10 Top Industries Where Women Thrive in the USA

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Over the years, women have carved their paths and established themselves across various fields in the USA. Their achievements in these fields are reshaping the professional narrative. We will look into the industries where women thrive in the USA.

Gone are the days when professional careers were only reserved for men. Thanks to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and other gender equality policies, employment opportunities for women have increased. There are now several female-dominated jobs in the USA.

In this article, you will learn about the 10 top industries where women thrive in the USA. If you are ready, let’s journey into these industries where women are making great strides and leaving indelible marks.

10 Top Industries Where Women Thrive in the USA

1. Education

As a woman, a career in education is one of the most fulfilling. Women have a natural liking for nurturing children. This has made many women delve into the educational industry. Statistics from Zippia show that 74.3% of all teachers are women, while only 25.7% are men. Women have not only excelled as teachers in the education field but as researchers, administrators, and policymakers.

2. Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition is one of the industries where women thrive in the USA. It deals with identifying nutritional problems and assessing the nutritional status of patients.

Dieticians and nutritionists also provide counsel on nutritional modifications that will aid therapy. In essence, these professionals provide care to patients through dietary interventions.

Women have dominated this field for many years. The Dietician Demographics and Statistics in the US reveals that 88.3% of all dieticians are women.

3. Media and Journalism

Women in media and journalism have made significant strides in recent years, breaking barriers and challenging traditional norms. The industry has witnessed an increase in female journalists, editors, and media executives, contributing diverse perspectives and voices to news coverage.

Although men dominated the news media for many years, women have started to pick up pace. According to Pew Research, women make up 46% of the US reporting journalists in recent times. Women also have a steadily rising representation in other areas of media.

4. Child Care

The childcare sector plays a vital role in advancing societal progress by providing essential support for families and prioritizing their development. It is one of the female-dominated jobs in the United States.

You cannot downplay the role of motherly care in a child’s development. Childcare workers supervise the development of babies and toddlers.

Women are passionate about taking care of children. Perhaps, this is why they thrive in this field.

A recent study by Zippia reveals that women make up 88.7% of the child daycare workers in the USA. These startling statistics place childcare high up the ladder of industries where women thrive in the USA.

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5. Administrative and Support Services

Administrative duties encompass several tasks, including data entry, record keeping, and scheduling. The jobs that fall under administrative and support services include receptionists, human resource assistants, and mail clerks, among many others.

Overall, the administrative arm of an organization is the engine that drives the smooth running of that organization. In many offices, women run the show.

Research has shown that many people believe that women are better organizers, and this has contributed to women dominating the field.

6. Event Management

Like the administrative industry, event management is one of the industries where women thrive in the USA. Event managers highlight skills such as creativity and attention to detail. Women often show excellence in these skills.

Women have also displayed excellence in organizational and interpersonal skills, which are essential to managing an event.

According to the Event Manager Demographics and Statistics in the USA, 63.8% of all event managers are women. The men make up only 36.2%.

7. Marketing and PR

Over the years, statistics have shown that marketing and PR is an industry with many female-dominated jobs in the USA. The Bureau of Labour Statistics report of 2019 reveals that women make up 63.6% of the public relations specialists in the United States.

One may wonder why women dominate this field. Many reasons could contribute to that. Women excel at communication skills, empathy, and relationship-building skills. These sets of skills are highly valuable in marketing and public relations.

8. Fashion Designing

Fashion designing has evolved into an industry where women play a prominent and influential role. Women own many of the top fashion design brands in the United States. For example, Coco Chanel and Vera Wang, both owned by women, have left a lasting impact on the industry.

The excellence of these female designers has also paved the way for a younger generation of female designers. Younger fashion designers like Elena Velez have emerged, and are already making waves in the industry.

One may attribute the success of women in the field to them creating collections that cater to the varying needs of people. Creativity is needed in the field, now more than ever, as the movement for body positivity increases.  Women have risen to the occasion, and are already reaping the fruits.

9. Health Care

The healthcare industry comprises several noble professions, and women thrive in many of them. Women have contributed to the industry as health practitioners. Some of these practitioners include nurse practitioners, dentist assistants, and medical practitioners.

Women have also taken up research roles to foster the advancement of the healthcare industry through breakthrough findings. Aside from direct patient care roles and research, the healthcare sector has benefitted from women’s administrative prowess.

Even more traditionally male-dominated fields, such as surgery and cardiology, now have several women excelling there.

10. Environmental Science

Environmental science is one of the STEM industries where women thrive in the USA. It is an interdisciplinary field that integrates the sciences into the study of the environment and its associated problems.

Academic studies show that in the past, women engaged in more eco-friendly activities than men. This may be why the industry has enjoyed a female presence over the years compared to other science fields.

However, environmental science is crucial for maintaining a balanced ecosystem and should be a field for all and sundry. Nevertheless, this does not deny that women have succeeded immensely in the industry.

Conclusion on Top Industries Where Women Thrive in The USA

There are several industries where women thrive in the USA. We have shown you 10 of the more prominent ones. As the world advances, more women are beginning to take up professions that contribute to societal development. Women no longer take the back seat, and the spectrum of female-dominated jobs in the USA has increased significantly. It is also important to note that no matter the industry, there is a woman in it. You can always rise against the odds and blaze the path to a more diverse society where everyone wins.

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