Stockholm University Statement of Purpose Sample

Statement of Purpose Sample

Statement of Purpose is a written essay that discusses your academic background, your personality, and your reason for applying for a program with an admission committee. When applying for a program at Stockholm University, applicants are faced with the task of connecting their current occupation and their chosen course which most times don’t come off as an easy task. So, this article contains Stockholm University Statement of Purpose Sample which was submitted by another applicant to guide you when writing yours.

More so, we’ve used this post to answer some questions about Statement of Purpose writing and provide more samples for other universities in the USA, UK, Canada, and other European countries.

P.S: This sample provided here is solely for education purposes, do not copy it. If you need assistance writing yours, click here to hire our experts today.

Stockholm University Statement of Purpose Guide

  • Specify the program you are applying for.
  • State your degrees, employment status, language skills, etc. However, when stating your degrees, also include information about the field of study, year, month, and place awarded.
  • State your planned pace for the program. Would you prefer a part-time or a full-time study?
  • Attach your CV.
  • Include copies of your certificates.
  • State projects you’ve worked on (if any).
  • State other necessary information that may count (may include recommendations, honor awards, honor recognitions, etc).

Areas to cover when writing your Stockholm university statement of purpose include:

  1. Your personality.
  2. Personal Motivation to study the course
  3. Relevance of program to your career and future
  4. Your reason for choosing the program and university.
  5. How their acceptance would affect you.
  6. Your plans after the program.
  7. Your hobbies, skills, and interests that might contribute to the program.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

Length of Stockholm University Statement of Purpose

The length of Stockholm University Statement of Purpose is between 500 to 1500 words. However, it may differ from other universities in Sweden. While some may require as less as 250 words, others may require as high as 1400 words. Furthermore, Stockholm University Statement of Purpose must be written in English.

Statement of Purpose for Master’s in Accounting and Management Control

Everyone has something special that comes easy to them; some call it their gift, or talent, while some others describe it as just a flare. Growing up, I could have said that I did not have any talent because I was not talented in areas like singing, acting, or dancing which were largely what most people saw as talent when I was growing up. However, it was my parents who took notice of me and realized how good I was with numbers and my understanding of arithmetic problems. As a child, I did not know what that meant, but as I grew in knowledge, I gradually observed how easy it was to think through mathematical problems and solved them even when my mates were still thinking of what to do. This made me spend a lot of time with subjects that highlighted arithmetic and analytical thinking, and I also excelled in them.

Graduating from primary to secondary school, I became one of the automatic representatives for my class whenever we had math quizzes which also made me spend more time with my teachers and built a strong student-teacher relationship as they saw me as a smart kid. With the guidance of my teachers, I began to see my potential and the thoughts of my preferred career started to creep in; I knew that I would be best suited to a profession that will enable me to harness my greatest strengths, and the best options were for me to either join the accounting or engineering field. After proper consideration and assessing what a lifelong career in those fields entailed, I found accounting more fascinating and decided to study for a career in that field. I picked accounting because I fancied the thought of interpreting accounting figures and utilizing them to help businesses make important decisions.

I proceeded to study for a bachelor’s degree in accounting at the prestigious University of Xxx and graduated with an outstanding result in the year xxx. After my undergraduate studies, I was eager to apply my gained knowledge in the professional world, and I did not hesitate to take up a job the first job that came my way where I worked as a Reconciliation Officer with other skilled professionals to review the expenses of a fast-growing Aviation Security Agency. Shortly after the aviation experience, I joined the banking sector and was assigned to the Risk Management Group. I spent the next 6 years of my career in the banking sector and handled different sensitive roles that stretched me and helped me develop competencies to maintain a strong internal monetary control process in the bank branches in my region. After rendering my services for over 6 years in the banking sector, I was motivated to take up a fresh challenge and I transferred to the Oil and Gas industry. Currently, I work as a Project Accountant for an Energy company in partnership with xxx and having worked for another 6 years, my job has placed me on a part of steady development, and at this moment, it is pertinent for me to update my knowledge and improve the quality of service that I render.

I have been opportune to work with both our home-based professionals and expatriates, and I admit that I admire the level of exposure from my foreign colleagues. I want to utilize this opportunity primarily for growth and exposure. I believe that it is one thing to get knowledge, and it is another thing to be exposed to, so, I have chosen to follow a study route that will allow me to enjoy the ideals of world-class education and international exposure. I chose to study in Sweden because it boasts of some renowned institutions that are ranked among the best in the world and thriving student life for international students. More so, as someone from an English-speaking country, I feel confident studying in Sweden because there is no language barrier which will make it easy for me to adapt to student life here in Sweden.

My decision to study at Stockholm University was influenced by so many good reasons; firstly, Stockholm University prides itself on its innovative and unique way of presenting study programs. While similar programs may exist in other schools, Stockholm University’s unique course modules and learning structure address interesting perspectives of accounting and management that caught my attention. Secondly, I chose this particular program at Stockholm University because it is research-driven, and the faculty staffs handling the lectures are experienced in their areas of focus. So, I am confident that I will get the best learning experience here, and I cannot wait to enjoy the ideals of quality learning here at Stockholm University Sweden.

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