyPCC login page so that you will be able to get an account setup code and create your password.

Complete The Placement Test Process.

The placement test gives us more detailed information about your academic history in the form of grades, test results, transcripts, etc. We make use of placement information to recommend reading, math classes, and writing.

Register For Classes.

The final step is to sign up for a parent registration session where you can connect with an advisor and also register for classes.

What Are The Courses And Programs Being Offered At Portland Community College?

Portland Community College offers courses to support students learning goals at several campuses and center locations in the college’s districts. 

Also, it is done through a wide range of programs, such as service learning and cooperative education. Distance learning courses include Telecourses, web courses, ITV (interactive television classes), and hybrid courses.

Below are some of the credit courses offered at Portland Community College:

  • Three to four credit courses 

There are some three-to-four division colligate courses (LDC) that have changed from three to four credits at PCC. For degrees and certificates requiring specific LDC courses, the three-credit version of the same course is generally considered.

  • Non-credit courses 

Portland Community College offers a wide range of non-credit courses for personal and career development, as well as continuing education for professionals in several fields. Non-credit courses do not apply to any degree or certificate.

  • Experimental courses 

Experimental courses are courses numbered 99, 199, and 299. There may be courses offered twice in 15 months. 

After the period of offering them, they must either be converted to a regularly numbered course or inactivated.

Available Courses And Disciplines At Portland Community College

Courses and disciplines offered at PCC include economics, geography, chemistry, humanities, history, music, mathematics, theater art, physics, sociology, nursing, radiography, and graphics. 

As well as design, microelectronics and technology, the medical profession, medical assistants, multimedia, aviation maintenance technology, apprenticeships, bioscience technology, and more.

What Is The Tuition For The 2024 Academic Year At Portland Community College?

Portland Community College provides an estimate for attending a standard academic year. The following are the tuition fees and other necessary expenses budgeted for the standard academic year 2024-2025:

In the state full-time budget:

First term 

  • Tuition fee: $1,680
  • Books and supplies: $570
  • Food and housing: $5,026
  • Transportation: $699
  • Personal: $699

Second Term

  • Tuition fee: $3,360
  • Books and supplies: $1,140
  • Food & Housing: $10,052
  • Transportation: $576
  • Personal: $1,358

Third Term 

  • Tuition fee: $5,040
  • Books & supplies: $1,710
  • Food & Housing: $15,078
  • Transportation: $864
  • Personal: $2,097

Fourth Term

  • Tuition fee: $6,720
  • Books and supplies: $2,280
  • Food & Housing: $20,104
  • Transportation: $1,152
  • Personal: $2,696

Out-Of-State Full-Time Budget 

First Term

  • Tuition fee: $1,680
  • Books and supplies: $570
  • Food & Housing: $3,376
  • Transportation: $288
  • Personal: $699

Second term 

  • Tuition fee: $3,360
  • Books and supplies: $1,140
  • Food & Housing: $6,752
  • Transportation: $576
  • Personal: $1,398

Third Term 

  • Tuition fee: $5,040
  • Books & supplies: $1,710
  • Food & Housing: $10,128
  • Transportation: $864
  • Personal: $2,097

Fourth Term 

  • Tuition fee: $6,720
  • Books and supplies: 2,280
  • Food & Housing: $13,504
  • Transportation: $1,152
  • Personal: $2,796

Which Bodies Are Accredited With Portland Community College? 

Portland Community College was accredited in 1970 by the North West Commission on Colleges and Universities, the accrediting agency for this region. The majority of the programs within PCC also have accreditation from professional associations.


Portland Community College is one of the best community colleges in the United States. The school offers a variety of courses and programs. 

Also, the school is one of the cheapest community schools that provides exceptional programs at affordable fees with no requirement for SAT or ACT scores. This article has provided a comprehensive review of PCC, and we hope it is helpful to your search.

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Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.


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