How To Prepare For An Interview For Software Testing

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Interviewing for a software testing position can be somewhat intimidating. A software tester is a lucrative career path that is in high demand. However, getting the job will most likely require you to learn how to answer common interview questions for software testing and how to ask good questions about the company.

Therefore, this article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for an interview for software testing.

Guide On How To Prepare For An Interview For Software Testing

To secure a job as a software tester, you must be well-prepared for the interview. Many would agree that a software testing interview goes beyond talking about your previous work experience. However, you may also need to showcase your manual testing skills and knowledge of top programming languages. Below is the guide to help you prepare for a software tester interview:

#1. Showcase Your Skills

Software testing interviews are about showcasing your skills, so why not utilize the opportunity to the fullest? Impressing the hiring manager is one way to secure the job. Therefore, before the interview session, you should have drafted a list of skills, and emphasize them during the interview.

Some skills a software tester should have include effective communication, software testing concepts, logical thinking, certifications, database testing, analytical skills, and many others. Also, a software tester should have a vast knowledge of relevant testing tools. Soft skills for software testers are usually attention to detail, problem-solving skills, teamwork, adaptability, and others. 

As a software tester, you should improve more on your coding skills. Although some software tester positions may not require broad coding skills, consider having basic coding skills. This will give you an edge over other applicants. You can consider learning to program languages such as JavaScript, Java, or Python. 

During the software tester interview, be sure to speak on the uses of some of these skills and how they have helped you in the past.

Tips: In a scenario whereby this is your first interview as a software tester, consider discussing some of your personal experience. Or make mentions of how these skills have helped you with school projects.

#2. Have a Clue About What The Role Entails

While the advertised job may have been titled ‘software tester’, you still have to get a clue about what the role is all about. What will I be contributing to this company? This, in fact, will help you answer most of the interview questions regarding the software testing. 

As a software tester, you should have an idea of how to design test cases, execute them, and provide feedback on defects. Knowing the basics of this position will most likely help you ace the interview session

Tips: If you are not familiar with the responsibilities of a software tester, it is advisable to study some duties of a software tester.

#3. Dress Properly For The Interview

It is a given rule to dress properly for any interview, regardless of the role you are applying for. This also applies to individuals preparing for a software testing interview. Although, most software companies do not have a strict code for dressing. However, it is safer to dress professionally for the part.

Confidence also comes from the way we dress, as well as our mood. Consider dressing like you are in control and not the other way around. However, avoid overdressing for the interview. You can avoid overdressing by researching the culture of the organization. or checking out some of the company’s pictures on its official webpage.

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Tips: Dress like you are ready to start working for the company. One of the first things the interviewer will note is your appearance and mode of dressing. Therefore, invest your time in discovering how to dress for an interview for a software tester.

#4. Practice Writing Basic Testing Manually

As a software tester, you must learn how to write basic test cases. You should also have a clue about the latest trends in software testing and how to easily reproduce a defect. The interviewer will most likely ask about your knowledge of test cases, and it will be in your best interest to provide answers that will showcase your skill level.

Therefore, if you are not familiar with writing test cases, consider getting training or courses on how to write test cases. This will help you stand out with an opportunity to get hired.

Tips: Learn how to write test cases and how to reproduce defects manually.

#5. Have An In-Depth Insight About Tester Tools

One way to prepare for an interview for a software tester is to have an in-depth insight into the tools. Tools matter for software testers, and there are several tools used by testers to track defects and manage test cases. 

Also, it is advisable to keep up with the latest trends and tools as the interviewer may ask if you can use some of the latest testing tools. As said before, there are several testing tools for software testers, and they include defect tracking tools, automation testing tools, and test case management tools.

Tips: Ensure to learn about testing tools and how to use them as this may be required during the interview. Common testing tools are JIRA, Selenium, TestNG, JUnit, and others.

#6. Have a Work Journal

Having a work journal is one way to prepare for an interview as a software tester. This will help you detail some of your experience, skills, and accomplishments from past projects. It will also help you document some techniques you used in solving some testing defects and more.

During the interview, the hiring manager may want to know some of your greatest achievements or your weaknesses. This way, you can pick off points from your work journal to answer some questions.

With work journals, you can also keep records of your codes and challenges you encountered during work and how you could solve them. 

Tips: To avoid forgetting some of your previous projects, testing tools, testing approach, and your testing terminology knowledge, consider writing them in your work journal.

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#7. Research The Company

One way to prepare for a software testing interview is to research the company. Know more about what the company’s specialty is all about, and what it stands for. Doing this will also help you provide answers to common interview questions. 

It will also provide you with a vast understanding of the company. 

Most interviewers usually ask interviewees about their knowledge of the company or the common “Why do you want to work for this company” question. Therefore, ensure to get exquisite details on the company’s mission, core values, competitors, culture, and others.

Tips: You can get accurate information on the company’s official website, blog, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), and their social media platforms. 

#8. Have An In-Depth Understanding Of Javascript Interview Questions And Answers

Most software tester interviews consist of questions on JavaScript. You will most likely ace the interview if you have a vast knowledge of JavaScript. One way to gain in-depth insight into JavaScript is by practicing with mock JavaScript interview questions and answers. 

Some interview questions on JavaScript include: What do you understand regarding JavaScript? In JavaScript, what are promises? What are the concepts of closures in JavaScript? How would you handle errors in JavaScript code?

#9. Prepare Answers To Problem-Solving And Tricky Questions 

As a software tester, you should have few means of handling defects and errors in programming. Because during the interview, your problem-solving skills will be tested. Therefore, consider preparing answers for tricky questions.

Preparing answers for these tough interview questions will help you avoid giving generic answers. You should connect your answers to the values of the company and back them up with relatable stories.

Some of the common questions for software testers include: What is your experience with software testing? What makes you a good tester? What is your experience with test automation? Why did you choose Software Testing as a career? Why are you interested in this position? What are your greatest achievements as a software tester? How do you handle difficult situations with a coworker?

#10. Prepare a List Of Questions For The Hiring Manager

In most interview sessions, the hiring manager often asks if the interviewee has a question for them. The last thing you may want to do as an interviewee is to say “no question.” 

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have a list of questions to ask the interviewer. This will also signify your interest in the company and the position.

Some unique examples of questions you may ask should include: 

  • What is the company culture like? 
  • What are the next steps in the interview process? 
  • What Should I Expect From Day-To-Day Or Weekly Activities In This Company? What would be your advice to a new employee working in this role? What testing tools does the company use?

Conclusion on Software Testing Interview

Software testing is a unique career path, and it is important that you properly prepare for your interview and also avoid providing generic answers. This article has elaborated on tips that will help you prepare for an interview for a software tester and we hope they are helpful to you.




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