What Work-life Balance Book Should I Read: Guide to work-life balance and mental health

Yes, there’s something like work-life balance, but it’s not the superficial definition you’ve read on the blogs. Work-life balance is not a myth, and it is attainable. However, the ideal work-life balance for Mr A will be different from that of Mr.B.

With the increasing cases of burnout and mental health issues, the team at Fasthire has put together this resource to help you reflect on your work ethics, and consider alternative ways that would help you create a realistic workflow that suits you.

What this book is not

  • This book is not about “dos or don’ts”; we have provided ideas that you should consider incorporating into your daily routine.
  • This book is not motivational or just for impressions. Though you will find it motivating, our approach is solution-oriented, and if you do apply the knowledge we share, you will be in a better place after reading this book.

Chapters – What you’ll learn from this book

  1. Why You should read this book
  • This will explain the importance of a great work-life balance, and the effect of not having one on mental health, especially in these times. It will also throw light on the solutions proffered in the later chapters and set the tone for a great read.
  1. Are you Busy or are you just Occupied?
  • Tackles the phrase commonly used by people who are swamped with work and don’t have time for others – “I am Busy”. This chapter will teach you how to get more done by doing less,because being busy doesn’t translate to being productive. Hence, it answers the question of time vs productivity.


  1. Your time is in your hands
  • Avoid burnouts by applying the step by step guide in this chapter.


  1. Everything doesn’t revolve around You
  • Learn how to apply the power of teamwork and delegation in this chapter. It will also border on delegating not just to people but also technology. Discover a list of apps that helps to save time and can be automated to help out.


  1. Leave Work at Work
  • This chapter focuses on setting boundaries and defining work hours. It also borders on the essence of having a defined workspace,and setting closing hours for remote workers. For the 9-5er, it will border on the importance of strictly leaving work at work, and taking vacations when need be.


  1. You are not a robot
  • This chapter continues from the last; as humans, we need time to recuperate and gain strength,so we must always create time for that. Having serious health problems at a young age because of stress, will be a regret when you are old and grey.


  1. Don’t be a “Yes” Man
  • Self-awareness –knowing what you can handle per time, defined priorities, and goal setting. Learning to say “No” is key to protecting your mental health. Learn how to place everything on a priority scale before saying yes or no.


  1. No perfect balance
  • Gets you out of the “one size fits all” mentalityit will enlighten you on equity and equality. There is never an equal work-life balance, but there can be a balance that works for you. So embracing baby steps instead of trying to gulp everything all in, will help strike the workable balance that’s the right fit for you.
Work life balance book

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