Sample Personal Statement for Master’s in Dentistry at Alberta University

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Personal Statement is written to communicate your background and why you want to join a particular program. When applying for Master’s in Dentistry, applicants are faced with the task of connecting their current occupation and their chosen course which most times don’t come off as an easy task. So, we are presenting a sample personal statement for Master’s in Dentistry which was written for your guidance.

More so, we’ve used this post to answer some questions about Personal Statement writing and provide more samples for other universities in the USA, UK, Canada, and other European countries.

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Guidelines on how to write Personal Statement for Master’s in Dentistry

You must upload a statement that explains your academic interest in, understanding of and academic preparedness for the programme(s) you are applying for. You should also explain the purpose objectives of your undertaking the programme(s) you are applying for. The statement of academic purpose is an important part of your application, and selectors are looking for evidence of your academic motivation and suitability, and of what you can contribute academically to the programme.

Your statement(s) should be typed and no longer than two sides of A4 paper. There is no fixed word limit, but we expect statement(s) to be no longer than 1,000 – 1,500 words.

In your statement(s), you may wish to discuss the following:

  • Academic interests, strengths and background relevant to the programme(s)
  • Areas of specific interest within the programme(s)
  • Academic preparedness for the programme(s)
  • Motivation for undertaking the programme(s)
  • Academic ambitions and/or research interests related to the programme(s)
  • Any professional aspirations, and how academic work within the programme(s) might help you realise such aspirations
  • Other relevant information, such as additional reading or research, work or other relevant experience that has informed your decision to apply for the particular programme(s)

Please ensure that your statement(s):

  • Are all your own work. If we discover this is not the case, your application may be cancelled
  • Are well-written, well-structured and specific to the programme(s) applied for
  • Are proofread before being uploaded, and the final correct versions are uploaded
  • Only include that which is relevant to your programme choice(s). Additional information regarding unrelated extra-curricular activities, personal achievements or work experience should be included in your CV
  • Have your name and the title of your chosen programme in the header or footer of every page.
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Sample Personal Statement for Master’s in Dentistry at Alberta University

While working in healthcare has always provided the greatest motivation for me as a medical personnel who is responsible for providing a healthy living for patients, I have always believed that being a dentist is an amazing profession largely because of the smiles and renewed confidence usually worn by patients who had gotten a replacement for a lost tooth or solution to a decaying tooth. This feeling, for me, can be self-fulfilling. However, I consider my previous academic experience insufficient to take on a more advanced role in my current place of work as a public health practitioner. It is to this end that I believe seeking a Master’s program in Dentistry is the right stepping stone for me. 

As a holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Dentistry, I have gained theoretical and practical experiences connected to sciences such as anatomy, diseases, and general human physiology and how they pertain to the mouth. The study of dentistry at the undergraduate level has also provided me with practical knowledge on how to use the different equipment used by dentists in creating dental x-rays and in the treatment of dental issues.

On the professional front,  I boast over ten years of work experience as the head of the dental department and senior management for the Nigeria Police Medical Service. Here, as a dentist, I provide services such as treatment and management of dental cases, which includes extractions, fillings, making incisions, draining of dental abscesses, conducting restorative procedures on crowns and bridges, and assembling prosthesis that may consist of full and partial dentures. As an administrate head, my duties include providing leadership and strategic direction for the dental department, training andsupervising clinical and non-clinical staff to ensure the smooth running of the hospital.  I have also performed several volunteering outreaches to schools and religious centres to provide leadership training and free medical and dental health check-up. I strongly believe that these experiences put me in good stead for a Master’s degree in Dentistry.

However, I have chosen to study in Canada largely because the country is one of the top five countries in the world with the best healthcare system. Knowing this will enable me to take a closer look at some of the Dentistry centres in Canada. Additionally, Canada offers a more affordable living standard compared to many advanced countries. Lastly, I prefer to study in Canada because it is home to diverse people of different extraction, and it is a country with a very low incidence of racial profiling.

Nonetheless, I have chosen to study at the University of Alberta because the school possesses the most 3M National teaching awards among universities in Canada in recognition of its excellent service delivery. Additionally, the University has consistently remained in the ranks of the prestigious Times Higher Education as a world International University. More so, its Master of Dentistry program is research-based, thus enabling me to further contribute to the rigour of unravelling more mysteries in the field of Dentistry.  

In conclusion, I consider this degree to provide me with both a financial step up and an upgraded role at the Nigeria Police Medical Service. I am convinced that the University of Alberta and Canada holds the key to helping me achieve this dream.

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