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Top Universities to Study Cyber Security

  1. University of Manitoba
  2. Robert Gordon University
  3. University of Birmingham
  4. University of West London
  5. University of Bradford
  6. University of Salford
  7. University of West England
  8. De Montfort University

Sample Statement of Purpose for BSc in Cyber Security

I wish to use this document to provide more information about my application to study Cyber Security at the University of Manitoba, Canada.

I have 11+ years of working experience in the I.T industry. My career in Information Technology began in 2009 when I volunteered to work as an I.T Personnel at XXXX. By 2010, I earned a referral to take up a paid role as I.T manager in the company which I accepted. Through this career experience, I worked in key areas such as; network and system administration, web development, database management, and IT security.

I am currently enrolled in the Harvard University CS50 undergraduate program in Computer Science, which is an online degree program. But it has been a herculean task to find balance for my academic and professional life. Hence, I have resolved to settle in a study environment where I can focus squarely on my studies, and also have the privilege of interacting one-on-one with fellow students.

The same year I enrolled for my bachelor’s degree, I resumed work as I.T director at Xavier Group – an IT/IoT firm that provides tech-based solutions to small and medium enterprises. Asides from working at Xavier Group, I am also an independent consultant to top organizations in the USA, UAE, England, and Nigeria. Ally Microfinance Bank Abuja, Franchise Business Partners, Atlanta, Blue World Shipping, Dubai, Cargonitty Logistics London, are all part of the organizations I consult for as an independent systems/I.T consultant.

As an I.T director in an IT/IoT company, part of my duties involves web management and I.T security for clients’ websites. My interest in Cyber Security developed through my work with different clients who were experiencing cyber attacks, and loss of sensitive data. Initially, most of them felt their data was safe and secure from cyber attacks, but I began to receive increasing complaints about targeted system attacks and crashing of servers. So, my team and I started taking proactive steps to eliminate the threats to our client’s data. Initiating IT security as one of the services we offered meant that I was to spearhead the team to maintain IT infrastructure to ensure integrated data management and security actions that’ll prevent data loss, damage, or breach.

Having led a team of six I.T personnel in identifying and averting cyber threats, I understand that we still have a lot to do and learn especially as new technologies for business activities are springing forth daily. For this reason, I wish to gain advanced knowledge in the area of cyber security. Even as I consult for companies from different countries that serve a global audience, it is pertinent that I arm myself with the relevant academic background in a sensitive course like this.

Choosing to study in Canada is a wise decision for me because Canadian degrees are respected around the world. And, Canada offers an accommodating environment for foreign students, making it an ideal destination for students like me who wish to explore the ideals of abroad studies. I have picked the University of Manitoba because it is renowned for its academic excellence in the area of cyber security, and going through the modules, I am satisfied and look forward to a world-class learning experience.

I will be bringing with me knowledge from my consulting experiences working with foreign companies across 4 continents. I believe my wealth of experience will provide good reference points during class interactions. After my studies, I would like to return to my country where I want to continue building my reputation as a Cyber Security Expert while serving clients across the globe. I look forward to a rewarding experience at the University of Manitoba, Canada.

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