Striving in a male dominated workspace

How to Strive and Lead in a Male-Dominated Work Space

The past decades have seen important progress for women and girls. Overall, however, change has been uneven and incremental. At the current rate of change, the global gender gap will not close for another 100 years. - United nations.

Gone are the days where women give up their dreams. In the past, women easily forfeit their ambitions, the good news is, the world knows better now. Women are equal, and as good as men. The following chapters of this book will lead you through a process of self-discovery, self-appreciation, and then shine the light on other females that have made it around the globe for you to see that you’re unstoppable. Most importantly, this book will teach you how to navigate the workplace, and stay winning at all fronts. 

What this book is not

  • This book is not about “dos or don’ts”; we have provided ideas that you can consider incorporating into your daily routine.
  • This book is not motivational or just for impressions. Though you will find it motivating, our approach is solution-oriented, and if you do apply the knowledge we share, you will be in a better position to actualize your dreams.

Chapters – What you’ll learn from this book

  1. Introduction:

This chapter sets the tone of the book, the challenges, and the reasons for you to be educated in this topic. It then touches on self-awareness for women to understand their worth and know their importance in the workplace as much as their male counterparts.

  1. Why women make good leaders and how to bring out your inner leader

A leader not in terms of position alone, a leader in terms of industry expert (thought leader). How you can learn from women over the years who gave themselves the chance to strive.

  1. Identifying a female-friendly work

This chapter teaches how you can study potential employment to discover if the environment encourages the growth of female professionals.

  1. What Women Need to Succeed at Work

Platforms, policies, actions that will help you reach your full career potentials.

  1. Striking a balance between work and family

This chapter talks about work-family balance both for married and unmarried women. For married women, it goes further to explain the impact of family career on their career and how they can re-enter the corporate world after childcare.

  1. Setting Career Targets/Having Career plans

Why you should have a career plan and set targets at different points of your career to meet your career goals. This chapter also talks about the importance of professional mentorship and how to get mentors.

  1. Last Words

Lessons from women who have strived in a male-dominated workplace.

  1. Extras:
  • Dealing with personal crises
  • Respecting male and female differences
  1. Resources

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