Resumé Writing Services Under $100 (USA, UK and Australia)

Job searching can be challenging, time-consuming, and requiring lots of effort. Although, It will be easier if you job hunt with a good quality resumé. However, for you to have a good resumé that will make you stand out from other job seekers, you should allow a professional to write it for you.

The cost of resume writing service should not be much of an issue. After all, it’s worth your pursuit. As you know, you give value to receive value. In this case, a value of $100 is given to receive a well-tailored resumé (another value).

In this post, we’ve been able to review a list of professional resumé writing services under $100. These professional resumé writing services under $100 have been listed out based on their pricing and most importantly the quality of their services.

What’s the Cost of a Resumé Writer

Different resumé writers have different charge rates for their services. Some of them have fixed their prices based on their work assessment, customers level, location, and market competition. Although, one resume writer might charge higher than another. It doesn’t mean that the lesser price will deliver poorly.

If you’re wondering how much it will cost to get a resumé writer, here you have it.

The average cost of professional resumé writing services in the USA, UK, and Australia is $527 based on our research on different professional resumé writers. Nevertheless, the cost of resumé writing varies. The price range is usually between $55 – $1000. It’s also possible that some resumé writers charge higher than $3000. Especially for clients with high-end or executives levels.

Besides, if you’re at the early stage of your career, it’s easier to get a resume writing service under $100.

Things that Determine the Cost of a Resumé Writing Service 

Some of the factors that determines the cost of resumé writing service are;

  1. Location: Resumé writers that are located in places with a high cost of living tend to charge more than others in areas with a lower cost of living. So, if you’re looking for a resumé writing service within your not too high budget. Then, you should be able to find a very skilled resume writer that lives in a less expensive area and charges less.
  2. Experience: The experience of the writer. Resume writers that have long time experience in writing resumé always keep their prices high.
  3. Certification: On many occasions, resumé writers charge higher rates when they possess more professional resumé writing certifications.
  4. Popularity: Well-known resumé writing services have higher price rates. Because they have many clients and might have featured in vast activities and publications. So, they tend to have more demand for their services and are always busy.

There’re still many good resumé writing services. You just need to access them well to be sure of their impact.

Aids for Writing your Resumé 

  1. Standard CV Samples for Different Jobs
  2. Corporate Lawyer CV Sample
  3. Pharmacist CV Sample Entry/Mid Level
  4. Internship Cover Letter/Application Sample

Is it Good to Hire a Resumé Writing Service under $100?

If the resumé writing service is a good one then it’s okay to use their service. Although, you still need to be careful in making sure you’re selecting a very good resumé writing service. Most resumé writing services are no longer in business because of their inefficiency. Hence, you should try to detect the right ones.

However, no matter how low-budget a resumé writer is, if their services are good, then they’ll still be in business and growing. This is because satisfied clients tend to refer others.

In other to help you with choosing the right resumé writing services on a low budget, we’ve listed out trustable resumé writing services under $100.

Resumé Writing Services Under $100

  1. The Resumé Makers
  2. Resumé Folks 
  3. Resumé Writer USA
  4. The Muse
  5. Resumé Guaranteed
  6. Resumé Professional Writers

1. The Resumé Makers

The resumé maker is an Australian-based writing company who empower their clients through the creation of industry-leading documents the resumé writing services are effective and efficient. They also help to emphasize your skills and ability to prospective employers. More so, they offer a package to suit clients from all Industries and with all experience levels

Service fee

Resumé $89

Combo (Resumé + Cover Letter) $129

Delivery: 2 working days

Location: Australia

Contact: 1300995232, Email:


2. Resumé Folks

Resume folks are one of the leading resume consultants with the easy cost of service their services are highly effective and results-driven they provide both resume and cover letter writing services that will help you fetch your dream job.

Service fee

Resumé $95

Cover Letter $55

Combo (Resumé + Cover Letter) $125

Delivery: 2-4 working days

Location: USA/Canada/Australia

Contact: +(866)3071118, +61390163005, Email:


3. Resumé Writer USA

Resume writer USA offers professional resume writing services that unlock the door to great employment. They also provide good tools tips and proven techniques that get your resume noticed. Their services include; resume writing service cover letters and LinkedIn profiles optimization.

Service fee

Resumé $95

Cover Letter $45 

Location: USA

Contact: +1(877)456-0008, Email:


CV writing services
CV writing services

Other Afforadable Resumé Writing Services

4. The Muse

The news is a New York city-based online career platform founded in 2011. They offer information on recent jobs also allow you to work with your resume writer coach to turn your existing resume into an eye-catching, ATS-beating document that clearly states and tells your hiring manager why they should invite you for an interview.

Service fee

Resumé $119

Cover Letter $99

Location: New York City, United States.


5. Resumé Guaranteed

Resume guarantee has been helping thousands of clients find work in various industries for more than 20 years now. They are one of the top career services and ensure their client’s career success.

Service fee

Resumé $119.95 

Cover Letter $69.95

Location: USA

Contact: 1-800-491-9434 


6. Resumé Professional Writers

Resumé professional writers have kept their top place as one of the best resumé writing companies. They’re more than 20 years in the field providing hundreds of thousands with job-winning tools.

Service fee

Resumé $125

Location: 21515 Haw thorne Blvd Torrance, CA 90503

Contact: 1(800)845-0586

Delivery: 4 working days


Are you Looking for an Affordable Resume Writing Service that Offer Excellent Resume and CV Writing Services?

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In Conclusion

The price of a resumé writing service does not determine the effectiveness of their work. Every good resumé writer has a unique capacity. They may not write the same way or charge at the same rate, but they will still deliver outstanding results. 

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