What is Letter of Explanation for Canada Visa?(FAQ, Sample& Guide)

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Canada is a North-American country that is blessed with multiple opportunities which fortunately serves as an attraction to millions of people yearly. The opportunities for work, study, and business amongst others motivatesimmigrants from different parts of the world to visit Canada either on a temporary base or for permanent relocation.

When travelling to Canada, you would need to obtain a visa. However, the visa process for Canada is a bit different from that of countries like the United States of America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Canadian embassies would not invite you for an interview when considering your visa application, they rather rely on your statement of purpose/letter of intent. In a case where you didn’t add a statement of purpose or were rejected by a visa officer, you’ll need to write a letter of explanation to support your application.

What is a Letter of Explanation for Canada Visa?

A letter of explanation is a written document that you include when applying for a visa to support your application especially when your initial application was rejected.

What Does My Letter of Explanation Do?

  • The letter of explanation will help describe your situation and clarify areas of concern to the visa officer.
  • It helps show your motivation, preparedness, and capacity to fund your stay in Canada.
  • If submitted with your initial application, your letter of explanation highlights important areas of concern that your submitted documents do not cover.

How Should I Start the Letter of Explanation for Canada Visa?

The easiest and best way to start your LOE for a Canada visa is by introducing yourself and stating your reasons for writing. You can end the paragraph by talking about the other things that will follow after that paragraph.

Example 1: How to start LOE for First Application

Your address,

City, State,


The Consular,

Visa Section,

Canada Embassy,

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dear Sir/Ma,

Letter of Explanation for Study Permit at New Brunswick Community College Canada

I, Janet Ramaphosa have been accepted into the Culinary Arts Management program offered at New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) for the Spring 2021 term, and I wish to use this medium to state my interest in a study visa to allow me to pursue my education in Canada. With my motivation, preparedness, and quality of education in Canada, I am confident that this program will take my career to another level. Canada certificates are globally recognized, the lecturers are experts in their fields, and the programs are not only robust but also make up for the current needs in our world today, so, I have the confidence that studying for a diploma in Canada will give me a better chance to make it in my career endeavours. Furthermore, I have included the necessary documents to support my application and justify my claims.

Example 2: How to start LOE after rejection

Your address,

City, State,


The Consular,

Visa Section,

Canada Embassy,

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dear Sir/Ma,

Letter of Explanation for Study Permit at New Brunswick Community College Canada

I, Janet Ramaphosa will like to use this letter to explain my interest to study in Canada and clarify your concern about my previous application which stated that you’re not convinced that I would return to my country after my study. I have also provided additional documents to back my claims and hope for favourable consideration.

How Long Should My Letter for Canada Visa Be?

Ideally, your letter of explanation can be anywhere from 500-1500 words. If you’re writing just to address the issues raised by the visa officer, then it may likely not get to 1000 words. However, if you’re submitting your LOE together with your first application, it could get up to 1000 words.

What are the Reasons Why Visa Applications Are Rejected?

There are a couple of reasons why Canada visas are rejected. By now, you know that the Canadian embassy doesn’t invite you for an interview; they make their judgement to accept or reject you based on the documents you submitted and what they know about you. Here are some of the key areas of concern that make visa officers reject applications;

  1. When a visa officer is not convinced that one or more aspects of your application are genuine.
  2. Your purpose for the visit is not clear enough.
  3. Proof of fund: They are not convinced that you have the financial capacity to sustain yourself while in Canada
  4. For student and visitor visas, they are not convinced that you’d return to your country after you study or visit.
  5. You don’t have clear ties to your country.
  6. Missing documents to back up your application
  7. An irrelevant course of study.
  8. Poor travel history

LOE Outline: How Can I Write the Best LOE for Canada Student Visa Application?

To write the best statement of purpose/letter of explanation for a Canada visa application, use this outline;

  1. Your Background
  2. Your intellectual trajectory
  3. Why do you intend to study the course
  4. Reason(s) for picking Canada over your country and the other countries you could have gone to.
  5. How do you plan on supporting yourself during your stay
  6. Motivating factors, and reasons to return to your country e.g family ties, business ties etc.
  7. Any other relevant information.
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Sample Letter of Explanation for Canada Study Visa

Name Name





High Commission of Canada.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Letter of Explanation for Canadian Study Permit

In life a lot of things influence our decisions to strive for the best; it could be friends, parents, opportunities, or life experiences. Though in my case life experiences have made me develop a staunch commitment to continually improve my career prospect, I won’t forget the role my family has played in ensuring I get this far in my academic and career pursuit.

