10 Best Affordable Wedding Insurance Companies in Florida

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Weddings are beautiful times of celebrating love with family and friends, and typical of all celebrations. It often costs a lot to put together a beautiful wedding ceremony. Sometimes, everything goes as planned, and there are no eventualities, while at other times, it is not. At such odd times, you need the services of wedding insurance companies.

There could be a lot of overhead costs, theft, weather instability, property damage, and food poisoning. Sometimes, even a change of heart to get married to one partner could occur. This usually leads to the cancellation of the ceremony. When any of these happens, there is always a loss of money, properties or even life might be threatened. 

Hence, this is where a wedding insurance company can come in. They bridge the gap and help you recover from any eventualities. More so, they save you the stress of worrying at all about any loss you may encounter while planning or having your wedding ceremony. 

What is a wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a type of special insurance that provides financial security with any challenge you encounter during your wedding. Also, Wedding insurance ensures you don’t have to worry about any loss or issue you encounter, as they will sort it out for you. 

There are two main types of wedding insurance, which are the Wedding Liability Insurance and the Wedding Cancellation or Postponement Insurance.

  • Wedding Liability Insurance: This insurance helps you pay for damage control, either for life or property. I.e.; if there is any damage to property at the wedding venue, or if the wedding attendee gets involved in an accident resulting in an injury during the wedding, this insurance helps you pick up the bills for the damages.
  •  Cancellation or Postponement Insurance: This insurance refunds you of any expense you make for your wedding when it has to be canceled for issues beyond your control. This could be due to extreme weather conditions, unavailability of vendors, ailment, injury, military deployment, etc.

Wedding Insurance Company

An insurance company is a company that provides you with financial security and a refund for any issue you encounter during your wedding ceremony. However, you must purchase their policies anytime between 2 years to 25 hours before your wedding to enjoy their benefits. 

Moreover, there are a plethora of benefits that come with insuring your wedding with an insurance company. Also, there are also different packages, depending on your location and the insurance company you choose. 

As we proceed, I will share with you the 10 Best Affordable Wedding Insurance Companies in Florida. But before then, let us take a look at some benefits of insuring your wedding.

Benefits of getting insurance for your wedding ceremony

  • You will not have to worry about your big day, and what to do if anything goes wrong, as your wedding insurance company has got your back big time.
  • You will be assured of getting high-quality coverage for any loss you experience.
  • Getting wedding insurance is pretty easy, and if you start early, you get to enjoy peace of mind while planning your wedding.
  • Financial Backing: This is one perk of insuring your wedding, you know that despite the amount you invest in your wedding, if anything goes south, you can recover it all.

10 Best Affordable Wedding Insurance Companies in Florida

Here are the best affordable wedding insurance companies in Florida:

  • Francis L. Dean and Associates, LLC
  • Travelers of Florida
  • Wedsafe 
  • Ewed Insurance 
  • GEICO Event Insurance
  • Wedsure
  • The Insurance Center of Central Florida (ICCF)
  • Eventsured
  • Spectrum Killingsworth Insurance

1. Francis L. Dean and Associates, LLC

Founded in 1989, Francis L. Dean and Associates is a family-owned insurance company that specializes in offering insurance in sports, entertainment, and leisure. While the company operates all over the USA, it is headquartered in Florida. 

More so, regardless of the kind of wedding insurance you seek; liability or postponement/cancellation insurance, Francis L. Dean and Associates is your go-to, and you can begin at a considerably affordable rate. With a record of issuing over 100,000 policies in 2019, you are sure to get a great service here. 

Address: 12800 University Drive Suite 125 Fort Myers, FL 33907

Phone: 1-800-745-2409

Fax: 1-630-665-7294

2. Travelers of Florida 

Traveler Insurance Company has been around now for over 165 years, offering secure insurance policies covering wedding and special event insurance, car insurance, jewelry, and valuable items insurance‌. Additionally, they are widely reputed across the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, etc.

Travelers Insurance Company is easily one of the 10 best affordable wedding insurance companies you could find in Florida. More so, their special event insurance could cover the following: cancellation or postponement of the event, event gifts, special attire, event photographs/video, liquor liability insurance, liability insurance, lost deposits, special jewelry, etc. 

Address: 146 NW Central Park Plaza, Suite 102 Port St. Lucie, Florida 34986

Phone: (772) 878-8184

3. Wedsafe 

Wedsafe offers you a 15% discount when you purchase coverage for both liability and cancellation at once. With Wedsafe, you can purchase your policy even on your wedding day, with no deductible for general liability claims. More so, they also offer one of the highest maximum liability levels.

