Top Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Lagos Nigeria

Top Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Lagos

Digital Marketing is quite a good skill to acquire, if not one of the best skills in today’s world.  Recently, it has become the most obtained skill for business marketing. This is because people spend most of their time online (social media) and on the internet looking for and learning how to get things done easily, quickly, and more effectively. Therefore, they expect to get satisfaction for their needs and desires online. As a result, many businesses now have an online presence.

However, there are still old-fashioned companies struggling with the traditional method of marketing. Some of these companies have not been able to key into the changes in the way people buy and sell. This leads to an increased demand for digital marketing skills from such companies, for them to step into the modern way of marketing.

Business rules the world, and digital marketing is essential for business. So, it’s favorable if you’ve decided to acquire digital marketing skills, or even to choose it as your career path. 

Having the right platform to acquire digital marketing skills is of utmost importance. Hence, Fasthire has listed out the Top marketing training institutes in Lagos and their exact locations in Lagos.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the act of promoting and advertising products or services specifically with the use of digital devices and technology. It can also be defined as an effective form of marketing that occurs online either with the help of the Internet or social media. Digital devices such as mobile phones and laptops are utilized for this.

Now that you understand what digital marketing is, you should know that there’re different types of digital marketing. The top digital marketing training institutes in Lagos offer all types.

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Types of Digital Marketing

  1. Paid Social/Search Advertising 
  2. Email Marketing
  3. SEO Marketing 
  4. Content Marketing 

Paid Social/Search Advertising

Paid social or search advert is a form of digital marketing that appears on social media and search engines without being searched for. Business owners pay advertisers to advertise their business on social media and selected search engines (google).

Email Marketing 

If you have an email address, I’m sure you must have gotten some unexpected inboxes that contain information about products, businesses, or marketing related. Any marketing that occurs through email is known as email marketing.

SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of attentively organizing and optimizing your website page to achieve the best position possible on search engine page results when people search for items online.

Content Marketing 

Content marketing has to do with every activity done online to market or advertise. It could be in form of blog posts, infographics, videos, white paper or eBooks, etc.

NB: Asides these 4 types listed above, there still are other types of digital marketing.  

What is a Digital Marketing Training Institute 

In other to acquire digital marketing skills, you’ll need to undergo digital marketing training. A digital marketing training institute is a setup and organized area for acquiring digital marketing skills and certification. It could be online or offline.

Benefits of the Top Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Nigeria

  1. Extensive and effective training 
  2. Certification in digital marketing
  3. Employment opportunities 
  4. Unlimited knowledge and experience in digital marketing 
  5. Internship programs 
  6. Possibility of being retained as staff or freelancer

Top Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Nigeria Lagos 

  1. NerdyEye
  2. Haelsoft
  3. Odigital
  4. Piston and Fusion 
  5. Digital Marketing Skill Institute 
  6. Nigeria Seminars and Training 
  7. Wild Fusion and Digital Center 

1. NerdyEye

NerdyEye pose it’s strength in project based training and development in web and mobile apps, digital marketing, graphic design etc. Their students are entitled to 2 weeks internship program and retained as staff or freelancers.

Location: 4 Ishola Street, Alagomeji, off Herbert Macaulay Yaba, Lagos. 

Contact: +2340812724 4042. Email:


2. Haelsoft

Haelsoft is a professional service company that provides a broad range of solutions in digital technology, operations, and strategy for small, medium, large enterprise businesses. They also offer services in consumer insights, digital marketing, and digital intelligence. Their digital marketing training and courses are the best in Nigeria. Also, they’ve trained Africa’s leading digital marketing professionals in various industries.

Location: 15 Oyabola street; Lagos, Nigeria.

Contact: +2347062827560, +2348147741168. Email:


3. Odigital

Digital is one of the leading top digital marketing training institutes in Lagos. They’re a global training institute designed to advance skillsets, provide world-class training with real-world digital trends s and marketing strategies. They train absolute beginners on digital marketing till they become professional.

Location: 104 Babs Animashaun Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

Contact: +2349075561636. Email:


4. Piston and Fusion

Piston and fusion is a certification and management training institute in Nigeria. They offer professional, certification, and management training programs in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt. Their portfolio of courses includes but is not limited to project management, digital marketing, human resources, finance, etc. Also, piston and fusion have successfully equipped over 6000 professionals.

Location: 122A Obadina Street Omole Phase 1, Ikeja, Lagos

Contact: +2348185744692, +2348180950723. Email:


5. Digital Marketing Skill Institute

They are a global digital marketing training company that uses digital technologies to accelerate the development of digital marketing talents and match them with organizations globally either as employees or entrepreneurs.

Location: 72B Surulere way, Dolphin Estate, 101222, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Contact: +2348165289018, +2349021619466


6. Nigeria Seminar and Training

They’re Nigeria’s one-stop training marketplace. They provide training on several skills, including courses, seminars, and conferences.

Location:  7 Olatunji Ladipo Street, off CMD Road, Ikosi – Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria

Contact: +234-8099909402 , +234-8099909400


7. Wild Fusion and Digital Center 

Wild Fusion Digital Centre (WDC) is embedded within one of Africa’s most forward-thinking digital advertising agencies. WDC is a specialist training organization dedicated to offering current and emerging professional development courses in digital marketing, digital services, and digital technologies.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria


Who can Acquire Digital Marketing Skills in any of the Top  Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Lagos Nigeria

  1. Graduates looking to step ahead
  2. Traditional marketers and marketing executives who want to update their skillset
  3. Entrepreneurs and small businesses owners
  4. Senior management and marketing managers
  5. Students
  6. Anyone looking to create and apply digital marketing strategies for their organization

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