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When applying for admission abroad, you’re usually expected to include a personal statement. The statement of purpose gives the admission committee insight into your decision and preparedness for the program. It also helps to convince the admission team that you’re a good fit for the school.

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Personal Statement MSc Business with Human Resource Management

My name is xxx, an entrepreneur and business owner with experience in vocational education, fashion, and agricultural industries. I have a flair for creativity and I have trained myself to identify opportunities in any problem that I find around me. In the past 20 years as a business owner, I have been at the forefront of the human resource management strategies of my business, and I admire the overall contribution of human resource management in an organization. Whether in a small-scale firm or a big firm, human resources activities and contributions go beyond recruitment of talents and managing them as it helps define an organization’s corporate culture and enhances the productivity of the organization. So, I have carefully evaluated the positives that having a refined knowledge in human resource management can have on my ability to lead and build working teams, and I have decided to acquire formal knowledge of this important field through a formal degree.

I have an academic background in communications and language arts from xxx, which I backed with another Diploma in xxx. Currently, I am on course to achieve a Diploma Certificate in Information Communication and Management while I prepare for admission to study MSc Business with Human Resource Management. On the career front, I have achieved remarkable feats since graduating from my undergraduate study, I delved into entrepreneurship in the year xxx, and I have been able to successfully create a lucrative business servicing over xx customers monthly with xx workers in my team. My success on the career front inspires my decision to further arm myself with the knowledge to handle an organization’s most valuable asset (the workers). And, I believe that Heriot-Watt University is an ideal place for me.

Having the desire to achieve formal training in business and human resource management is not enough, picking an institution with the right teaching and learning standard, and committed staff who will not only impart knowledge but also guide me towards career excellence is important to me. My research on Heriot-Watt University shows that it has the right course structure that meets my purpose for embarking on this study. Also, the school’s ranking as one of the best producers of managing directors in the United Kingdom further convinced me of the quality of this program. Personally, looking forward to the modules on Contextualizing Management, Employee Engagement, and Employment Law and Practice especially as they will have an immediate impact in helping me structure my entrepreneurial endeavours going forward.

This program will teach me how to improve my business results through effective leadership and management, and it will be instrumental in achieving my prospects. I also look forward to applying my skill to consult for other businesses where I would help train staff and management on how to build a better-playing and supportive team. I understand that commitment, courage, teamwork, and time management are keys to excelling both in this course and as a manager, and I believe that I am a suitable candidate for this study because I naturally possess the skills that will make me a good Human Resource Manager.

When I am not working, I enjoy xxx, xxx, and xxx. I enjoy xxx because …….., while xxx allows me to xxx. Conclusively, I am positive about my future and where this degree will take me; I trust that the motivation, background and future achievements that I will reach with this degree will be enough to secure a place for me in your next MSc Business with Human Resource Management Program. I look forward to your consideration

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