Personal Statement for MSc Energy and Sustainable Development

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When applying for admission for abroad studies, you’re usually expected to include a personal statement. The statement of purpose gives the admission committee insight into your decision and preparedness for the program. It also helps to convince the admission team that you’re a good fit for the school.

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Personal Statement for MSc Energy and Sustainable Development

Why MSc Sustainable Development?

After your degree

The MSc in Sustainable Development provides subject knowledge and applied skills relevant to a range of career paths in government and public bodies, non-governmental organizations and charities, and the private sector.

Why Study Sustainable Energy Development?

Help combat climate change and preserve the environment

Renewable energy sources play an essential part in counteracting climate change, which continues to threaten our ecosystems. Fossil fuels remain the biggest contributors to climate change and environmental degradation.

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Personal Statement for MSc Energy and Sustainable Development

My name is xxx, an Architect and Real Estate Project Analyst with a passion for exploring engineering solutions to improve the quality of life in our world. I hold a Bachelor of Technology in Architecture from xxx University in xxx; during my undergraduate days, I displayed my passion for developing a holistic society that is kind to everyone, where our individual and collective engineering achievements will not negatively affect the world that we live in and the lives of others, especially the next generation. That inspired me to undertake a dissertation focused on designing healing environments, and in my final year, I capped my undergraduate study with a final project on how to develop an urban reformatory. After a few years of professional experience as an architect, I find myself yearning for advanced knowledge in sustainable development, and I am prepared to make an academic commitment to educating myself in this all-important aspect of my job. So, I wish to use this statement to apply for admission into the Master’s program in Energy and Sustainable Development at De Montfort University Leicester.

After my first degree, I have gone ahead to apply my knowledge in different professional roles and I am currently working as a Real Estate Project Analyst in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Whilst applying my knowledge of architecture on the career front, I have been faced with projects that require brainstorming how our techniques could be contextualized to meet the needs of sustainability in our nation without reducing our monetary gains. Because of these deliberations, I have been inspired to further study energy and sustainable development and how they could be applied in developing nations to achieve social order while pursuing monetary gains.

Furthermore, the state of our ecosystem and the dramatic change in our energy consumption pattern give reasons to worry; climate change is no longer a future threat – it is now an immediate one that needs to be tackled. And, while more public and private organizations in various states around the world are making sustainability commitments, the supply of sustainability-related resources and manpower is limited especially in the under-developed countries that happen to suffer more because of the interdependence of these climate issues. Hence, as someone from a developing nation, I am interested in committing the remaining part of my career to providing technical solutions and policies that will improve our transition into a more sustainable country.

I believe that one key way to understand sustainability in our world today is to look at it from a mix of lenses, especially from the lenses of the developed world. Understanding the experience, actions, and ideas of developed nations like the United Kingdom will give me a better, wider, and brighter understanding of not only how things should be done to achieve sustainability, but on how things are being done to maintain sustainability. I admire the position of the United Kingdom in terms of renewable energy and sustainable development and I am inspired by its achievements in these areas to enrol for my master’s study in the United Kingdom.

My decision to study at De Montfort University Leicester is tied to its course structure, facilities, and opportunities for students. The course structure of De Montfort University addresses the requirements and involvements of both individuals and industries to achieve sustainable growth. One of my motivations for embarking on this academic journey was to understand how to balance the social order for sustainable activities and the organizational demands for growth, and I am pleased to see modules like Sustainable Buildings, Energy Analysis Techniques, and Engineering Business Environment addressing those needs. Without any doubt, these modules will go a long way to equip me to champion change in my place of employment and country. In terms of facilities, I was overwhelmed with joy when I read about the new energy laboratory for teaching, research, and technology demonstration and I look forward to utilizing it to my advantage during this program.

Upon graduation, my target will be to work as xxx for a multinational company that leads in thought leadership spanning various fields such as climate change and social work. More so, I would also like to collaborate closely with organizations that provide specialized assistance to people dealing with climate shocks, such as early warning systems, flood protection, and heat-resistant crops.

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