The Future Of Work Post Covid-19 – The Need to Re-skill

The Future Of Work Post Covid-19 – The Need to Re-skill

With the pandemic came a lot of changes, not just in movement restrictions and social interactions, but also in the world of work. In the future of work post Covid-19 – the need to re-skill has become necessary

Terms such as ‘work from home’ and ‘remote working’ have gradually taken over the work sphere. Job roles are changing and soft skills are becoming more important to land a job. This a yellow light for job seekers, just one skill won’t suffice anymore. Multiskilling and reskilling has become necessary for the future work post Covid-19

So, when the pandemic is over, companies and organizations would require less workforce but multi-skilled personnel. Thus, job requirements would change. Therefore, you need to be ready for this stride.

In recent job requirements, a digital marketer is a content creator, he is also a researcher, a data collector and analyst, and a graphics designer, yes! A graphics designer.

To reskill, you need to understand that possessing certain skill is not just giving you an edge over other candidates, it has become a MUST.

Job seekers and the employed

If you are a job seeker or an undergraduate, you need to become intentional about your professional development, especially the online courses you take and the skills you are learning, particularly in this lockdown period.

Search for jobs that will be on high demand after Covid-19. Look up the requirements for job roles in your industry and specifically learn skills that will match up to the roles.

Just make sure you become an ideal candidate, or even the best, the hiring manager would offer the job.

In addition, the future of Work post Covid-19 – the need to re-skill is essential for people already in the workforce. They should proactively steer their ongoing skill development and obtain information for other skills that will increase your income.

Finally, there should be a rethink on how work will be regulated and which area of job creation could enhance societal benefits.
The future of work requires having more relevant skills, will you be ready?

Written by: Semiat Aderibigbe

An Educator, Content Writer and a Social Enterpreneur. She advocates for the SDGs and believes that everyone can make an impact to the world, no matter how small.

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