Personal Statement MSc Marketing Intelligence

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When applying for admission abroad, you’re usually expected to include a personal statement. The statement of purpose gives the admission committee insight into your decision and preparedness for the program. It also helps to convince the admission team that you’re a good fit for the school.

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Personal Statement MSc Marketing Intelligence

Personal Statement MSc Marketing Intelligence

My marketing journey started when I joined xxxx where I worked for a short period as a Marketing Assistant which made me recognize my need for another degree in marketing since my first degree was in Linguistics. Due to my hunger for a robust understanding of Marketing, I enrolled in a degree that helped me develop an in-depth understanding of marketing. Some of the modules covered during this program include; Advanced Global Marketing, Digital Marketing, Brand Marketing, Strategic Marketing Advanced Services Marketing and Marketing Research. These modules expanded my knowledge of the potential of marketing especially when combined effectively with technology. And, I was inspired to take up a thesis work focused on xxxx. One reason why I was inspired to undertake the thesis was due to the current xxxx. Secondly, I was interested in the thesis because I wanted to understand how Marketing Technology works and how data gathered from customers can be tailored to bring customer satisfaction.

The result of my thesis helped me discover that technology in marketing helps businesses become efficient in so many ways with various software and data at their disposal to help improve customer satisfaction. More so, aside from working as a Quality Assurance Technician, I had other marketing work experience that entailed developing marketing strategies, client service, and advertisement campaigns for the company. All this knowledge has gone ahead to inform my decision to become a marketing expert. I have developed knowledge of how to research markets, utilize resources to increase customer satisfaction, communicate the future potentials of a product to investors, and now I am interested in strengthening my understanding of artificial intelligence-enabled marketing. Though I am abreast with the latest marketing and data management tools for data presentation, information analysis, market prospecting, customer tracking, and sales management, additionally, this program will usher me into a new level of competence. I will be able to lead marketing teams that are technology-oriented to capitalize on the latest opportunities that are available with the infusion of artificial intelligence into their marketing processes while also positioning the company for future innovations.

I desire to study Marketing Intelligence at Townson University because my research shows that it is a good place for students to unravel their potential. I am confident of that because the education system of the United States of America can bring out the best in students. More so, Townson University is ranked as one of the best public universities in the USA to study and after researching the teaching standard for this university, it is known for having one of the best Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. I am happy to pick this programme ahead of other offerings because of the faculty staff handling the program and its accreditation by the Accreditation to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International).

My academic and work backgrounds have offered me the right foundation to excel in this programme. I expect that this programme will enable me to fill my knowledge gap in the area of marketing intelligence. I envision pursuing a long and rewarding career in the Marketing xxxx. Finally, degrees from the United States are highly respected in this part of the world, and it will be an advantage for me if I can secure my degree from Towson University in the United States of America.  

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How To Talk About Marketing In A Personal Statement

Highlight any marketing or business operation you’ve been involved in yourself. Comment on something interesting you’ve found in newspapers or industry-related magazines, by following key industry figures on social media or when meeting business professionals face-to-face.

How To Start A Personal Statement?

Start with a short sentence that captures the reason why you’re interested in studying the area you’re applying for and that communicates your enthusiasm for it. Don’t waffle or say you want to study something just because it’s interesting. Explain what you find interesting about it.’

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