Portugal Job Seeker Visa 2023: Move to Portugal without a Job

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Moving to Portugal just got easier, with the Portugal job seeker visa, you can move into the country even without an unemployment offer. Curious to know how it works? This article has the answer you seek.

The Portuguese government in 2023 has introduced a new visa type, The Portugal worker visa for individuals seeking employment opportunities in the country. With this visa type, you don’t need a job to move into Portugal.  

In this article, we will address all you need to know about the Portugal Job seeker visa, the cons and pros of having this visa type. Most importantly, we will discuss the requirements needed to make your application and walk you through the process of application. So, let’s get right into it.

What is the Portugal Job Seeker Visa 

The Portugal job seeker visa is the visa type that allows the bearer access into Portugal for the purpose of job search. During the period of holding this visa, you are not allowed to engage in real work activities until the visa expires. More so, the Portugal job seeker visa is valid for a period of 120 days which can be extended by 60 days. 

Also, the Portugal job seeker visa allows only one entry into the country and once expired, the bearer is expected to leave the country. However, if during the period of the permit you get an employment offer, you can then apply for a residence permit

Hence, you do not need a job to be eligible for the Portugal job seeker visa. However, during your stay in the country, you are allowed to engage in real employment activities as that would be considered as a validation of the lays binding the visa issued to you.

Portugal job seeker visa summary:

  • Job Country: Portugal
  • Visa Type: Job Seeker Visa
  • How can Apply: Anyone
  • Validity: 120 Days and then renewable for 60 days.
  • Application fee: The application fee for a Portuguese Job seeker Visa is €75.

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Portugal Job Seeker Visa Requirements

According to the data published by the Portuguese Government, You will need the following documents to make  your application for the Portugal job seeker visa:

  • A National Visa application form  filled and signed the applicant
  • A  passport  valid for 3 months at least. A photocopy of the passport is also required, to ensure a profession for it.
  • 2 Photos. Most are recent and clear enough to identify the applicant.
  • Request for criminal record inquiry by the Immigration and Border Services 
  • A Statement of Purpose, this will include your purpose of traveling. If you need help writing a convincing statement of purpose, Contact the Fasthire services and get the best hands working for you.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
  • Criminal record certificate, issued by your  nationality or of the country.
  • Valid travel insurance. Must cover all  necessary medical expenses.
  • A Copy of return ticket in case  your stay is not successful 
  • Proof of financial resources enough to sustain you for the number of months you will stay in Portugal.

In case you are wondering where to get some of these documents listed above, here is a clue to guide you:

  • You can access the National Visa Application form though the Portuguese official website.
  • Access the Request for the criminal record from also from the Portuguese website.
  • You can get the criminal record certificate from your country of residence.
  • As for the Travel insurance, you van ask any tourist or official travel guide to make one for you. However, ensure to him it is a medical and travel insurance for Portugal.

How to Apply for the Portugal Job Seeker Visa Online?

If you meet the requirement listed in the previous section, you can proceed to make your application for the Portugal job seeker visa. To do this, you have to visit the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your residence country. Or, visit the Portuguese embassy website in your country to get the information you need.

However, you can still locate the authorized application center  like VFS Global and begin your application.

Follow these steps to make your application:

  • Visit the VFS Global website or the Portugal official website
  • It will open a page, select your current country and destination country, in this case, Portugal. 
  • Next, you will be directed to another page where you have to choose the visa type you want to apply for. Select Job seeker and click on next.
  • It will open a page containing the list of required document for your application

Please note that the application cannot be completed online. So, once you have all the documents needed for the application, you have to proceed to the Portugal embassy website or visa application center to schedule an appointment.

Thereafter, once the appointment is confirmed, you are to submit your documents on the scheduled date of your appointment, 

For more detailed information about the application process for the Portugal job seeker visa, kindly consult the closest Portuguese embassy. You will receive detailed information on the complete process of how to conclude your application. 

Portugal Job Seeker Visa Validity and Extension

The Portugal job seeker visa is valid for a limited period of 4 months or 120 days, however, it can be extended by 60 days if there is a need to.

Once this visa is issued out, you will be given a scheduled termination date which falls within the 120 day validity period of the new visa. However, if in the process of your stay you get an employment offer, you are free to apply for a residence permit.

Moreover, if at the expiration of the 120 day validity or the end of  extended 60 days comes without an employment offer, You will be required to leave the country. When this happens, you can only reapply for a new visa in the space of one year, after the expiration of the previous visa.

Pros of Portugal Job Seeker Visa

With the Portugal Job seeker visa you will gain the following benefits; 

  • Yon can enter Portugal even without having a Job offer
  • You will be able to explore the beautiful land of Portugal
  • You can apply for this visa even though you are away from or outside Portugal 
  • You have the privilege to explore Portugal’s job market and develop your abilities and skills.
  • You can easily apply for a residence permit if you get an employment offer
  • The cost of the visa is very affordable.

Cons of Portuguese Job Seeker Visa

  • You can only stay in Portugal for a limited period of 120 days if you are not able to get a job.
  • You must book a return ticket as proof that you will not stay back if your search is unsuccessful.
  • You must have enough financial proof to show that you can take care of your needs for the period of your stay.
  • You are not legally permitted to work during the period of your stay.

Portugal Job Seeker Visa Processing Time

According to data published by Wego Travel blog, the processing time for the Portugal job seeker visa stretches between 3 to 6 months. However, this  may vary  from one  Portuguese embassy or consulate to another. Hence, to be sure on the specifics, ensure to locate the closest and recommended Portuguese embassy or visa application center for further enquiries.


Thanks to the Portuguese government, you can explore the country while still searching the job market best for your skills. Remember, anyone can apply for the Portugal job seeker visa for as low as 75 Euro. All you need to do is follow the process listed on this article and ensure you have all the documents needed to make your application. Hopefully, your search yields the best result and you can proceed to apply for a residence permit.

Good Luck in your job search!


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