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Bucks County Community College is undoubtedly one of the best community colleges in the United States. 

The college offers a wide range of interactive programs, including innovation & legal studies, hospitality management, culinary arts, and other programs. Among the affordable community colleges is Bucks County Community College. Aside from its affordability, the school also provides exceptional educational services. 

In this article, we will be reviewing relevant information you need to know about Bucks County Community College, including its tuition, programs, scholarships, and more.

About Bucks County Community College

Bucks County Community College is a renowned public community college in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Bucks County Community College has three main physical campuses and also online courses. With a main campus in Newton, an Upper Bucks campus in the town of Perkasie, and a Lower Bucks campus in the town of Bristol. 

BCCC offers certificate and associate degree programs for four years of college. 

Why Choose Buck County Community College?

Buck County Community College is one of the best community colleges in the U.S. The school is well known for the unique opportunities it provides students to help them begin their academic careers in a professional and welcoming way. 

Bucks County Community College helps students develop the foundation of their future education. The school is an above-average public college in Pennsylvania. It is an academic institution with an enrollment of 2,117 undergraduate students.

The Bucks acceptance rate is 100%. Bucks County Community College majors include Health service preparatory studies, psychology, general, business administration & management, and Nursing. 

Also, Bucks offers affordable programs. And, the school utilizes a semester-based academic year, and Students can earn degrees and certificates in 71 various fields. 

What Are The Clubs & Organizations At Bucks County Community College

There are various clubs & organizations at Bucks County Community College that students are encouraged to join. At Bucks College, Students are urged to at least participate in one of these club events to gain more leadership skills.

Also, the purpose of these clubs and organizations is to help students make new friends, make a difference in their community, help boost their resume, and build more confidence among their peers. 

Note that before students are eligible to participate in these clubs and organizations, they must at least earn one credit to join them. The following are some clubs and organizations that students can choose to participate in:

1. Arts & Culture Council Of Lower Bucks

This club’s mission is to help students develop more cultural enrichment opportunities that will be beneficial for their growth. 

2. Bucks Association Computer Machinery (Acm) Students Chapter

The major reason for this club is to recognize and encourage student’s interest in the computer science field and as well provide them with good knowledge of the student Community. 

3. Bucks College Democrats

The mission of this club is to promote a better America, with good opportunity, equality, and freedom within a strong society. The main purpose of this club is to dedicate ourselves to organizing the participation of democratic college students at Bucks County Community College. 

4. Bucks Travel And Strip Club

The mission of Bucks Travel & Trip Club is to provide students the opportunity to experience religious, socio-economic, cultural, travel opportunities, and other opportunities. 

5. Ceramic Club

The mission of this club is to promote awareness of the ceramic programs at Buck County Community College and also ensure that other campuses in the medium of ceramics arts are engaged in the community as well. The ceramics club usually provides unique opportunities for interested people to meet and discuss new ideas in the ceramics club.

6. Drama Club

The drama club brings together bothersome aspiring and professional performers from various disciplines, allowing them to perform before the college community. 

7. Eco Club

The purpose of this Eco club is to offer students of Bucks County Community College the opportunity to implement and discover different effective strategies to protect and preserve the ecological environment in their community, their campus, and their world. 

8. Future Teacher Organization

They provide a forum for all members of the association as an opportunity for discussion and engagement with education-related topics.

9. Kinesiology/ Sport Studies Club

The mission of this club is to create a group for BCCC students who are passionate and interested in kinesiology and sports studies. 

Also, the club helps create a space for students to network and learn more about the field they plan on entering as a career. This club provides programs and speakers for the membership and college community and activities for memberships. 

10. Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the representative of the student body to the college administration, faculty, and board of trustees at BCCC. SGA supports clubs and organizations, promotes participation by the students on college committees, and distributes and administers their portion of the college curriculum fee to clubs and organizations. 

11. Habibat For Humanities (H4U)

The mission of this club is to provide support to students through volunteer work, advocacy, and fundraising.

