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How To Get A Job In Germany From Nigeria 

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Getting a job in Germany from Nigeria can be a challenging task, it is, however, possible. With careful planning, preparation, and a thorough search, you can increase your chances of success. 

Germany is a country in Europe with several job opportunities for Nigerians who are interested in working in the country. 

However, to make the process easier, you must meet up with the eligibility requirements. 

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get a job in Germany from Nigeria, covering visa requirements and the type of job you can do in Germany.

Eligibility For German Work Visa

Nigerians who wish to work in Germany must apply for a German work visa. The most common type of work visa in Germany is the German employment residence permit – issued to those who got a job offer in Germany after actively searching for jobs. 

You must also meet certain other requirements to be eligible for this work visa, such as having the required skills and qualifications for the job and being able to speak the German language. 

Also, other types of German work visas that are available to Nigerians, include the job seekers’ visa, the self-employment residence permit, the general employment visa, and the permanent residence permit.  For more information on eligibility requirements and how to apply for a German work visa, please visit the German foreign office.

The following documents are required to obtain a permit and work in Germany:

  • Two fully completed application forms
  • Two passport photographs
  • Valid national passport
  • Evidence of enough financial means
  • You have at least five years of professional academic experience 
  • Proof of employment, with details of annual salary and a detailed description of the employment in Germany 
  • You have a degree that is recognized in German 
  • Criminal record certificate 

How To Get a Job In Germany From Nigeria 

Once you have made confirmation that you are eligible for a German work visa, you can start looking for a job. 

However,  there are several ways to get a job in Germany from Nigeria, including 

1. Searching For Jobs Online 

The first step you have to take is to research the available job positions in Germany for foreigners. You can start by identifying the positions that are in high demand. If you have a certain qualification or degree in a specific field, try to look for jobs within that field to ensure you meet all education requirements. 

Also, you can do this by browsing job boards and company websites. You can also use online resources such as LinkedIn or government websites to gather information about potential employers and their rates of hiring.

2. Networking

Networking is crucial for finding a job in Germany from Nigeria. You can attend networking events and join professional organizations.  Also, reach out to friends who can provide you with recent and updated information on open positions in Germany. 

Additionally, it is good to build a strong online presence and showcase your skills, qualifications, and achievements through your personal website or social media profiles.

3. Meet With a Recruiting Agency 

Recruiting agencies can be a great resource for Nigerians who wish to work in Germany. This option is helpful, as it will provide you with full assurance and will help you find the type of job that matches your skills and goals. 

Moreover, these agencies specialize in connecting job seekers with potential employers in Germany. They take away the pain of having to source for jobs as they already have a list of open positions in every city. 

4. Create a Professional Resume And Cover Letter

Once you have completed gathering up open positions in Germany, review them carefully for keywords. These keywords highlight the skills and experience prospective employers hope to find in a candidate. 

So, when you are writing your resume, try to include these keywords in the skills, qualifications, accomplishments, and work experience section to ensure your work resume appeals to the employer.

It is vital to have a German-style resume and cover letter, this can give a massive boost for landing a job in Germany. All you need to do is tailor your application documents to match the employer’s expectations.

5. Qualifications

German employers highly value quality education. Hence, another step to getting a job in Germany will be to get the proper educational qualifications required.  

Consider enrolling in a German university to increase your chances of getting a job in Germany or take online courses or certifications from a German institution to boost your resume. If you are applying for occupation in either health care, engineering, or agriculture you may have to obtain a degree in your field of work.

 Although, the minimum qualification could be a bachelor’s degree, having a master’s degree in your field will increase your probability of getting a good job. 

6. Preparing For Interviews

Preparing for interviews is important for success in the German job market. If a company wishes to interview you after submitting your application, you should take on the opportunity. So, do some research on the company and the description of the job you applied for, and prepare answers to common interview questions. 

However, it is important to make the right first impression in an interview, so you should practice and plan well. If it is a video interview, dress appropriately like how you would.

Also, if it is an in-person interview, find a quiet and professional environment to avoid being perceived as unprofessional. Prepare to explain your interests in the company and job. It is crucial to be well-prepared for any type of interview. 

7. Apply For a Work Visa

As mentioned above, before you can work in Germany, you typically need a work visa, also known as a work permit.  This is a type of consent that people who want to enter Germany for temporary employment need to prove they can legally work in the country. 

You can apply for a German work visa through a visa application center or an embassy or consulate in Nigeria. There are many German representative offices in Nigeria, so make sure you find the one that corresponds to your area (from Germany-visa.org)

What It Is Like To Work In Germany

Typically, German workers work a traditional 9 am to 5 pm day or 40-hour week. 

However, in reality, employees often work longer than these, some end up working 12 hours a day, especially if they are employed in the medical profession. In Germany, 24 days of annual leave is standard, however, some workers get more than that in reality. 

Paid leave in Germany also includes public holidays such as New Year’s Day, International Women’s Day, Easter, Labor Day, Pentecost, Corpus Christi, German Unity Day, Ascension Day, Christmas Day, and more. However, not all businesses in Germany honor all public holidays. 

Aside from all these, employers in Germany often offer a wide range of benefits to their employees, including, health insurance, retirement plans, sick leave, child care, meal allowance, and other perks. The availability of these benefits can vary widely based on the type of employer and industry.

Skills Shortage In Germany

Germany requires more professionals in fields like science, engineering, and healthcare. Some job roles facing skills shortages in Germany are:

  • Certified nurse
  • Construction engineering 
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Social worker
  • Programmer
  • Financier and accountant
  • Industrial mechanics 
  • IT and software development jobs.

What Types Of Jobs Can You Search For In Germany?

Here are some of the types of jobs available in Germany:

1. Teaching Jobs

English is not an official language in Germany, as a result, the country requires qualified English teachers. A TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certificate is required to teach English in Germany.

2. Hospitality

There are many hospitality jobs available in the tourism, events, food & and beverages industries in Germany because the country is a famous tourist destination. 

Also consider seeking job opportunities in restaurants, bars, and parks, as these places hire foreign workers. 

3. Customer Service Representative

Understanding both German and English can allow you to become a customer service representative in Germany.

 As this will allow you to become a big win in Germany, and give you the ability to work in person, by email, and over the phone. 


Working in Germany comes with several benefits and perks. As mentioned earlier, getting a job in Germany from Nigeria is not impossible but it requires meeting up with the requirements. 

Therefore, this article has provided an easy guide on how to get a job in Germany from Nigeria and its requirements. We hope this is helpful to your search.

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Discover job vacancies


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