Growing up, I was one of the smartest kids in my neighbourhood; my parents on several occasions have told me stories about parents who brought their kids to our house and requested that I befriended their children, because of my exploits in academics. I attended one of the renowned government primary and secondary schools in XXXX. Then, government schools used to have the brightest kids and teachers in xxx, and for you to stand out in your class, meant you had something upstairs. I graduated as one of the outstanding students of my set and I was poised to pursue a degree in Medicine and Surgery because of my profound love for the profession and the professionals that ensured health and wellness for individuals.

After two failed attempts to get into the highly competitive Medicine and Surgery program at the University of xxx, I decided to accept the provisional offer to study Biochemistry at the same university. After accepting the provisional offer to study Biochemistry, I would go on to enjoy the next 4 years of my life studying Biochemistry. My standout experiences during my undergraduate studies were within the laboratory conducting experiments, and when I was in a team carrying out research works.

Upon graduation from the university, I was greeted with a harsh life experience that kept me away from corporate employment xxx…………. After getting back to my feet, I insisted on practising within a field that will enable me to contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of people. After thorough research for a course that aligns with my interest and previous academic background while taking me closer to my dream of ensuring the health and wellbeing of people, I resolved to study Clinical Research.

Clinical research as a discipline will make me actively involved in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Because I will be opportune to work with my qualification in any company involved in discovering and determining the safety and effectiveness of new treatments for diseases. I discovered the Clinical Research Program for Oxford College of Arts, Business and Technology through my sponsor who is a Canadian citizen. I put in my application, and after proper consideration of my academic background, skills, and potential by the admission committee, I was accepted into the January 2022 program for Clinical Research.

Studying in Canada and at Oxford College of Arts, Business and Science comes with a lot of advantages, chief amongst them is the assurance of safety and quality education. As an individual who has seen the different sides of marginalization, I would love to study in a place where I will not experience the pressure of discrimination or marginalization because of my race. More so, the quality of education and global recognition that comes with a Canadian degree will make me the bride of employers upon completion of my program.

For the period of this study, my tuition, and accommodation will be sponsored by my Mentor xxx who is a Canadian citizen residing at XXXX and works as an xxx at xxx. This course is a 1-year post-graduate program that will run from 10th January 2022 to 16th January 2023. I have made an initial instalment of $5,000 for my school fees.

Upon completion of my studies, I have the vision of working with the GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Company. I love GlaxoSmithKline because they produce standout pharmaceutical products, and I look forward to joining their team of professionals in the position of Clinical Data Management Associate. In the future, I also envision joining the policy and advisory team of the World Health Organization where I will assist in the development of health policies, reviewing current literature, and proffering relevant advice on policies affecting society, which is something I have always been interested in.

Since my father passed on, my mum has been the breadwinner of my family, and as she is now ageing, she looks forward to us (her children) to cater for her needs. Due to my position as her last child, I have been her closest caregiver and have also doubled as her next of kin, watching over her investments which I have attached the documents to this application. I, therefore, have the responsibility of taking care of her and her investments, and will not hesitate to return once I complete my studies. The major reason why I am obligated to leave her to study abroad is that I am interested in getting a better academic experience with practical exposure that is not found in my country.

Conclusively, I have a passion to change the narratives in the health policies in Africa, Oxford College of Business, Arts and Science is renowned for its career-focused modules. I am soliciting the government of Canada for academic backing to pursue the master’s degree that will set me on the right path to achieving my dreams.

Thank you for taking out the time to review my application and I look forward to your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Name Name

Passport number:

What Do I Need to Know About Letter of Explanation?


  1. Formal tone
  2. Standard letter writing format
  3. Address your letter to “Dear Immigration Officer”, “Dear Visa Officer”
  4. Sign at the end of the letter and include your passport number

What Other Documents Do I Need for Canadian Visa Application?

Other documents that you could submit to ease your acceptance are detailed on this page.

How Can I Get Help with My Canada Visa Application?

If so, contact Fasthire today. We’ll look into your application and compose a good LOE for your visa application. We have professionals who are skilled in helping students compose their study and visa statement of purpose/explanation and we’ll be ready to assist you right away. You can either use our regular, or express service depending on the urgency of your need.

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