12. Psychology Club

The purpose of this club is to offer opportunities to students to further their experience and knowledge with things related to social and psychological behavioral sciences. 

What Are The Events & Activities At Bucks County Community College?

Various events and weekend activities are available at BCCC. These events are available to students to help them explore their interests in various activities. 

Also, these events provide extracurricular activities, social activities, cultural activities, and educational opportunities. Below is a list of events and activities that are available at BCCC:

  1. Bucks County Paracon
  2. Transfer Fair At Lower Bucks
  3. Happy Hour: Nacho Night 
  4. Centurion Leadership Program 
  5. Red Cross Blood Drive 
  6. Zooming For Scholarships 
  7. Students Government Association Open Forum 
  8. Paralegal/ Legal Studies Information Session 
  9. Welcome Back Bingo 
  10. Rock The Zlock! Featuring Sick Century
  11. Cultural Streaming Series 
  12. Recovery & Mental Health Resources Fair

Merit Award & Financial Aid At Bucks County Community College 

Applying for admission into a college may not be as challenging as it may seem. Especially, if you can meet the requirements and criteria.

However, the most crucial aspect of attending college can be finding means how to pay tuition. But the good part of it is that there are many options and ways for receiving financial Aid. 

These ways may include loans, work-study opportunities, grants, and scholarships. Also, this process is easy to apply for if you are fully qualified for it. 

Step To Guide You Through The Process For Financial Aid

The following steps will give you in-depth insight into the process of how you can apply for financial aid and also receive these loans, tips, grants, and scholarships:

1: The first important step is to start with the free application for federal student aid or the FAFSA, as it is more popularly recognized. Doing this will require you to need the college federal ID Code: 003239. 

2: Ensure to keep up with the updates about upcoming deadlines.

3: Consider applying for Bucks scholarships and also do research for other available scholarships.

4: Easy loans are available through the federal Direct loan program. These loans are also available to students.

5: A federal work-study or even a campus-based job is an easy and best way to earn as you learn, this will help you with the cost of living as well. 

6: You can easily estimate your eligibility for financial aid by making use of the net price calculator. 

7: If the financial aid you are applying for is based on your FAFS. Then, it is compulsory to be eligible for a Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) State Grant, you will receive an email to request additional information directly from PHEAA. 

How To Contact Bucks County Community College For Financial Aid Assistance?

There are several ways through which you can contact for financial aid assistance. This can be achieved by reaching out directly through email or via phone calls. 

So, Feel free to contact the financial aid office in person by calling them directly at 215-968-8200 or send an email to finaid@bucks.com

In most scenarios, the email responses are being sent through the Bucks County Community College email account. Also, All emails are being responded to within 24 to 48 hours after being sent. 

So, always ensure to refresh your Bucks email account regularly.

What Is The Admission Requirement For International Students At Bucks County Community College? 

As an international student looking to pursue a degree at Bucks County Community College, you need to apply as a nonimmigrant student (F-1 visa) who plans on returning to their home country. 

To apply to Bucks County Community College, you need to apply for admittance and insurance of the 1-20. Also, applicants must provide all of the requested documents. 

All documents must be received by the established application deadline:

The fall semester begins in late August, and the deadline is July 1st

spring semester begins mid-January (deadline November 1st)

The summer semester begins in late May, and it is available for transfer students only (deadline April 15).

How Do I Apply To Bucks County Community College?

Pursuing a degree or certificate at Bucks County Community College is a good choice to consider. It does not matter if you are an international or local student. Because there is an avenue for you to explore at Bucks County Community College. 

If you are Applying for the first time at Bucks CollegeBucks College, you will be required to fill out a free application. Note that there is no application fee. That is, it is free to apply. 

The first important step is to apply to visit Bucks County Community College’s online website and create a portal.

Immediately after creating this portal, you will be guided through the necessary application process. After completing this process the school will contact you back and give you guidance regarding what to do.

