10 Jobs that will be on High Demand after Covid-19


We are experiencing one of the biggest events that will challenge the way we work, and conduct corporate activities. Hence, there will be specific jobs that will be on high demand after Covid-19. Though some people have adjusted to this new work lifestyle (remote working), most are finding it difficult to adopt.

Economists and business analysts are already predicting the industries that will be on high demand post Covid-19.

But the truth is; the reality of what is coming will feature a big shift in demand for labor. What will be the faith of some professionals is yet to be known.

Still, whatever happens, these 10 jobs that will be on high demand after Covid-19.

1. Virtual Assistant Job.

To start with, post Covid-19, more businesses will begin to incorporate remote working into their work system. The need for virtual assistants that will help provide customer support will rise.

A virtual assistant will be required to work from home, and handle daily office functions.

Skills Needed: word processing skills, oral communication, and writing skills, computer skills, quick thinking ad effective decision making, love for learning.

2. Social Media Assistant/Social Media Manager Job.

If you notice job posts from job boards like Fasthire Nigeria, myJobmag, Joblistnigeria, more companies are now calling for social media assistants and managers.

Social media assistants will aid them to maintain a steady rapport with their customers. There’s also a tension in the air about how to use products that were purchased online.

Most importantly, some clients prefer to call out their service providers on social media if they are experiencing any difficulties. With a dedicated social media assistant, most of these queries will receive speedy feedback.

Skills Needed: excellent knowledge of social platforms, analytical skills, communication skills, eagerness to learn, time management skills, etc.

3. Online Instructors Job.

When this pandemic is over, more people would have embraced E-learning and teaching.

Universities and colleges will start to incorporate digital classrooms. E-learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera will need more teachers.

Seizing this kind of opportunity to share what you know will be a wise decision.

Skills Needed: communication skills, compassion, and empathy, patience, subject expertise, time management, teaching skills, etc.

4. Writing Job.

There’s an increasing hunger for more information and content that will be helpful to people. Writers are required to continually produce authentic, accurate, and well-sourced content that will keep people informed, educated, or entertained.

A lot a writer can do in this period and after it. It’ll be important to also point out that, writing is at the core of every other job that makes it to this list of 10 jobs that will be on high demand after Covid-19.

If you have been away from writing for a while now, it is time to brush the dust of your note pad.

Skills Needed: adaptability, research skills, SEO, organizational skills, focus, communication, editing, etc.

5. Graphics Design Job.

Graphics designers are visual communicators that aid companies in branding, sales, and customer support.

If you had the desire to be a graphics designer, this is a good time for you. More companies will require services from graphic designers to create brand logos, website graphics, ad banners, etc.

Skills Needed: IT skills, design and photo-editing software, creativity and innovation, time management and organizational skills, attention to detail, etc.

6. Software Development Job.

Futhermore, since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, the number of app users has increased. From gaming apps to peer group apps that help friends send secret anonymous messages to one another.

Plus since more people will be working from the internet after this pandemic, we will need apps to help us stay connected. Therefore, thoughts will go into developing apps that will help enhance our corporate activities beyond Zoom, Slack, Skype, etc.

Skills Needed: responsive design, creative skills, critical thinking, mathematical aptitude, problem-solving skills, programming languages, accuracy and attention to details, etc.

7. Website Development Job.

Also, anyone conducting her business without an online presence after this pandemic is just being plain stubborn.

Because, if there’s anything we’ve learned from this whole pandemic it is that; internet is not where the world is going to; internet is where the world is.

“The internet is not where the world is going to; the internet is where the world is.”

So, Web development will be a high demand job as companies who did not have an online presence will start moving to the permanent site (online).

Besides, companies with an online presence will need to optimize their website functionalities to accommodate their increased number of clientele.

Skills Needed: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, WordPress, analytical skills, SEO, responsive design skills, etc.

8. Copywriting Job.

More advertising contents will begin to fly on the internet, and high converting copies will be required to separate one brand from the other.

Therefore, more copywriters will have a lot of creative work to do as they’ll be at the forefront, shooting the highly targeted, and well-crafted sales copies.

Skills Needed: English skills, vocabulary, research skills, listening skills, attention to detail, etc.

9. Affiliate Marketing Job.

People who have gathered the skills and techniques to market other people’s products will also be in high demand. Especially those (affiliate marketers) who can do it from an online platform.

This is because online sales is an aspect that more companies will start paying attention to.Therefore they’ll seek ways to grow and increase their conversion rates via the internet.

Skills Needed: peoples skill, data analysis, money management, creativity, and marketing, problem-solving, etc

10. SEO Editor/Consultant Job.

Finally. Is anyone surprised that SEO editor is one of the 10 jobs that will be on high demand after Covid-19?

Search Engine Optimization is what enables your site and its content to gain visibility on the net. Companies and people who can’t handle this function will naturally outsource it to people who can handle it.

Also, the more businesses stay online; the more they want to be seen by the right people. That is exactly what SEO editors and consultants do- position businesses.

Skills Needed: critical thinking, speaking and writing skills, technical and programming skills, analytics skills, research, etc.

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