SENIOR FRONTEND DEVELOPER at LaSalle College, Vancouver, Canada.

Application ends: March 31, 2023
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Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Front End Developer to join our development team and work on an international project. This is a rare opportunity to contribute to what will be built on a modern architecture that will deliver an outstanding user experience. The ideal candidate will be able to lead multiple projects simultaneously through to delivery. His or her desire to work in a team environment and his or her analytical and synthesizing skills will make him or her a colleague capable of moving things forward by proposing improvements on an ongoing basis.

  • Location: Talent sought in Canada, Latin America or Morocco for this position.

ResponsibilitiesHere is what you can expect on a typical day or your first month in the organization:

  • We start the day with a “scrum daily meeting”, or rather a coffee break! This allows us to provide the support needed to properly drive the day’s goals and align them with the team’s goals;
  • It’s time to code! You will be able to start by coding the solution that was analyzed earlier, which can be in the form of a “PoC”. Are you confident enough? Then you could write a transfer request and present it to your manager!
  • In your team meetings, you will have to put on the history of the users who are in the “backlog”. We need your expertise to ensure that deadlines are realistic and expectations will be met;
  • Oops! on a “checkout” of the “develop” branch the build fails… after a “npm I” and a new build, it passes;
  • Is the new dependency safe? You run Snyk and validate the dependency tree of the “package lock”;
  • You invite your colleagues who installed the dependency to a meeting on Teams to share your idea on how to limit this dependency;
  • You will have to complete complex analysis on the load times of our applications and develop solutions in accordance with best practices;
  • You will have a routine of monitoring with Sentry, code review, dependency updates using Snyk and npm and node.js updates;
  • New critical versions of some of our tools are released, you will have to work on a PoC on the spot, and present the benefits and issues to the team;
  • A bug enters the sprint, and so early seen, the hotfix branch is already in place, ready to be reviewed.

Required Qualifications

  • Presentation of a portfolio required;
  • Have extensive knowledge and experience in web development and optimization to deliver a high performance user experience;
  • You know how to translate a “Figma” design into code;
  • You have already built a Storybook.
  • You have impeccable coding habits;
  • You have good experience with JavaScript, preferably ES6;
  • You are a CSS pro and know how to get the most out of it!
  • The acronym TTFB is not a mystery to you;
  • You have experience with modern JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue or Angular);
  • You master Responsive Web Design (RWD);
  • You are familiar with Web Accessibility requirements (WCAG);
  • You are an expert in debugging with browser developer tools.

An Asset If You Have The Following Knowledge

  • You know how to use APIs in REST or GraphQL;
  • C#, .Net, .Net Core, PHP;
  • Coveo;
  • E2E framework (Cypress, Nightwatch, Selenium…);
  • APN tool (e.g. New Relic, Sentry, Data Dog);
  • Development standards such as “Clean Code” and/or “SOLID”;
  • You have experience with a front end unit testing framework (jest, mocha, jasmine…);
  • You know what CI/CD is;
  • You have already used Chrome LightHouse;
  • Did not need to google “node.js”;
  • Atlassian; Jira, Confluence.

In summary, if the following terms mean anything to you, you’re the right person for us!

  • MACH architecture, Jamstack;
  • Composable” digital platforms (DXP, DXC);
  • EDGE distribution;
  • Atomic design and component system.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Collaboration and mutual aid in your team;
  • Sharing of knowledge and ideas;
  • Implementation of new projects;
  • Collaboration and listening from your manager;
  • Permanent, full-time position;
  • Flexibility on work schedules;
  • Telecommuting position;
  • daycare in the workplace;
  • Continuous training program;
  • Group insurance, including EAP and telemedicine;
  • Retirement savings plan;
  • Health and wellness program (including lunchtime yoga classes);
  • Personal days.

Company Profile

LaSalle College Vancouver is part of the LCI Education Network which is present on 5 continents and has 23 post-secondary campuses and approximately 3,000 employees who support more than 17,000 students worldwide each year. From one country to the next, LCI Education favors the harmonization of its programs, which makes for greater flexibility, better control over the quality of its services, and deeper respect towards the various cultures it works with.

LaSalle College Vancouver offers a variety of design-based programs that respond to professional demands. Thanks to our reputation and continuous industry involvement, our experienced and dynamic teachers are passionate about providing world class instruction – both theoretical and practical – to our students.

LCI Education is a diverse learning community of 12 select higher education institutions with 23 campuses on 5 continents, and 2,000 colleagues involved in educating over 20,000 learners worldwide each year. LCI Education also provides solutions to workforce challenges with adaptive digital learning options and much more.

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