Also, the Applicant needs to submit an official application for admission to the office of admissions. 

The next application process is to select classes to start your college education. This will require aspiring students to take part in the placement test. 

The placement test will make it easier to select classes that are suitable for you.

Also, Students who intend to receive financial aid, and are interested in pursuing the (2025) major, must have a copy of their GED SCORES on file in the admission office. 

Below are Easy Steps to Follow to Apply to Bucks County Community College:

  • Students must show proof that they completed secondary school (high school) level education. An original copy of the secondary school and college or university record/ transcript with a translation in English must be turned in with the application. Foreign transcripts must be evaluated preferably by the World Education Service. 
  • Students have demonstrated financial support to cover expenses for one full year. Currently, this amounts to $14,300. 
  • Students must submit all required documents as indicated on the application’s current list.
  • Students must have a verifiable English language proficiency commensurate with the level of credit study at Bucks County Community College. TOEFL is allowed.

 If the applicant is within the area, then the Bucks County Community College placement test will be administered instead. Even with TOEFL results, all accepted students must take the placement test before registration. 

  • Applicants must try as much as possible to apply for admission early to ensure optimal course selection and availability. Also note that applications are accepted on a rolling admission form. 

What Are The Courses And Programs Being Offered At Bucks County Community College?

Bucks County Community College offers a wide range of academic courses in the college curriculum. Courses are being offered in areas that include art & communication, Health Sciences, Language & Literature, kinesiology & sports, world language, Business, Legal studies, Science, Technology, Mathematics, social/ behavioral science, and social science.

Below are some of the courses offered at Bucks County Community College:

  1. Economics 
  2. Philosophy 
  3. Psychology 
  4. Engineering Technology 
  5. Nanofabrication Technology 
  6. Chemistry 
  7. International Culture 
  8. Neuroscience 
  9. Sport Management 
  10. Kinesiology 
  11. Health & Physical Management 
  12. Medical Laboratory 
  13. Marketing 
  14. Culinary Arts 
  15. Nursing
  16. Health Information Technology 
  17. Hospitality Management 
  18. Accounting 
  19. Emergency Management 
  20. Music 
  21. Visual Art
  22. Art History 
  23. Web Design & Multimedia 

What Are The Academic Departments At Bucks County Community College 

Below are some of the academic departments at Bucks College :

  • Art & Communication 
  • Health Sciences 
  • Language & Literature 
  • Business, Innovation, And Legal Studies 
  • Sciences, Technology, And Mathematics 
  • World Language 
  • Kinesiology & Sport 
  • Social/ Behavioral Sciences And Social Sciences 

What Is The Tuition For The 2024 Academic Year Of Bucks County Community College? 

The tuition fee for local students is $9,221 (USD). This cost is for residents who are based in Pennsylvania or the U.S. Note that international students will be charged for out-of-state tuition, and the tuition fee for out-of-state students is $13, 421 (USD). 

Note that some external charges are not included in the tuition, such as the enrollment fee which is $30 per term for fall and spring, and 15 per term for winter and summer. There is also a medical charges fee, and it varies.

Which Bodies Are Accredited With Bucks County Community College?

As mentioned earlier, BCCC is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education ( MSCHE). 

The Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency, and they are recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Commission on post-secondary accreditation. 

Below are some of the bodies accredited with Bucks County Community College: 

  • Associate degree nursing is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN). Also, they are approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing.
  • The historic preservation program meets the educational standards established by the National Council for Preservation Education (NCPE
  • The practical nurse program is approved by the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing 
  • the paralegal area is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs(ACBSP)
  • the business, innovation, and legal studies departments are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)


So, If you are looking forward to achieving a better career path for your future here is the right place for you. 

Also, The tuition at Buck County Community College is very reasonable compared to other community colleges. This article has provided a comprehensive overview of Bucks County Community College, and we hope it is helpful to your search.

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Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.


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