Pharmacist CV Sample Entry/Mid Level

Pharmacist CV Sample Entry-Mid Level Pic
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Pharmacist CV Sample Entry/Mid Level#


080xxxx  : dorakunyile@domain      

Address: Abuja, Nigeria.


Registered Pharmacist; eager to apply gained knowledge in medication therapy management and drug distribution operations, to serve up effective and efficient service. Familiar with providing advice on dosage and appropriate forms of medication.


Date of Birth: 29th January, 1991

Gender: Female

Nationality: Nigerian

Languages: English, French, and Igbo (Fluent)


  • Counseling
  • Medicine dispensation
  • Drug applications
  • Stock control
  • Patient Education
  • OTC Knowhow


Howard University Global Initiative Nigeria (HUGIN)

Consultant Pharmacist        Aug 2019 – Date

  • Conduct onsite mentorship to supported facilities, and provide technical support for proper facilities inventory management.
  • Generate monthly data/reports in line with project objectives, and ensure they are keyed into the project database.
  • Provide support to Community Art Management (CAM) teams, working in various communities in Akwa-Ibom State.
  • Work with the Community Art Management (CAM) teams, to identify HIV positives clients, ensure their linkage to care, provision of various monitoring/follow-up mechanisms to ensure they are retained in care and virally suppressed. Also, ensure the provision of pharmaceutical care services such as ADR management.

House of Assembly Clinic Uyo, Akwa Ibom (NYSC Year).

Pharmacist         May 2018 – June 2019

  • Counselled patients and dispensed medications.
  • Charged with the responsibility of stocking the dispensary, according to the medication needs of the clients.
  • Carried out blood pressure checks and blood sugar tests. (Fast and Random).
  • Interpretation of test results and recommendation.
  • Overcame the challenge of working without supervision by studying more, sharing experience with more experienced colleagues and seeking advice/guidance.

Federal Medical Centre Lokoja, Kogi State.

Internship             June 2017- June 2018

  • Stocked the pharmacy/unit according to the prescription needs of clients.
  • Authenticated prescription billings, and calculated percentage to be paid by clients.
  • Identified and addressed drug therapy problem.
  • Built a good working relationship with other health workers.
  • Recorded clients prescription, drug/item received and issued out.
  • At the VCT unit; stocked Anti-retroviral and Anti-tuberculosis medications.
  • Counseled patients on lifestyle modifications and medication use.

Garki Hospital Abuja, FCT.

Industrial Training           Oct.-2013- Dec. 2013

  • Attended to patients at the dispensary.
  • Took stock at the store and stocked the cubicles.
  • Learnt how to classify drugs, and address prescription issues.
  • Counseled patients on lifestyle modifications as it relates to their medical condition and prescription.



  • Member – Pharmacist’s Council of Nigeria (REG. 024xxx), 2013.


  • Nigeria Youths: Drug Misuse and Mental Health in a Changing Economy- Mobile Manna Foundation (in collaboration with the European Union and United Nations Office on Drug and Crime).


B.Sc. Pharmacy- Madonna University Elele, Rivers State – 2016

Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) – Army Day Secondary School Lokoja, Kogi State- 2010

Sections to Include in Your Pharmacist CV

Your professional CV should contain, but not be limited to the following sections;

  • Profile/Executive Summary

Contrary to using an “Objective Statement“; your profile/Executive Summary is your pitch. It is a brief introduction that will tell an employer who you are, what you are about, and what strengths you can bring to the organization. For that reason, it’s not something that should be written in a haste.

 Take your time and think through what your “Unique Proposition” is.

  • Contact(s)

This section should always occupy the top part of your CV. It should be the first thing an employer sees when they pick up your document.

Your Contact section should contain;

  1. Your Full name (the way it is written on your credentials).
  2. Contact details (address, phone number and email).
  • Biodata

For this section, you’d want to stick to only the basic. Details; including your religion, height and state of origin are not necessary, unless required.

If you have to include a Bio section, restrict it to just your:

  1. Gender
  2. Date of birth

The bio section is not as necessary as it used to be 10 years ago; as many employers nowadays, with the exception of most governmental agencies, are not interested in your gender, DOB and state of origin. Hence, most modern CVs omit the bio section.

However, some jobs will be specific about the type of employee they want; for instance, they can specify the gender, age range, state of origin etc. that they want for a position. In that case, you have to show in your CV that you meet those requirements, by including a bio section for it.

  • Education

This is where you indicate your academic journey, and certificates acquired with dates. Ensure you include the dates you started and ended each academic period. Also, you can include notable achievements made during the course of your study.

Your educational background can follow this format;

Certificate acquired- course of study -the name of the institution- start date and end-date –Grade acquired/notable achievements made.

Note: If you have a running program, include all the details and the year of possible graduation in view.

Consider this example;

Bachelor of Engineering-Petroleum Engineering, Covenant University, Ogun State (2020 in view).

  • Skills

This section can contain both soft and hard skills also known as interpersonal and technical skills. You need to include technical skills because they might just be the distinguishing factor between you and other applicants.

Therefore, list the technical skills you have, software/tools you can operate/handle; you can go forward to mention things you’ve done using those skills. Hard skills are very helpful when you want to differentiate yourself from the other applicants.

  • Professional Certificates/Membership

Are you a member of any professional body? Do you have certifications in any professional course? List them in your CV.

Use this format to list your professional certificates/membership on your CV;

Certificate- Name of the body that certified you- Year of certification.


Position/Membership status- the name of a professional body – registration number (if applicable)- Year of induction

  • Employment

When including your employment details in your CV, don’t forget to give a brief description of the businesses/companies, and what your assigned tasks were/is.

Other things to specify in your employment section include;

  1. Name of businesses/companies worked for
  2. Position/Portfolio
  3. Date of resumption and departure
  4. City/State the business is situated
  5. Achievements/Duties
  • Referees

Though most employers won’t call your referees to ask them questions about you as they used to; it’s still important to include a referee section. This is because, your references will serve as a testimonial that you can be trusted to be of good behaviour. 

Your referees don’t necessarily have to be your relatives.

Example of people you can use as referees;

  1. Past/current employer
  2. Cleric
  3. Landlord
  4. Lectures/Teachers
  5. A colleague at work or school
  6. Prominent persons in the society, etc.
  • Other Sections You Can Include in Your CV
  1. Leadership Experience
  2. Papers Published/Projects Executed
  3. Selected Achievements/Awards
  4. Hobbies/Interests

Hope you found this Pharmacist CV Sample Entry/Mid Level helpful? If you need professional assistance with your CV, contact our CV Experts to work on your Pharmacy CV TODAY!

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