What is the Best Answer to Tell Me About Yourself for Teachers?

Tell me about yourself for teachers
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There is this part that seems so small but so complex to do, and that is the question on “Tell Me About Yourself for teachers.” Now that you have gotten the interview invitation for the teaching, congratulations as you have made it to the next phase. The next phase is what determines if you will be hired or not.

You are reading this and would say I have got it all covered; my portfolio is perfect. Oh! This is just an easy question to answer. Yes, it could be. Why not take a break, answer it, and see how great you nailed it? “Tell Me About Yourself?”

I believe you struggled with where to start and what exactly to say. How does such a simple question become complex to answer? 

However, we are going to show you how you can answer this question by selling yourself professionally as a teacher while being enthusiastic and relaxed.

How Can I Answer the Question Tell Me About Yourself for Teachers?

This question is not an invitation to tell a long story about your life, relationships, and family history. 

Therefore, you have to be brief about your education, significant past or professional experiences, and any other life outside the classroom that reflects your passion for nurturing kids.

Take, for example, when you are chatting with a new person and you are being asked the question, “Please tell me about yourself.”

You start with:

  • Your name
  • Your education or experience
  • Notable achievements and fun facts about you

Sample Chat Response:

Hi, my name is Angel. I recently graduated from the University of Nigeria, where I obtained my B.Eng. in Computer Science. I am currently interning at Fasthire and also working on a project on gaining visibility in the social media space, sort of like digital marketing.

Aside from work, I love traveling and enjoy going to the beach for a walk. I am trying to have a getaway for a week to have some me-time from work, and I really do not know what to tell my boss.

While this is a chat, you have clearly answered the question, and your finishing lines draw attention to the reader.

Below are some tips that will help you answer the question better.

Best Tips on How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself For Teachers”

  1. Start by using the chronological method in outlining what you will say just like the chat response above, as this will help you provide a flow in your stories without unnecessary breaks or speaking too much. 
    If the school is located in your hometown, bringing it up will be tremendous, as it will establish a connection.
  2. Talk about your university experience and other relevant academic achievements you have honed
  3. Show unique hobbies and skills and your impact on the school.
    In addition, you might try to look out for any of your capabilities or pastimes that would be beneficial to the school. For instance, if you were a former high school soccer player or a caterer, it would be of great interest to a school with a strong soccer or catering program.
  4. Highlight your teaching experience. If you have had previous teaching roles, discuss your achievements in those roles. 
    On the other hand, If you’re a first-time teacher, you can talk about fun activities you enjoy in your student-teaching experiences or relationships with children in your community. Remember to keep it concise.
  5. Make your personality shine. You have to understand that the number one objective of this question is for your interviewer to gain insights about your personality and how well you can deal with a general, challenging question.
    Moreso, it is an opportunity for the interviewer to elevate your character in the classroom and as a colleague.

Sample Answer: “Tell Me About Yourself For Teachers”

Please note that this is a guide to respond to the question and not a recitation of answers for you to copy. We want you to be passionate about your story and responses.

My name is Angel, and I graduated from the University of Nigeria. I studied computer engineering with a major specialization in artificial intelligence and coding, but I enjoy software development and data analytics.

I have 4 years of professional experience as a computer science teacher.

During my time at BrianMinds, the year 7 students were able to build a personal website from scratch. The project was a success, and I have pictures and videos of the robot.

Currently, I am working on a learning app to help tutor children in learning coding from the beginner stage to the advanced level with a human-robotic instructor.

For fun, I love traveling and cooking. I honed my culinary skills at Chef’s Academy, one of the best catering schools in Nigeria. Aside from teaching, I used my culinary skills to teach children coding, and bringing food into tech. 

Although, we tried a new recipe; this was to motivate them to see how to break complex tasks into simple ways for better understanding. That was an amazing experience. 

Additionally, I find traveling very soothing, and it allows me to interact with people, which has shaped my perspective on the dynamics of science and nature.

However, I have been undergoing certification training in big data analytics, as this is an in-demand skill that I know students can benefit from.

It is my goal to help nurture students in tech to enable them to make a difference in the world like others in the tech industry.

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In wrapping up, asking the “Tell Me About Yourself” question as a teacher is a game-changer for landing that dream position. It’s not just about listing facts; it’s about telling your story. 

Share your journey, experiences, and what makes you unique in a way that sparks genuine interest. 

Use the tips offered to craft a narrative that not only impresses but also lets your passion for teaching shine through. This question isn’t just an icebreaker; it’s your chance to show why you’re the perfect fit for the role.

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