Strategic Branding

Strategic Branding for the New Economy

Oftentimes, we think a brand is a nice logo, great slogan, fine brand colours, well-designed website, a good social media bio, and profile. While all those are important aspects of a brand, that is not what a brand is, but rather, a brand identity.
In layman’s terms, a brand identity refers to the visible elements of a brand, such as colour, design, and logo, which identify and distinguish the brand in consumer’s minds.
In creating a brand strategy, it’s important to have a great brand identity that puts your brand objectives into consideration.


  1. Introduction
  • This introduces you to the idea of branding, and how great brands have been able to make their name stickin the minds of their consumers; and also, how brands connect emotionally to their audience.
  1. What a brand is, and what it’s not
  • Differentiates between a brand and brand identity, while clearly defining both. It is also a step by step guide to creating a strong brand identity.
  1. Your brand strategy
  • Steps to follow in creating your brand strategyranging from knowing your customers (and not just your product/service), to knowing your competitors, value proposition, brand awareness and consistency, and also communicating your brand values.
  1. Mapping out your brand (differentiation and positioning)
  • Applying differentiation and positioning in building your brand. That isidentifying your competitive advantage, and communicating your brand in such a way that it appeals to your consumer’s emotions.
  1. Building a loyal clientele by using brand positioning
  • Using a community to build a loyal clientele of ever increasing repeat customers
  1. Bonus: Funnel creation as a tool to increase sales
  • Understanding the sales funnel process, and using it to influence the decisions of consumers who really want to buy, to buy from you

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