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Writing personal statements for medical-related courses can be easy and difficult at the same time. It takes some level of experience to know what is relevant to point out in your statement or what is irrelevant. This MSc Health Sciences personal statement sample was submitted by a candidate for a couple of programs in health science and was accepted. Though this is for learning only, please do not copy it verbatim and she has already used it or may still have use for it.

Use this as a guide to write yours, don’t copy it. If you need assistance writing your statement, contact us today and a writer will be assigned to assist you.

Racism is a public health crisis.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


Popular Mistakes when Writing MSc Health Sciences Personal Statement

  • When writing their MSc health science personal statement, a lot of people confuse quantity for quality. It’s not the length of the statement, but how convincing it is. You don’t have to make your statement difficult to read by presenting irrelevant information. Always keep it simple.
  • Failure to show proof. It is one thing to claim that you’re qualified or suitable for something, it is another to show proofs that you’re qualified for it. Show proofs using examples for previous experience, give detailed information that shows achievements that have prepared you for the MSc in health sciences program. For instance, if you say that you’re academically sound, what is the proof that you’re academically sound? In this example, the candidate answered that by showing results from her previous degree. If you say you’re an advocate for health and wellness, what is the proof that you’re an advocate?
  • Trying too much to be who you think the admission committee wants you to be. Some people try too much to put up an image when applying for their programs, the admission committee is not interested in knowing you, your motivation for the course, and why you’ve chosen the school. Don’t try to over impress, be you and provide the correct information about yourself.

Sample MSc Health Sciences Personal Statement

From the moment I started my BSc studies in Medical Laboratory Science, I began to envision a long-lasting career in medical laboratory science. I loved the idea that this career would give me access to directly impact the overall health of individuals while also contributing to the recovery process of patients. I bagged my BSc in Medical Laboratory with a 4.76/5.0 CGPA and ever since my graduation I have remained invested in helping people achieve healthier living. My drive for health is more than just youthful exuberance; I am truly passionate about how people live, and how they can get the best out of their health. Because of this desire, I have been wrestling with the desire to get more involved in helping patients take responsibility for their health through public enlightenment.  Sadly as a Medical Lab Scientist, some limitations leave me with little time to have such public impacts on people.

Working with other senior Laboratory Scientists at the XXXX, I have had enough exposure and time to reassess my career path, and I have discovered that Public Health highlights my idea of a lifetime career in the healthcare sector. I believe this because of my interest in community service; reaching out to the underserved communities, and advocating for better healthcare practices and infrastructure in my country. {Insert anytime where you were involved in advocating for better healthcare either at work, in your street, or school}. So, it’s little wonder that becoming a Certified Health Scientist with a focus on Public Health has become my aspiration.

Upon earning my degree in Health Science, I anticipate offering my services within a federal or state agency where I’ll be actively engaged in the design, implementation and evaluation of community health and wellness programs. My future ambition is to ………………… And this Master’s will empower me for the future ahead.

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I bring with me professional medical laboratory experiences as well as a solid foundation in Medical Laboratory to the Health Science program. My previous studies have proven that I enjoy medical research and writing about Health and wellness. In 2019, I collaborated with a team of forwarding thinking professionals who also enjoy the ideals of health service in publishing a journal on “Histomorphological and Biochemical Evaluation of Herbal Cocktail Used in Treating Malaria on Kidneys of Adult Wistar Rats”. The research showed that………….. Additionally, as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, I have worked within multidisciplinary medical teams – developed teamwork, interpersonal relationship, good communication and listening skills. I believe these skills will enable me to excel in this program, especially during my projects.

Western Illinois University came highly recommended by my elder brother who also studied Medical Science. So, after considering the recognition of your degree certificates and the affordability, I have chosen your program. Asides from work, I enjoy travelling, reading, and volunteering for non-government organizations. I participate in community service by volunteering with non-government organizations. {Insert your most recent volunteer experience or book you read}

I hope that my passion and background will be enough to be considered for this Master’s program. Thank you for your consideration.

Things you should cover in your statement

When writing your statement, you must cover these areas.

  • Who you are
  • Why you have chosen to go for the MSc in health science
  • Why you have chosen the school for your studies
  • Your goals upon graduation
  • What you’ll add to the MSc program if admitted.

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