Trinity Valley Community College Review| Tuition, Admission, Programs, Scholarships

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Are you still thinking of the school to choose which is both affordable and offers quality education? Trinity Valley Community College is a great place to consider.

At the end of this article, you will find out what makes TVCC a great choice concerning tuition rate, financial aid, learning environment, campus life and so on. This article will also serve as a guide in your admission process whether you are a freshman, international student or Texas resident.

So, without much delay, let us discuss Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC).

About Trinity Valley Community College

Trinity Valley Community College was established in 1946 as a Henderson County Junior College in Athens, Texas, United States. It was later changed to Trinity Valley Community College in 1986, the name was adopted from the Trinty River which bisects the region. The college has six campuses serving five counties across the southeast and eastern parts of the states.

Vision and Mission of Trinity Valley Community College

The vision of TVCC is to be the leader in providing quality education, innovative programs, and purpose for students, employees and the community.

The mission of TVCC is to transform lives through affordable and accessible education

Why Choose Trinity Valley Community College?

1, Quality Education:

There are a variety of courses and programs available at TVCC as well as competent instructors to give quality education to students.

2. Learning Environment:

The college has relatively small classrooms to accommodate its students to facilitate the learning process.

3. State-of-the-art Facilities:

Well-equipped laboratories, libraries, museums etc to provide hands-on practice for students.

4. Affordable Tuition:

In the mission of the school, we mentioned affordable and accessible education. The college is focused on providing affordable tuition for students of all kinds. Also, there are scholarships and other financial aid programs to assist those students who have financial needs.

5. Supportive staff/faculty:

The teachers, instructors and staff are always ready and willing to give their full support to students to achieve their goals in life and career.

6. Active Campus Life:

As we go on in this article, we will discuss the various clubs and organisations which make it fun/active.

7. Transfer Opportunities:

It is easy for students to transfer to a four-year college because of the connections TVCC has made with other institutions

8. Strong Alumni Network:

Trinity Valley Community College has a robust alumni network which provides mentorship, professional connections and job placements.

Notable Alumni

Some notable alumni of TrinityValleyCommunityCollege and their fields of expertise

Margene AdkinsProfessional football player in the NFLPaul DawsonCollege football All-American
James SurlsSculptorJames ScottProfessional football player in the NFL
Darren BensonProfessional football player in the NFLDerrick WilliesProfessional football player in the NFL
Todd FowlerProfessional football player in the USFL and NFLShawn KempProfessional basketball player in the NBA
Albert ConnellProfessional football player in the NFLMatt BryantProfessional football player in the NFL
list of some notable TVCC alumni


Campus Organisations and Clubs

The student organisations at Trinity Valley Community College fall into this category, social, academic or professional and these organisations vary from year to year depending on the students’ needs and interests. All student organisations are in line with the college’s educational objectives and administrative regulations.

In no particular order, here are ten clubs at TrinityValley CommunityCollege;

1. Cardinal Singers, Chamber Singers or Encore Singers

2. Cardettes

3. Science Club

4. Collegiate Ministry

5. Cardinal Cheerleaders

6. Phi Theta Kappa

7. Student Government Association

8. Nursing Christian Fellowship

9. The Ark

10. Ag Club

a group of students studying
a group of students studying

Cardinal Singers, Chamber Singers or Encore Choir:

This is open to students who love/enjoy singing. What the choir does is participate in the Texas All-States Junior College Choir Festival. Also, in conjunction with other departments in the Fine Arts Division, they provide an opportunity to participate in the Broadway Style Musical Competition. In addition, Cardinal Singers require an audition for participation, and also scholarships are available for those auditions.


This is precisely a dance organization. Therefore, selection is based on a student’s dance ability, character, personality, leadership and integrity. They perform at all college games or events. Students who wish to join must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 each semester and must live on campus.

Science Club

The science club promotes the study of science however, it is not limited to biology, chemistry, physics and the like alone. A student who wishes to apply here should have an interest in sciences. The science club provides students with hands-on laboratory equipment, research activities and an opportunity to foster relationships in the TVCC community.

