Statement of Purpose for MSc in Digital Marketing

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If you are applying for a master’s degree in Digital Marketing, you will need to submit your application with an attached statement of purpose/personal statement. Statement of purpose for MSc in Digital Marketing is important because it will help you convince the admission committee that you’re a good fit for their program.

We have provided this sample as a guide; do not copy it verbatim because it has already been used.

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Top Universities to Study for MSc Digital Marketing

  1. Robert Gordon University Aberdeen
  2. University of Bradford
  3. University of Chester
  4. Rennes School of Business
  5. University of Strathclyde Glasgow
  6. Teesside University
  7. Henley Business School

Statement of Purpose for MSc in Digital Marketing

Even in the height of the recent financial crisis when several companies had to scale back their advertising spend, instead of reduction, online advertising saw an increase in spend. The chief reason for this is hinged on the accountability that digital marketing offers. Through digital media, brands could confidently increase their online marketing spends and monitor the campaigns with ease while also determining the effectiveness or failure in the shortest time possible. This has inspired a lot of interest for professionals with advanced knowledge to coordinate digital marketing operations.

My goal is to grow into the position of a Regional Manager for Digital Marketing in MTN – one of Africa’s leading telecommunication companies. And seeing that my peers at MTN Ghana would soon be holding managerial positions in the next couple of years (maximum of 7 years), there is need for me to prepare myself for the opportunities ahead. The knowledge I’ll gain will also enable me to start proffering effective and efficient solutions that will aid me to grow into a thought leader in this field.

From my recent certification courses that covered marketing strategy, storytelling, digital marketing, creativity for business growth amongst others, I have come to realize that my unique combination of skills would perfectly meet the criteria for an advertising/marketing manager. And considering my love for technology and the huge influence technology now has on how organizations handle and coordinate their advertising and marketing, I am inclined to obtaining a higher education that will help me explore digital marketing in-depth. I am certain of this because, in 2017 when I was first appointed as a Go-to-market Analyst at MTN Ghana, I was directly involved in developing 3600 approaches of product proposition and services to the market using digital media. Within eight months, the task of driving service delivery and availability for VAS, Data and Digital services was added to my portfolio. My evident talents did not escape the notice of the senior executives, which led to my unprecedented promotion to Acting Manager Go-to-Market Analyst: this particular role meant that I would directly influence any action that involved creating sustainable, profitable, market volume and value-adding digital services at MTN Ghana.

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I hold a Master in Business Administration which has equipped me with the requisite business and human resources management skills. Also, my Post Graduate Diploma in Management Science which helped improve my ability to analyze and interpret complex data. I believe that my academic and work experiences thus far will influence my success in this course. Due to my career needs and expectations to be future-ready with this degree, I have chosen to study abroad in a nation that provides a multicultural learning environment with internationally recognized academic institutions. Through recommendations and research, I have settled that Birmingham City University is ahead of its peers in this course, especially with the inclusion of modules that are focused on the future such as;…………………… So, I am very much confident of the value I would get from this program.

I love photography and networking, so when I am not working, I do not hesitate to engage in social events. I find photography enjoyable; it also helps my creativity and attention to detail. A great deal of my comprehension of business is as a result of socializing. Interacting with people, listening attentively to their spoken and unspoken desires helps me gain useful insight that I find applicable both in my personal life and in my career.

I am aware of the opportunities that digital marketing holds for both sellers and consumers relationships nowadays.

With the opportunities that digital marketing holds for both seller and consumer relationships nowadays, it is clear that digital media has come to stay. As a proactive professional, I want to invest in my future career advancement through this degree. I am convinced that my skills, passion, and career experience will inspire me to succeed in this program. I look forward to being accepted into the next MSc Digital Marketing class

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