Scholarships for Africans in Luxembourg

scholarship for africans in luxembourg

Africa is blessed with intelligent and talented individuals. However, these individuals have a common challenge plaguing them – a poor economy. The poor economy of Africa has also led to poor quality of education. Hence, providing substandard education to Africans in their various countries.

This poor state has led most young Africans to leave the shores of their country in search of greener pastures in different countries. The population locations are Canada, the UK, the US, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.

It is one thing to want to leave the country, it is another thing to have the funds to process your visa and every other necessary document. To be able to leave the country, most Africans go through the education route. They apply for scholarships to study in other countries and from there secure a better life for themselves and their families.

For this article, we will discuss scholarships for Africans in Luxembourg. However, before we start discussing that, we will look at the country, Luxembourg. Then we will explore the various scholarship opportunities. Let’s start.


Location and Population

Luxembourg is one of the world’s smallest countries with a population of 645,397. It is a country located in the northwestern part of Europe and bordered by Belgium to the west and north; France to the south; and Germany to the northeast and east.

Official Languages

The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg city, and their formal languages are Luxembourgish, German and French.


Luxembourg has an oceanic climate and has high palpitations. The palpitations are worse in late summer. The climate is not extreme.

The People

Luxembourg has many foreigners, and this is partly due to the low birth rate of the nationals. This low birth rate created a shortage of labor, hence the need for more hands. This also created an opportunity for foreigners to enter the country and find employment while also getting a better standard of living.


In Luxembourg, most of the primary and secondary schools are run by the government. School is mandatory for children within the age 4-16 age bracket. The education system is designed and followed to harness the best of each student. To read up more about the education system, click here.

Luxembourg is generally a lovely place to live and find employment. It is one of the countries with a low population. If you like a less crowded environment with opportunities for growth and development, Luxembourg is a suitable place for you and even for your children.

Now that we have discussed Luxembourg a little, let’s look at scholarships and the ones available in Luxembourg for Africans.

What is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is an amount of money paid as a form of aid by an organization or individual on behalf of a student based on their academic performance. An individual or an organization can decide to sponsor students from a chosen country or area of specialization to study.

Types of Scholarship

There are different types of scholarships, namely;

  • Fully funded
  • Partially funded

Fully Funded 

A fully funded scholarship is a type of scholarship that covers all the tuition expenses that the student will need while studying. It could also cover housing and some other fees. This is usually the most sought-after type of scholarship by Africans.

Partially Funded

A partially funded scholarship is a type of scholarship that covers part of the tuition fees. Usually, the scholarship states the percentage of the tuition fees that it will cover and then the student will pay the rest.

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Categories of Scholarship

A scholarship can either be a local scholarship or a foreign scholarship. A local scholarship is that within the student’s country while an international scholarship is that outside the student’s country. The category of scholarship applied for is dependent on the student.

Scholarships for Africans in Luxembourg

  1. EBU Scholarships
  2. LSB Scholarships
  3. CEDIES Scholarship

European Business University Scholarship

EBU is a non-for-profit online and on-campus business school with scholarship students in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. EBU offers a variety of scholarships that may take the form of university scholarships or outside scholarships with partner universities.

For the scholarship guidelines, click here.

For the tuition fees, click here.

Luxembourg School of Business Scholarship

Luxembourg School of Business provides support to outstanding candidates in their ambition to pursue their MBA degree through scholarships. There are 2 types of scholarships provided. They are: 

  • International Entrepreneur Scholarship
  • Merit-based Scholarship

International Entrepreneur Scholarship

This type of scholarship is meant for new business owners who want to gain more knowledge and skill to drive the business to succeed. This type of scholarship may cover up to 75% of the tuition fee and some requirements must be met to be able to receive the scholarship.

You must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 2 years of professional experience and have a running business to be eligible.

Merit-based Scholarship

This type of scholarship is based on academic excellence. Students with good academic excellence are awarded this scholarship to thrive in the business world. The scholarship covers up to 50% of the tuition fee. To be eligible, you must have a bachelor’s degree; a minimum of 2 years of professional experience; show proof of academic excellence; also prove that you were of great influence in the progress of your organization thanks to their leadership.

 CEDIES Scholarship

The Governemnt of Luxembourg offers financial support to students through the CEDIES Scholarship (Centre de Documentation et d’Information sur l’Enseignement supérieur). It is granted to students who have enrolled for higher studies.

The eligibility criteria are:

  • Be a national of Luxembourg or be a family of a Luxembourg citizen and reside in Luxembourg.
  • Be a national of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), or of the Swiss confederation and reside in Luxembourg as a salaried worker or self-employed worker.
  • Third-country nationals or stateless and reside in Luxembourg for at least 5 years and hold a secondary school leaving certificate recognized by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education.
  • Have the status of a political refugee and reside in Luxembourg.
  • Children of a citizen of Luxembourg, EU, EEA, or Swiss Confederation.

To read up about the eligibility criteria for CEDIES Scholarship and other scholarships, click here.

Conclusion: Scholarships for Africans in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country in Europe and has a high standard of living. The Government of the country is heavily invested in the education of its citizens. Schooling in Luxembourg is a great choice, and you are sure that you will receive a high-quality education.

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