Collegiate Ministry

The Collegiate Ministry is open to all students at TVCC. This organization promotes spiritual development through Christian fellowship. Prayer, Bible study, discussion, special projects and other activities.

Cardinal Cheerleaders

Promotes school spirit, improves sportsmanship, and upholds a high standard of conduct. Cardinal cheerleaders cheer during games and also conduct public relations tours. To become a member, you must maintain a GPA of 2.0 each semester and be a full-time student. Also, the cheerleader coach makes the selection during tryouts or recruitment and there are varieties of cheerleading scholarships ranging from $500 to $2,000 per semester.

Phi Theta Kappa

This organization promotes scholarship, develops leadership & service, and also cultivate fellowship among students. In the local chapter of Iota Alpha, a student who wishes to join must have a good academic record of a 3.5 GPA, have completed the required departmental course, as well as completed 12 semester hours with TVCC. Intending members must have a good character, as testified by their faculty. To remain a member, have a 3.0 GPA per semester.

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA serves as the governing agency for the student body. They formulate, advise, and plan the smooth administration of activities of the student body. You must maintain a GPA of 2.0 and enrol in a minimum of 9 credit hours in the college. While officers must maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA.

Nursing Christian Fellowship

This organization is open to all students in nursing or related health programs (both past and present). It is a Christ-centered organization. The aim is to create a community of fellow nurses to foster spiritual growth by encouraging one another through prayers, Bible study etc.

The Ark

There is a formal and relaxed atmosphere in this organization. It is sponsored by the United Campus Ministry; the Ark is a cooperation of Christian bodies on campus namely, A.M.E., Presbytes, Methodists etc.

Ag Club

This is open to all students who desire to promote Agriculture. The club encourages participation in the activities of the Texas Junior College Agriculture Association. Ag club enhances leadership among students and supports the community by carrying out special projects.

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1. Board of Trustees Scholarships:

To qualify for this scholarship, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA, enrol in a full-time program with 12 semester hours or more, reside in the TVCC tax district and lastly, rank in the top 10% of his/her graduating class. The award covers tuition, fees, rooms, boards, and books, and it is $600 per semester for 4 semesters.

2. Athletic

The athletic scholarship is available for students who are interested in games; football, softball, basketball and volleyball. To be eligible for this, you must meet the NJCAA requirements.

3. Performing

This is open to students in band, cardettes, choir/music, drama etc.

4. TVCC Foundation

TVCC foundation scholarships are available for all students. One has to always be on the lookout for these scholarship opportunities to send an application on time.

Financial Aid Applications

Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to assess the financial aid that will be available to you.

Requirements for Freshman

For students enrolling in Trinity Valley Community College for the first time, follow the steps below

1. Submit an application

2. Provide an official transcript of high school grades and credits or a GED transcript with the date of graduation/completion.

* The transcripts should be translated into English

3. Submit official TSI test results

4. Proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination (not more than 5 years). This vaccination does not apply to students who are over 22 years old.

Requirements For International Students

Before Admission

1. Submit your application

2. Submit your official transcripts to the college (high school or college transcripts).

*English translation of the transcripts is required.

3. Submit results from your English proficiency scores. *This is for countries where English is not their primary language.

  • TOEFL score: you should score at least 132 on the computer-based test, 41 in iBT and 450 on paper-based tests.
    • IELTS test score: provide an IELTS band score of 5.5

4. Submit proof of financial support of $15,000

5. Submit a copy of your passport

When Admitted into Trinity Valley Community College

1. Register for classes (minimum of 12 semester hours)

2. Live on campus. If a student wants to live off campus, he/she should obtain permission on August 15 for the fall or by January 5 for the spring semester.

3. Pay tuition, fees or room/board

4. Provide health insurance and show evidence of policy before enrollment.

5. Maintain an academic record of at least 2.0 GPA. A student who fails to meet this academic record will be removed from the program.

5. Proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination (in English). This vaccination does not apply to students who are over 22 years old.

6. Comply with TSI policies

How Do I Apply to Trinity Valley Community College?

