Stay unemployed or earn peanuts for a start?

This question ‘stay unemployed or earn peanuts for a start’ always has a way of eliciting mixed reactions. For some persons who have always had things easy in life, they’d rather keep searching for the perfect job [well-paid job actually] than settle for something that pays ‘peanuts’. In talking about starting from somewhere, a vital question would be, ‘’how low can your somewhere be’’?

How small a person can start is mostly dependent on the circumstances surrounding the person’s life. A fresh graduate who hardly provides the basic necessities of life for himself would be left with no choice but to accept almost anything that can provide a better life for him/her. On the other hand, it would be almost impossible to find a person who has access to some luxuries, accepting a job with miserable pay. Sometimes, it is dependent on an individual’s qualifications, personality, and even ambitions.

No One Should Shy Away From Starting Small

Either ways, no one should shy away from starting small, especially fresh graduates. The labor market isn’t very friendly, and it often takes extra effort and resilience to land great opportunities. There are many employees in top companies today who are at the peak of their careers and earn a lot but majority of them started from the scratch. Starting small is not a bad idea at all, one just needs to define how small their ‘small’ can be and work relentlessly to avoid remaining on the same spot for so long.

One thing is visible, which is, earning peanuts is bad, but not being able to afford food, healthcare, electricity, and other basic living expenses is ten times worse. So, instead of staying unemployed, take the peanuts to pay the bills. But, always be prepared to bounce as fast as you can. There are ways you could job hunt without quitting your job.

Read this article on How to Job hunt without quitting your job. It will help.

Starting small doesn’t mean you should consider an impossible workload either. A job where you have to accomplish an almost ‘impossible task’ will someday become a treat to your health. Of course, you don’t want to fall ill.

If a job becomes a treat to your life, quit it!

As a graduate who is seeking better opportunities, one way you can help yourself is by ensuring that you’re always prepared because opportunities can show up at any time. How prepared are you if the right opportunity comes knocking right now? Do you even know how to seek those opportunities?

Being prepared as a job seeker involves what you know about the corporate world, how well prepared your cv/resume is, and very importantly, whether or not you know how to source for opportunities. How impressive are you if an opportunity comes knocking? You can get even better!

In conclusion, I’ll just say “start small but aim for more”. I hope this article answers the question of whether to stay unemployed or earn peanuts for a start?

Here is a piece of advice. Find something you love doing, make it a value. People pay for value.

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