However, Websafe does not cover mysterious loss of items worth $300 or more, and they add a $15 rate purchasing group fee to premiums quoted. However, they offer an average premium cost between $75 and $200 and a coverage limit of $5 million in liability.

Phone: 1.877.723.3933

4. Wedding Insurance Companies – Wedsure 

Forbes Advisor named Wedsure the number 1 wedding insurance company of 2022, pointing to the impeccable service they offer. One perk of choosing Wedsure is that your insurance gets to cover a change of heart. More so, If your partner encounters cold feet and refuses to proceed with the wedding, Wedsure will cover you in that instance. Compulsorily, their package also covers free host liquor liability. You can purchase a policy with them starting from $125 and get up to $5 million in liability coverage. 

Phone: 800-364-2433

Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

5. Ewed Insurance 

With as low as $75, you can start purchasing policies with Ewed Insurance. Over the last 50 years, they have garnered sufficient knowledge about the wedding and event industry, and they top the list of some of the most affordable wedding insurance companies in Florida. However, although the headquarters of Ewed Insurance is in New York, their services extend to other parts of the US, including Florida. 

More so, with Ewed Insurance, you can purchase policies up to 24 hours before your wedding, and get up to $1 million in liability policy coverage. Also, they provide insurance plans for wedding cancelation and postponement coverage, vendor liability, and wedding coverage. If you require more information about their services, you can either check out their website or contact them with the details below.

Phone 1-800-426-1064

Email: info@eWedInsurance.com 

6. GEICO Event Insurance

GEICO Event Insurance boasts of giving 97% customer satisfaction when you sign up with them and a wealth of knowledge from their over 85 years of experience. Getting wedding liability insurance with GEICO Event Insurance runs as low as $75 to $235, and about $130 for getting event cancellation insurance. Also, there is a 10% discount for those staying in Florida when you get a wedding liability and cancellation coverage at once. In particular, they cover non-refundable deposits, cancellation fees and liability, etc. 

Address: 2105 Town Center Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837, United States

Phone: +1 407-204-2600

7. The Insurance Center of Central Florida (ICCF)

The Insurance Center of Central Florida made it to our list of the 10 best affordable wedding insurance companies in Florida. They provide vast experience in wedding insurance provision, long years of experience, and great customer service. Moreover, to get the exact amount to purchase a policy with ICCF, you can either request a quote on their website or contact them using the information below.

Address: The Insurance Center of Central Florida Inc. 3760 W. Eau Gallie Blvd Suite 104 Melbourne, Florida 32934

Phone: 321.255.0986

Fax: 321.253.1732

8. Wedding Insurance Companies – Eventsured 

Eventsured provides special coverage for damage to rented properties which could probably result from fire. They also leave the limit at $100,000 but it can be increased to $300,000, 500,000, or $1,000,000.  

Also, Eventsured insurance also covers almost all its offerings which include:

  •  General liability
  • Personal and advertising injury
  • Medical payments
  • Liquor liability
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Event cancellation or postponement
  • Photograph/video
  • Wedding attire
  • Loss of deposits
  • Event gifts, 
  • and special jewelry. 

However, there are specific limits for each coverage and a specific amount to purchase policies. Moreover,  to know the exact amount for your choices, you can contact them with the information below.

Phone: 888-882-5902

Email: info@eventsured.com 

9. Spectrum 

If you want an insurance company strictly for your event cancellation insurance, then Spectrum is your best bet. They offer insurance across all reasons for cancellation of your event. To get the specific amount to purchase a policy with them, you can contact them with the details below.

Email: rholmes@spectrumweatherinsurance.com

Phone: 816-810-2346

10. Killingsworth Insurance 

Killingsworth Insurance provides coverage for either cancellation or liability for your special events, in the state of Florida. Call or visit any of their offices for more information. However, before then, you can apply for a free quote on their website to get a grasp of their prices, while specifying the services you need.

11. Wedding Insurance Companies – Spring Hill Office

Fax: 352-799-5986

Phone: 352-683-0018

Address: 3290 Commercial Way Spring Hill, FL 34606

Brooksville Main Office:

Phone: 352-796-1451

Fax: 352-7995986

Address: 19259 Cortez Blvd. Brooksville, FL 34601


These aforementioned countries are the 10 best affordable wedding insurance companies in Florida for their affordability, great customer service, and long years of experience. However, before deciding on which one to insure your wedding with, be sure to do your due diligence and go through their policies. Get a good understanding of what you are signing up for and what your expectations are, before making any financial investments. All the best.

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