Personal Statement Sample for Paris London University

Statement of Purpose Sample
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Statement of Purpose is written to communicate your background and why you want to join a particular program. When applying, applicants are faced with the task of connecting their current occupation and their chosen course which most times don’t come off as an easy task. So, we are presenting a Personal Statement sample for Paris London University which was submitted by another applicant to guide you when writing yours.

More so, we’ve used this post to answer some questions about Statement of Purpose writing and provide more samples for other universities in the USA, UK, Canada, and other European countries.

P.S: This sample provided here is solely for education purposes, do not copy it. If you need assistance writing yours, hire our experts today.

Admission Statement Sample

How to Write Statement for University Application

When writing your personal statement, you have to understand and follow this guide;

Getting Started:

  • Writing a good personal statement takes time, so be patient during this process. Don’t be shy to write and rewrite until you get your best statement. Remember that the quality of your statement will determine if you’ll be accepted or rejected for your desired course.
  • Start on time; don’t wait until it’s a few days before the deadline.
  • Do a thorough research about the university and the course that you’re applying to. Learn all you can about the trends in that discipline and it’ll help you harness your ideas.
  • Take time to see what others who have applied for similar programs have written and you’ll be better prepared to start yours.
  • Note: Reading samples online is good to get ideas of how to effectively structure your statement, however, it should not be a means to copy people’s work and pass it as yours. You may be flagged for plagiarism.


  • When you’re set to write, the best thing to do is structure your statement into an outline (see outline below). Have an idea of what you would want to cover at the end of the day with your statement.
  • You can start by addressing those areas you want to cover differently without really connecting them. The idea is to have general points for the different sections of your statement and you can focus on connecting them later.
  • Write expressively and don’t bother about correctness and grammar during this stage. Your idea is to first transfer your thoughts into writing and you can think of arranging them later.
  • After you’ve gotten your draft, take a break.
  • Return to the draft at a later time and take an overview of the draft you’ve come up with; the reason is to see the areas that your statement is lacking in and then address them so it can flow.
  • After addressing all the areas of your outline and ensuring that they make good meaning, work towards connecting the paragraphs to form a single document that is well-structured. In other words, this is the point where you connect your paragraphs and ensure the stories/claims add up.

Areas To Cover When Writing Your Statement Of Purpose Includes:

  1. Personal motivation to study the course
  2. Academic and professional background
  3. Relevance of the program to your career
  4. Why did you pick the school and country?
  5. Qualities that would make you a good addition to the program.
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 Personal Statement Sample for Paris London University

I have always had an innate talent for using computers and other digital gadgets. As a kid, I observed my uncle, a programmer; create programs and statistical packages businesses could use in everyday operations. Occasionally, he would request my aid in populating the SQL server database with accurate information. Eventually, I discovered further that a solid foundation in certain branches of mathematics is essential for every data scientist already working in the field or planning to enter it in the future. I later learned the ins and outs of programming and data science. My course module as an undergraduate studying Mathematics at Xxx University made this possible. I realized that careers in data science demand a strong mathematical background due to the mathematical nature of machine learning algorithms, data analysis, and the discovery of insights. As a result, it triggers my curiosity to know more about the cutting-edge automation, computation, and information technologies around me. Hence, I am eager to further my education by enrolling in a Master of Science in Data Science at Paris London University Salzburg (PLUS).

As I mentioned before, I became more interested in data science during my undergraduate years at Xxx University. It was then that I saw firsthand how my mathematical background, combined with data science, could help me revolutionize healthcare, education, communication, sports, and transportation. Studying Data Science at Paris London University Salzburg will allow me to develop statistical, network, path, and big data approaches for predictive fraud propensity models and utilize them to provide alerts that facilitate prompt actions when anomalous data is detected. Besides, the potential uses of data analytics are practically endless, ranging from evaluating medical images to detecting anomalies or illnesses to tracking objects or people in real time. Particularly appealing are efficient and scalable algorithms and systems that can process massive and intricate data sets. This involves minimizing computational overhead and maximizing performance through optimizing algorithms and data structures and building distributed systems and architectures that can handle data-intensive applications.

As an undergraduate at Xxx University, I studied machine learning algorithms and engineering maths as elective courses, which are vital skill sets required by a data scientist. During my service at Xxx Bank as a marketer, I utilized marketing technologies such as data analytics, search engine optimization, and email marketing to help the bank increase its reach, generate more sales and increase brand awareness. As an industrial trainee at Xxx, I obtained data logs useful for Quality Assurance Service, Assessment, and Innovation purposes. Considering that my academic background and professional experience have enriched me with the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in Data Science, Paris London University Salzburg is the ideal institution for me to pursue my education in the field of Data Science. My study years at the institution will enable me to apply data science knowledge to real-world situations. Not only that, I will be able to understand the huge importance of digital innovation, applied machine learning, big data and business intelligence, interactive data visualization, and applications. During my time at Paris London University, I will be able to explore the legal, moral, and safety concerns associated with emerging data science tools and their broader social and ethical implications. In addition, I will be able to hone marketable abilities that will serve me well in any professional setting.

Consistent with the foregoing, I have decided to study in Austria because of its unwavering commitment to making quality education affordable for individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Moreover, I chose to study in Austria because it is often regarded as one of the safest study locations in the world. Furthermore, Austria’s position as a detribalized nation has, for decades, made it a magnet for African immigrants and made it a second home for many.

In conclusion, my academic sojourn at Paris London University Salzburg will enable me to learn from top scientists leading the Salzburg Data Science initiative. I will use this knowledge to establish a data training institution in my country, Xxx. It will serve as an avenue for me to help young people aspiring to study data science to achieve their dream of becoming data scientists. Also, I will recommend policies for the government to utilize data in solving the numerous challenges affecting the socio-political and economic sectors in the country. 

Tips For Writing a Personal Statement For University Applications

  • Make a draft without a character counter.
  • Take your time.
  • Find the perfect words and expressions.
  • Concentrate on your strengths.
  • Find the perfect opening sentence.
  • Make it your work, voice, and ideas.
  • Be honest.
  • Get someone to proofread your statement.
  • Read it out loud many times.
  • Once you submit your university application, stop reading it!

Free Personal Statement Sample for Paris London University PDF Version

Download the free PDF version of the Admission Statement Sample for Paris London University, Austria.

Note: This file is strictly for educational purposes, and should not be copied.

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