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Conestoga College is a public college in Canada ranked among the top 100 colleges in Canada. It also holds students from over 53 countries. After being accepted into any of the programs as a foreigner, you’re expected to submit a statement of purpose to support your visa application to study at Conestoga College.

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The courses at Conestoga College are offered through 11 schools/faculties;

  1. School of Business
  2. Community Service
  3. Creative Industries
  4. Engineering & Technology
  5. Health & Life Sciences
  6. Applied Computer Science & Information Technology
  7. Hospitality & Culinary Arts
  8. Language & Communication Studies
  9. Liberal Studies
  10. Trade Apprenticeship
  11. School of Workforce Development

Chances of getting accepted into a program at Conestoga College

Conestoga College is a place of opportunities for students provided you meet their eligibility criteria for admission.

Difference Between Statement for Study Application and Statement of Purpose for Visa Application

The two documents are written to achieve similar goals. Statement of purpose for study application is written to the admission committee of Conestoga College to show why you’re suitable for their program. Meanwhile, a visa statement of purpose is written after you’ve gained admission and is written to the Canadian embassy of your country stating your reason for travelling to Canada and how you plan to fund yourself etc.

There are other key information that you need to include in your visa statement of purpose that you may not necessarily include in your study statement;

  1. Why you’ll return to your country after study
  2. Proof of fund/financial capacity
  3. Travel history
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Sample Visa Statement of Purpose to Study at Conestoga College

Your address,

City, State,


The Consular,

Visa Section,

Canada Embassy,

Dear Sir/Ma,

Statement of Purpose to Study at Conestoga College

I, wish to use this letter to apply for a Canadian study visa, having been deemed worthy of a place in the next Strategic Global Business Management Program at Conestoga College, Canada. So, I will be using the following paragraphs to talk about my motive for travelling to Canada, and my preparation to ensure that I get the best out of my study experience. I have also attached other relevant documents that will prove my claims and shed more light on my financial capacity to fund my studies.

Academic and Professional Background:

In my quest for quality education and proven academic result, I decided to seek tertiary education outside of my home country (xxx). I attended the xxx College United Kingdom where I obtained my first Diploma in Business Administration before following it up with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Birmingham City University. Throughout my studies, I have displayed commitment and drive for academic excellence which I believe will also be important to define my success in this program at Conestoga College.

Professionally, I have been opportune to gain work experience at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Why Strategic Global Business Management and Future Plans:

My entire professional career has involved the application of business development and management skills, and this has influenced my choice of personal development and further learning. So far, I have had over two years of experience running a business that I started and with my quest to be a top shot in business management and consultancy, I believe it is pertinent for me to improve my career chances with an advanced degree.

Studying this Strategic Global Business Management will go a long way to improve my career chances because despite obtaining my first degree in a similar course, this program is carefully prepared for managers who are interested in making impacts in organizations with global targets. Hence, I did extensive research for suitable programs in Canada to enrol on global business management, and I was impressed by the one offered at Conestoga College.


The Strategic Global Business Management Program at Conestoga College is designed to run for two years starting from September xxxx to xxxx. The total tuition for the first year is $19,231, and my annual living expense plus health insurance is estimated at $11,500 which brings my total estimated expense for one year in Canada to be around $30,731. With that in mind, I have already set aside the fund to cover my study costs for the two years. I have attached the necessary documents to show my availability of funds for this program with my visa application.

Why I Picked Conestoga College:

Conestoga College is a public college in Canada that has been existing for over xx years and has built a reputation as a place for quality learning and student development. This particular program that I was admitted into is accredited by the Forum for International Trading and the Canadian Institute of Management. Also, the modules are ideal to prepare one for the workplace realities of the 21st century – Organizational Behaviour, Business Research and Data Analysis, Global Markets and Strategies, Global Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Management, and Career Management are some of the courses that I look forward to learning. Importantly, I found this program a good fit because the program runs for 2 academic years which I believe is enough time to be deep-rooted in the knowledge that is being transferred.

Why I Picked Canada:


Home Ties and Why I Will Return to My Country:

My sole aim in travelling to Canada is strictly for study purposes, and I will not hesitate to return to my country immediately after I complete my program. I have family and social-economic ties that will motivate me to complete my study on time and return to xxxx.

I will be leaving my husband and children to embark on this study, and I also have a real-estate investment (house) worth $xx that I will be leaving behind. I have attached a copy of my certificate of ownership of the house to further prove my claim. Importantly, I have had other abroad study opportunities and I did not for once overstay my visa, and I believe that it should speak volumes about my integrity and respect for the country’s rules and regulations guiding foreigners.

Thank you for taking out the time to go through my application, I look forward to your consideration.

Yours faithfully,


Passport number:

Frequently Asked Questions: Visa Statement of Purpose to Study at Conestoga College

What Do I Need to Know About Visa Statement of Purpose?


  1. Formal tone
  2. Standard letter writing format
  3. Address your letter to “Dear Immigration Officer”, “Dear Visa Officer”
  4. Sign at the end of the letter and include your passport number

What Other Documents Do I Need for Canadian Visa Application?

Other documents that you could submit to ease your acceptance are detailed on this page.

Need Assistance Writing Visa Statement of Purpose to Study at Conestoga College?

If so, contact Fasthire today. We’ll look into your application and compose a good LOE for your visa application. We have professionals who are skilled in helping students compose their study and visa statement of purpose/explanation and we’ll be ready to assist you right away. You can either use our regular, or express service depending on the urgency of your need.

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