Poland Recruitment Agencies That Recruit Foreign Workers

According to statistics, the number of foreign workers seeking to get a job in Poland increases yearly. In 2020, more than half of the labeled immigrants relocated to Poland. This is because the Polish government has simplified the system of employment for foreign workers. 

Currently, there’re several ways foreigners can get a job in Poland. It could be through the recruitment companies, Polish recruitment sites, classified newspapers, acquaintances, and even directly from Poland companies. However, in other to avoid being a victim of fraud or fake recruitment agencies, it’s best to use this list of trusted Poland recruitment agencies that recruit foreign workers.

Mind you, recruitment agencies’ services are free of charge for job seekers. But in some cases, foreign job seekers may be asked to pay for a work visa, a ticket, and an insurance policy. 

List of Documents Needed to work in Poland as a Foreigner

  1. A well-written resume (Let’s write for you)
  2. Valid passport for foreign worker 
  3. Work visa 
  4. Health insurance 

In this article, we have highlighted the trusted Poland recruitment agencies that recruit foreign workers. 

Poland Recruitment Agencies That Recruit Foreign Workers

  1. AKCJA Job
  2. Orus Outsourcing
  3. Optiveum
  4. Atoz Serwis
  5. APS Profit Polska
  6. AMS
  7. Jobian

1. AKCJA Job

AKCJA Job is an international recruitment agency in Poland. Their services are based on; recruitment of temporary employees, recruitment of permanent employees at all levels of the company hierarchy, consultancy in the field of competence management as well as training in the field of career management and competence building.

Also, AKCJA Job offers recruitment services for all companies operating in Poland and abroad. They’re specialists in recruitment both- single employees and whole teams of specialists of various professions committed to executing more complicated projects.

Contact Details;

Location: Poland

Phone Number: +48 71 343 22 06, +48 17 856 17 69

Email: info@akcjajob.pl 

Website: www.akcjajob.pl 

2. Orus Outsourcing

Orus carry out outsourcing of parts of production and logistics processes. They have been operating on the international market since 2012. More so, they belong to the HRBC Group, which brings together consulting, recruitment, and outsourcing companies. Thanks to this, they can guarantee services at the highest level, ensuring their clients’ long-term satisfaction with cooperation and visible results. They operate in the following industries; food, agriculture, construction, and services.

Contact Details;

Location: Kraków, Malopolskie, Poland

Phone Number: 48-12-379-3993

Website: www.orus.pl 

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3. Optiveum

Optiveum is an IT & Technical Recruitments and Outsourcing company. Based on their 20 years of international experience in global HR & Outsourcing companies, they have created a boutique IT recruitment and outsourcing consultancy supporting local and international clients with resources from Poland and other Central European countries. As well as, providing other consulting services.

Contact Details;

Location: Warszawa, ul. Górnickiego 3/10

Phone Number: +48 792 855 173

Email: info@optiveum.com 

Website: www.optiveum.com 

4. Atoz Serwis

Atoz Serwis is one of the international Poland recruitment agencies recruiting foreign workers. They are focused on being a solution for job seekers, employers, students, overseas employee recruiters. Also, they provide IT solutions, work visas, business visas, Education processes, and permanent residence. 

Contact Details;

Location: Ul Ludwika Idzikowskiego 16, Warszawa, Country: Poland.

Phone Number: +48  22 208 5497

Email: info@atozserwisplus.pl 

Website: www.atozserwisplus.pl 

5. APS Profit Polska

APS Profit Polska deal with job placement in the form of one-off recruitment and employee leasing for temporary work in many industrial and production sectors. Their goal is to diagnose the company’s needs in detail and find employees with the right set of competencies and skills, incl. in various sectors.

They’re a team willing to undertake any recruitment project. Successfully, APS Profit Polska has recruited both the best specialists as well as top-level managers and management staff. In 2019, in employee leasing alone, they employed 2,325 temporary workers for user employers, also providing HR and payroll services.

Contact Details;

Location: ul. Emilii Plater 14B / U1, 71-635 Szczecin 

Phone Number: +48 91 462 43 12

Email: biuro@apsprofit.pl 

Website: www.apsprofit.pl 

6. AMS

AMS is a global total workforce solutions firm founded in 1996. They enable organizations to thrive in an age of constant change by building, re-shaping, and optimizing workforces.

They do this through talent acquisition and contingent workforce management, internal mobility and skills development, and talent and technology advisory services. Again, their solutions are delivered by their 6500+ experts. Their ultimate aim is to help clients around the world, including 100+ blue-chip companies, create workforces that are fluid, resilient, diverse, and differentiated.

Contact Details;

Address: AMS Poland Sp. z.o.o. ul. Puszkarska 7f, Kraków, 30-644, Poland.

Phone Number: +48 22 211 06 16, 

Email: amsmarketing@alexmann.com 

Website: www.weareams.com 

7. Jobian

Jobian has recreated the classic recruitment model and reinforced it with modern technologies. Their entire international employment process is now available online on the Jobian platform. Also, their system is designed to provide the best vacancies specifically for individual needs and requests.

Jobian is a team of experienced recruiters, IT professionals, managers, lawyers, and call center employees. They cooperate with trusted partners and provide high-quality, safe, and affordable services in the field of employment, migration support, legal support, banking operations, insurance, and help solve everyday issues of staying abroad. Their values are safe, official, and free employment abroad.

Contact Details;

Address: Poland, Warsaw, 00-838, Prosta Street, 70

Phone Number: +380 50 101 0777

Email: partners.pl@jobian.com 

Website: www.jobian.com 


As a foreigner, you should decide on this major information before contacting any of the Poland recruitment agencies that recruit foreign workers.

  • Field of work
  • Type of work
  • Age segments (20, 35 45 years old) 
  • Sex (work for men/women) 
  • Qualification
  • Work experience 
  • Accommodation 
  • Food availability
  • Transportation 
  • Learning the Polish language 

We wish you success in your job search!

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