1. Choose a program

2. Press the ‘Apply Now’ button

3. Send an application form

4. Complete application tasks

5. Go on and study

What Are the Courses and Programs at Trinity Valley Community College?

At TVCC students can earn degrees and certificates in 35 different fields. Popular programs include Liberal Arts, Nursing, and Education. List of courses in TVCC

  • Accounting (ACCT, ACNT)
  • Admin/Secretarial Svcs (BUSI)
  • Agriculture (AGAH, AGCR, AGEQ, AGMG, AGRI)
  • Art (ARTS)
  • Automotive Technology (AUMT)
  • Biology (BIOL)
  • Business & Office Administration (BMGT, BUSG, BUSI, ITSW, MRMT, POFI, POFT)
  • Chemistry (CHEM)
  • Communications (COMM)
  • Corequisite Developmental (DECO)
  • Cosmetology (CSME)
  • Criminal Justice (CJCR, CJLE, CJSA, CRIJ)
  • Dance (DANC)
  • Drafting & Design Technology (ARCE, ARTC, DFTG, MCHN)
  • Drama (DRAM)
  • Early Childhood Development (CDEC, TECA)
  • Economics (ECON)
  • Education (EDUC)
  • Electrical Power Transmission (ELPT)
  • Emergency Medical Technology (EMSP)
  • English (ENGL)
  • Fire Protection Technology (FIRT)
  • Geography (GEOG)
  • Government (GOVT)

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  • Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and Refrigeration (HART)
  • History (HIST)
  • Horticulture (HALT)
  • Humanities (HUMA)
  • Kinesiology (KINE)
  • Legal Assistant Technology (LGLA, POFL)
  • Management (BMGT, BUSG, HRPO, MRKG)
  • Mathematics (MATH)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (INMT, MCHN)
  • Medical Office Technology (MDCA, MRMT, POFM)
  • Medical/Nursing Assistant Program (ECRD, HPRS, MDCA, NURA, PHRA, PLAB, POFM)
  • Music
  • Nursing – Associate Degree Nursing (RNSG)
  • Patient Care Technology (ECRD, NUPC, NURA, HPRS)
  • Pharmacy Technician (PHRA)
  • Philosophy (PHIL)
  • Physics/Physical Science (PHYS)
  • Psychology (PSYC)
  • Ranch Management (AGAH, AGCR, AGEQ, AGMG, AGRI)
  • Sociology (SOCI)
  • Spanish (SPAN)
  • Speech (SPCH)
  • Surgical Technology (SRGT)
  • Vocational Nursing (VNSG)
  • Welding (WLDG)
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What Is the Tuition for the 2024 Academic Year of Trinity Valley Community College

The tuition for undergraduates at TVCC last year is the same this year. Texas residents pay $4,920 while out-of-state students are expected to pay $5,970.

Additionally, the estimated tuition for the 2025 academic year of TVCC is $4,920 for Texas residents and $5,970 for out-of-state students.

As mentioned earlier, financial aids are given to students who meet the requirements and so, the net price after receiving the financial aid is $15,909 for Texas residents and $16,959 for out-of-state students. This covers tuition, fees, room, and board.


Which Bodies Are Accredited with Trinity Valley Community College?

The Trinity Valley Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SASCOC) to award certificates, and associate and baccalaureate degrees.  

Rankings Of Trinity Valley Community College

TVCC is ranked #90 Best Colleges in Texas and #1,700 Best Colleges in the Nation.

FAQs About Trinity Valley Community College

1. What is the student-to-faculty ratio at Trinity Valley Community College?

The student-to-faculty ratio at TVCC is 14 to 1

2. What percentage of faculty members are full-time study

The full-time study percentage at Trinity Valley Community College is 62%

3. How Much do TVCC Graduates Make?

Graduates of TVCC can make around $33,547 per year. Although this depends on the major you are in.

Conclusion on Trinity Valley Community College Review

Having carefully discussed Trinity Valley Community College Review, we hope you come to a good conclusion when choosing which school is best for you. The TVCC offers affordable quality education amongst other great reasons we mentioned in this article. Let this article serve as a guide to your academic pursuits at TVCCC.

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